What is STF?

STF, a distorted acronym for Star-Fleet.com, is a club for people who want to role play within a universe similar to, but not exactly like, the universe from Star Trek. However we are more than just a Role Playing game. Within this club, you could try designing a ship for our universe, a new piece of technology, or even an entire new race of aliens! You can take courses in our Academy, pass exams and gain promotions. If you like to write and have a creative imagination, we have a training program for Gamemasters. There is also a social side to the club, which encompasses everything from political discussions to holy soda and jello wars! We even have our own chat room in IRC, and many members swap IM screen names. If you're not into chatting, you can contact people through e-mail, or even an Out of Character (OOC) area on the bulletin boards. Because you can't always be a 24th century alien, sometimes it's just nice to be yourself.

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Choosing a Ship

We have six fleets and an Academy fleet to choose from. Fleet Two (The Great White Fleet) as well as the USS Apollo in the Academy is where you will find slower paced roleplaying, which means that the speed of the RPG there is slower than average. If you want to post daily or even faster, take a look at the Discovery in the Academy or one of few mainstream ships marked as fast. Each ship has it's own unique character, so look around and find a ship that suits you! If you are not sure what ship suits you, then the staff of the Personnel Department is here to help.

You don't have to be logged in to look at all the ships in STF or even read their notes, so feel free to browse!

The Personnel Department

The Personnel Department is responsible for initial "IC" (in-character) assignments, and "OOC" (out of character) records. It is charged with the sometimes daunting task of allocating new accounts to new members, making initial ship assignments, ensuring compliance with the STF Terms of Service, and other tasks relating to members and their accounts. As such, it is probably the only department within STF that any member is guaranteed to have contact with at some time, even if that contact is just sending out the initial login details. If you're having a problem on a ship, come and talk to us, because we might be able to help with advice and support. STF is just like life in the sense that you have to find your place in it, but once you do we guarantee you'll quickly get hooked, and before you know it you'll be standing in an election for President.

Browse around the Personnel Department website with the links above, or the other department websites with the links below. Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!