History of the Personnel Department

The Personnel Dept is the oldest department in Star-fleet, being even older than any existing fleet. It has existed in one form or another since late 1991, when Admiral Adrian Koweleski is believed to have published the first club roster. This even predates the use of the acronym STF, a distinction which is only shared with the Great White Fleet.

Before the WeBB, the Personnel Department was responsible for processing new member accounts, member recruitment and retention, as well as keeping manual records for every currently active member. It has served in this capacity since then, and continues to do so today.

Former members of the PDept include Admiral Greg Hertzch, who served two terms as STF President, Admiral BJ Philips, Alan Felts, Nathan Miller and Seamus Hughes, another former STF President.

The Personnel Department is very much involved with maintaining the future of STF. Without it, there would be no new member applications processed, and without new members, we would not continue to be one of the best role playing clubs on the internet.

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