The Infinite Fleet Report

May 2020

The Infinite Fleet Report - April 2020

USS Chimera

Commanding Officer: Sarah Hemenway

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: The Chimera continues to plod along, although posting has been a little low this month. We’re finally all in the right place to hopefully get our situation with the Other Chimera sorted out and we can finally start fixing all of the holes the Marines blew in the ship.

Spotlight: A big thank you to Steve and Sharon in our engineering department for getting this whole mess sorted out.

Vacancies: JOs, swings, really open to anything if you run it past me :)

Executive Officer: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: The sim is moving along quickly now and focused on one point, now in Engineering. The good thing is that we have such a focus. The harder part is bringing all the people into that one spot to do things. However, that being said, we are engaging as many of the crew as we can and pushing toward the conclusion. The question being - do we trust the alt-universe Chimera crew to do what they are saying they are willing to do? But the countdown is on and we are doing what we can to survive.



Gamemaster: Luke Hung

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Sim Overview: Ships moving smartly. I think we should be finished this month with this mission. They have met the alternate Chimera and figured out that they are stuck in a prisoners dilemma. It looks like they have decided to trust the other Chimera… although there is risk.


FComm’s Comments: While a bit slower, the Chimera is still working like a fine-tuned horse. There has been some great push in the main sim and overall I like what I am seeing. I can’t wait to see what next month has in store for the crew of the Chimera. Great job all around to the crew.

USS Constellation

Commanding Officer: Katy Darrah

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: Overall, things have slowed down, but we’re still chugging along.


Vacancies: Same as at last report, see Ship Profile.

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Tyra Schroll

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Sim Overview: The crew is off to find the cause of the changes in the characters they have met. What lies ahead....only the white rabbit knows…and maybe a mouse


FComm’s Comments: The Connie crew continues to amaze and dazzle in the main sim by the fabulous Gremlin Mouse. The tea party has revealed that the host is not being as quiet as a mouse as he explains the situation with the Queen. Seems the intrepid crew is heading down a path to save not only the transformed mouse but a poor girl who has been trapped there too. Can the Connie save the day? I am sure they will as long as they don’t run into that Cheshire cat that is rumored to be possibly lurking about. While posting may be on the slower side, it is on par with many ships in STF with crew juggling between real-life commitments and trying to carve posting time. Keep up the good work guys. We love your stories.

Starbase Magellan

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Geoff Joosten

Crew Posting Level: 1
Senior Staff Posting Level: 1
Overall Ship Health: 1

Sim Overview: Despite the best efforts of the engineering department and the Executive officer, late in the night during second shift there was a shudder. Time seemed to slow entirely and then eventually sped up. There was a loud pop that deafened everyone is the station for some time and knocked everyone out.

When the crew started to wake up, all of the systems still worked but they didn’t detect anything. The Magellan was all alone, somewhere, and nowhere at the same time. The stars were completely foreign in their position and color. Nothing was right, no one was answering and calls that were sent out.

OOC: Thus endith the sim and the sad tale of the Magellan. She is, for all intense and purposes, stored in a pocket dimension, free from the effects of time, or at least the main timeline. If she gets recommissioned in the future, the next GM can start with them popping out, should he or she so chose. It has been my pleasure to serve you all and look forward to RPing with you and the future.

Spotlight: I just want to thank the whole crew of the Magellan, you guys stuck it out and gave it your all. I want to thank Steve and Kate for giving me a chance to wrap up the sim.

USS Viking

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Katy Darrah

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 1
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: Overall, sim is still slow, planning on forcibly moving it along if things don’t pick up.

Shuttle finally launched from the Viking down to the planet, and the away team (consisting of the former CO (now civilian), CIO, CoS, an Eng JO, and 2 Medical NEs) has finally made contact with the survivors. So far not much else has occurred, though we have several side sims running.

Spotlight: Sharon Miller. She took charge of the sim when the CO stopped responding, and is leading the away team. She’s also staying true to the theme of the Viking

AFComm’s Comments: The USS Viking posting is slower than expected but it is on target with many other ships in STF as the crew juggle real life and posting schedules. The main sim is well written with lots of action and details that pull the reader into the scene. The side sims are engaging with a romance brewing in engineering. The return of Nakuto on the Viking has created amazing posts showing many sides of the now civilian Japanese-Klingon with the crew. As to returning crew Kalika is being rushed to sickbay yet I have faith the CMO will pull her through. Great job guys. Keep up the great work and keeping us entertained.

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