Where now?

There are many resources here at STF that are designed to simply help members and allow them to get the best out of being here. But sometimes these can be confusing and daunting to say the least. So, to help you out the Personnel Department has created this page to point you in the right direction. Read through the descriptions of each of the resources and see if it is right for you.



STF Academy

If you are looking for somewhere to give you that helping hand that we all need sometimes, the Academy is the place to go. Whether you signed up to start off in the Academy or you decided to go mainstream, the Academy has a lot to offer and is a good starting point for anyone.

Information Resources

STF Library

The Library is STF's way of colating information and putting it into one easy to find place for new members and old hands alike. Here you will find information ranging from how the elections are run to the profiles of races created by our very own members. It is continuously developing and being added to, so don't forget to return periodically to see what is new.

STF Engineering Engeneering

STF has a great engineering tradition of creating our own custom technology and even ships. All of the designs and specifications used in our roleplay areas are original creations by our members - a fact we are proud of. Every one is encouraged to take part in reviewing, designing or even just reading through the specifications.

Office of the President

STF has a President who is elected by the membership every 8 months. The Office of the President website houses a whole collection historical documentation in the form of edicts and reports.


The IRC room is used in an OOC fashion in STF and is a place for all members to have fun and get to know each other away from the roleplaying on the ships. Everyone and anyone is welcome in the IRC room, even if your not a member (yet! :P).

Other stuff

Second Character

If you enjoy STF, you might decide you wish to take on a second character on a different ship. We allow and encourage this, unless you have been assigned to the academy. As a member of the Academy, you have to wait until you have graduated to take on additional characters. Please note that any additional characters you take on must be added to your current login ID. Please do not fill out another membership form when you are requesting an additional character. Instead, you can email the captain of the ship you wish to join. Their email address will be on the ship's main page.

Project Module

Once you are logged in you may notice that there is a link called 'Project' in your primary links area at the top. This where we can track task to do with the different departmens as well as report any bugs in the system or make requests for new features.If you have issues with a part of the site that falls under a specific department, make sure you post it under the departments project.


We hope that all of the above has helped you and makes settling in here at STF just that little bit easier. If you still have question or inqueries then feel free to contact us!