The Foremost Fleet Report

September 2020

The Foremost Fleet Report - August 2020

USS Ark Angel

Commanding Officer: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: Despite a few loas here and there, posting is doing well. The last sim finished with the newly hatched ‘space dragon’ Jaberwock departing for parts unknown. The next sim immediately began with our GMT Katy taking the simming helm from me and having us run into a shuttle seemingly on its own from its parent craft containing 10 people on board. Currently the shuttle is about to dock.


Vacancies: Chief Of Security, 2x Sec JOs, and 1x Sci JO would round us out

Executive Officer: Ben Simons

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: We have just started a new sim being run by Katy, our new GMT. Currently the crew have just welcomed a shuttle from a federation vessal that came under attack from a cloaked ship. Meanwhile, there’s a few side-sims going that are keeping the crew busy.

Spotlight: I want to point out Hayley Marshall this month, having stepped into the role of CMO for us.

Vacancies: 1x Chief of Security
1x Security
1x Science officer

Gamemaster: Katy Darrah

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 10
Overall Ship Health: 8

Sim Overview: A mysterious shuttle has shown up. The rescue party from the USS Montezuma has arrived at the USS Ark Angel, on a shuttle. The ship appears to have been attacked by some unknown assailant.

Spotlight: Everyone, for getting behind me in this sim.

FComm’s Comments: Doctor 13 days AWOL past a posted LOA
One due back from LOA in a couple days (8th)

Sim close up was well played after loss of GM and new sim is going well. Ship is engaged.

Looks good so far. Kudos to Captain for picking it up with almost no down time.

USS Leviathan

Commanding Officer: Sharon Miller

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: “The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

The truth is that some secrets are simply too powerful and too destructive to share. But the sanctuary of blissful ignorance exists only while others are willing to take on these hidden, nightmarish foes. Such is the role of Starfleet’s Anomaly Recovery Unit and her most recently commandeered Federation vessel, the USS Leviathan.

Only days out of drydock and their first mission arrived - to investigate the USS Einstein and the seemingly somnambulistic fate of its crew. So after seizing a few brief moments to become better acquainted with each other, both on and off duty, and squeeze in some essential combat and capture training, the men and women of the Leviathan finally found themselves on the border of the Paulson nebula and the lair of an entity known as The Sandman.
Now, with the away team trapped on the Einstein and forced to play a deadly game of Clue, the Captain and Leviathan bridge crew in tense negotiations with Ferengi scavengers and a backup away team attempting a daring assault on the Einstein from the outside, will anyone make it through this nightmarish encounter to wake again with their consciousness intact the next morning?

So the month of August saw the Leviathan move out of X Fleet and be warmly welcomed into the amazing Foremost Fleet. There are so many incredible people who helped us to complete this move and I am so thankful to every single one of them, including Sarah and Rob for supporting us with the charter, Calé for finding a home for us in her fleet, Joe P and Tech for a seamless technical move and most important of all, to the crew of the Leviathan who have been simply amazing throughout the upheaval and the switch to a fully self-simming environment.

Posting has been a little slower than it was during our opening month, due to several players being on LOA. But at the time of writing this report we had still made an impressive 646 posts. Activity and enthusiasm remains high, with two anomaly encounters currently testing the crew and the ship’s scuttlebutt in overdrive over the numerous personal and romantic relationships being written about all over the ship. For September, I expect at least one of the current anomalies to be resolved and we have several more waiting in the wings to torment our courageous players with. Our DH and senior positions are currently all full, although we did lose two JO’s this month, so if anyone feels like taking on a top secret and terrifying assignment then please just let me know.

As a result of our move into the main fleets, there are two member rank promotions to be applied:
Brian Armstrong now holds the highest character rank of Lieutenant
Samuel Stroud now holds the highest character rank of Lieutenant

Spotlight: All of the crew have been amazing this month, but Jennifer Ward has been absolutely invaluable. From providing numerous simming opportunities for the rest of the crew, to stepping up and orchestrating our biggest anomaly encounter when another player had to take an LOA, she remains a driving force on the Leviathan and I could not manage the ship without her.

Vacancies: Security JO’s
Science JO’s
Engineering JO’s
Medical JO’s
(All of these roles allow the opportunity to also be a member of the Recovery Task Force or the Scientific Research Corps - please just ask me if you would like to know more)

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

AFComm’s Comments: 2 AWOL (11 and 13 days) and 2 LOAs (ending in the next couple days)

Not been on this ship much but reading looks like folks are engaged and ship made transition well.

Looking forward to see the ship fill up and take a forward role in RP in the Main Fleet.

USS Asimov

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Sam Pennington

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: The sim progresses, albeit slowly. Unfortunately this month our longtime CO Tyra Schroll had to step down. It is, however, lucky that we will be retaining her as our CoS.



Gamemaster: Jason Lee

Crew Posting Level: 1
Senior Staff Posting Level: 3
Overall Ship Health: 1

Sim Overview: We’re still crashed on the planet. The crew is still trying to resolve the situation

Spotlight: Melissa Aragon
Julie Watts

AFComm’s Comments: 4 AWOL 5 Active, ship floundering.

As a member of the crew, we are all working on helping to pick things back up and get things rolling both in and out of SIM to get everyone participating. CO that stepped down and looking for new one (Awaiting Cale’s return)

SS Bonaventure

Commanding Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: Doing ok right now. Finally have an active XO but we have lost our GM. Plugging along with permission and notes from Sim to keep the ship running.

Spotlight: XO for sticking and staying.
Intel Officer for helping keep Sim going with his notes to his character in game.

Vacancies: One MARINE would give us one in every dept.
An additional one in each Dept (Science, Engineering, Security/Armory, Marine, Medical) would give us two in each dept (Ideal)

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

AFComm’s Comments: For being CO I know I have to be objective.

The ship is all right, but activity needs to pic up and recruiting as well.

USS Manhattan

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Steven Sigle

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: Oh man what is going on with the Manhattan…lots of great things. The main sim is hopping with so much occurring. Several of the away teams are now back on the ship and off the surface of Graven however it seems they have brought with them unseen guests.

Calloway’s story is intriguing and full of twists and turns. As the search for those that wish to do her harm continues, Faye must not only have to deal with fighting for her innocence but also the consequences of her actions driving a wedge between her and the crew.

Crit is up and running as crew via for the coveted spots on the team. We can’t wait to see what thier first mission will entail.



Gamemaster: No report submitted

AFComm’s Comments: 2 LOAs and a ‘barely’ AWOL. Not bad. Ship seems in relatively healthy and sim is engaging.

USS Memorial

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Jared Kurz

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: The Memorial is going through a bit of a rough patch. We saw a major slow down in activity this month, and it seems that RL has been claiming victims everywhere. We had a spike in AWOL’s through the middle of the month, lost two of our department heads, and have four players on LOA. Two of these players are expected to return shortly, but two of them will remain on LOA for a while longer. Our sim has been stalled since my last report. The Memorial remains in a stable position near a black hole. Our warp drive is offline, and an away team on the Flying Angel are searching for the location of a lost ship. On a positive note I would like to welcome James Harrison as our new Counsellor. Our MOTD is up-to-date. Other than the LOA’s that I mentioned previously, only one player is outside of our AWOL limit. This gives me confidence that we will make it through this rough patch, and that the Memorial will soon be cruising once again.

Spotlight: I would like to thank BJ Janzen and Melissa Aragon for keeping busy on the Flying Angel.

Vacancies: We are looking for a new Chief Engineer, as well as junior officers to fill the following positions: Medical (x2), Science (x2), Security (x2), and a Chief Tactical Officer.

Gamemaster: No report submitted

AFComm’s Comments: LOA finishing tomorrow and an ‘indefinite’ LOA from another char. Not bad, ship on surface seems overall healthy.

Sim seems to be running slow. Looking forward to seeing replacements soon in vacant spots and CO pushing to help boost posting levels.


Foremost Fleet is in relatively healthy condition with posting limits starting to pick up most places. Asimov is still in a critical situation and I believe with help and a new CO that can turn around. I am going to work with the COs/GMs on the ships and see how we can pick up interest, posting speeds and which vacancies are most critical to fill to round out the crews.

Meli the Mobstress

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