Presidential Edicts

Past Presidents

"You must learn your history young man, to avoid the mistakes of the past" --Mrs Murphy, 4th grade teacher

President Vice President Term Began Term Ended Comments
Robert ArcherJames Sinclair
December 1, 2021Present Day
Daniel LernerNathan Miller1
Steve Johnson2
April 1, 2021December 1, 20211 Resigned on August 23, 2021
2 Appointed on August 23, 2021
Sarah HemenwayRobert Archer1
Daniel Lerner2
August 1, 2020April 1, 20211 Resigned as Veep on January 23, 2021
2 Appointed Veep January 23, 2021
Steve JohnsonSarah Hemenway
December 2, 2019July 31, 2020
James SinclairSteve Johnson
July 11, 2019December 2, 2019
David ShottonJames Sinclair
April 6, 2019July 11, 2019
Adam WThomas Bates
August 4, 2018April 6, 2019
Daniel LernerAmber Hagan1
Cale Reilly2
December 3, 2017August 3, 20181 Resigned as Veep on May 9, 2018
2 Appointed Veep May 9, 2018
Jeremy DeSpainDavid Shotton
April 1, 2017December 2, 2017
Lindsay BayesAdam W
August 1, 2016April 1, 2017
Robert ArcherKrys McLean
December 1, 2015August 1, 2016
Kat DedulDaniel Lerner1
Adam W2
April 3, 2015December 1, 20151 Resigned as Veep on October 29, 2015
2 Appointed Veep November 2, 2015
Jack DipperJoe Fahey
August 2, 2014April 3, 2015
Thomas BatesKatherine Dedul
December 1, 2013August 2, 2014
Steve Johnson1Dave Wonderly2
August 26, 2013December 1, 20131 Succeeded Drew Diamond on August 26, 2013
2 Appointed Veep August 27, 2013
Drew Z. Diamond1Joe P2
Steve Johnson3
April 6th, 2013August 26th, 20131 Resigned on August 26, 2013
2 Resigned as Veep on May 23, 2013
3 Appointed Veep May 27th, 2013
Joe PJen Herr
August 6th, 2012April 6th, 2013
Lindsay BayesJoe P
December 11th, 2011Augest 6th, 2012
Dave WonderlyKrys McLean
April 3rd, 2011December 11th, 2011
Jack Dipper1David wonderly
January 1st, 2011April 3rd, 20111 Succeeded Anthony Martin on January 1st, 2011
Anthony MartinJack Dipper
August 1st, 2010January 1st, 2011
Jen HerrAnthony Martin
December 6th, 2009August 1st, 2010
Andrew Robinson1Brian Olinski2
August 3rd, 2008December 6th 20091 Succeeded Daniel Lerner on August 3, 2008.
2 Vice President for 1st Term
Daniel Lerner1Jack Dipper2
March 28th, 2008August 3rd, 20081 Succeeded President Sarah Hemenway after resignation on March 28, 2008.
2 Vice President for 1st Term
Sarah Hemenway1Jack Dipper2
Symon Silvester3
Daniel Lerner4
August 1st, 2006March 28th, 20081 Re-elected to serve 3rd Term starting on August 1st, 2007
2 Vice President for 1st Term
3 Vice President for 2nd Term
4 Vice President for 3rd Term
Jen HerrEmma Rouse-Deane1
Andrew Robinson2
December 1st, 2005July 31st, 20061 Replaced by Andrew Robinson on July 28th, 2006
2 Appointed Veep July 28th, 2006
Jack DipperJen Herr
April 1st, 2005November 30th, 2005
Emma Rouse-Deane1Jen Herr2
December 22nd, 2004March 31st, 20051 Elevated to Presidency by Cramer's resignation
2 Appointed Veep December 28th, 2004
Edgar Cramer1Emma Rouse-Deane
August 1st, 2004December 22nd, 20041 Cramer resigned on December 22nd, 2004
Pamela DuganEmma Rouse-Deane
George the Cat1
December 1st, 2003July 31st, 20041 George appointed veep on July 31st, 2004
Emma Rouse-Deane1Amanda Noon2
Stuart Coll3
August 1st, 2002November 30th, 20031 Re-elected to serve 2nd Term starting on April 1st, 2003
2 Vice President for 1st Term
3 Vice President for 2nd Term
Larry GarfieldJeremy Friedman1
Barret Vogtman2
November 30th, 2001July 31st, 20021 Resigned as Veep March 22nd, 2002
2 Appointed Veep March 25th, 2002
Scott Dale RobisonDustin Bukowski
April 1st, 2001November 29th, 2001
Nick LackieBrian Moss1
Scott Dale Robinson2
August 1st, 2000March 31st, 20011 Resigned as Veep October 9th, 2000
2 Appointed as Veep October 12th, 2000
Seamus HughesButch Carter
November 10th, 1999July 31st, 2000Term lengthened by approximately one month to avoid the need for future February elections
Colin Wyers1Larry Garfield2
September 20th, 1999November 9th, 19991 Elevated to Presidency by Spurlin's resignation
2 Appointed Veep September 22nd, 1999
Bob Spurlin1Colin Wyers2
March 3rd, 1999September 20th, 19991 Spurlin resigned on September 20th, 1999
2 Elevated to Presidency by Spurlin's resignation
Mike BourdaaRandy McCullick1
Mike Ballway2
July 5th, 1998March 2nd, 19991 AWOLed in January, 1999
2 Appointed Veep January 7th, 1999
Greg HertzschOwen Townes
February 2nd, 1997July 4th, 1998Served two terms
Nick Oven1(None)
December, 1996February 1st, 19971 This term is theoretical only. Oven never officially assumed the aPrez title or acknoledged this reality until well after Hertzsch's election
Randy McCullickNick Oven
April 1st, 1996December, 1996End date uncertain
Mike Ballway(None)
March 5, 1996March 31, 1996Acting President during OC Crisis
Ken Marklan(None)
January, 1996March 5, 1996Acting President during OC Crisis
Den Hannigan(None)
December, 1995January, 1996Acting President during OC Crisis and Joint FComm-1/2
Mike Cathcart1Mike Barclay2
September, 1995Late, 19951 Went AWOL midterm
2 Unconfirmed
Jim MidyetteMike Cathcart
September, 1994September, 1995Two six-month terms
Jerry PhelpsMichelle Michalski
June, 1994September, 1994
Jim MidyetteRyan Lucas
June, 1993June, 1994Four three-month terms
Julia LarsenJim Midyette
March, 1993June, 1993
Jim Midyette(Unknown)
September 11th, 1992March, 1993Two terms; one as last appointed FgA and one as first elected President
Franco Torres1Jose Monroy2
David Platt3
Jose Monroy
Jim Midyette4
September, 1991September 11th, 19921 Flag Admiral
2 Monroy held second highest rank during most of this term, but did not ever hold power, and his position here is theoretical.
3 For two days during April 1992, David Platt held the second highest rank distinction.
4 Midyette named sucessor to Flag Admiralty in August 1992.
Mike Bertsch1(None)
July, 1991September, 19911 Fleet Admiral

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