The Foremost Fleet Report

November 2020

The Foremost Fleet Report - October 2020

USS Ark Angel

Commanding Officer: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 10
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 10

Ship Status:

1) How is your ship looking overall?

The Ark Angel is doing amazingly well this past month. We’ve had alot of side sims all with excellent quality and participation by many involved. Further we’ve had alot of new and old blood returning to the ship/club which has really filled out our roster to the brim.

2)What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)?

I loved the banter between myself and Jennifer’s PC and my Captain/CO’s Daughter in the ‘If its not chocolate its not breakfast thread’

Another banter currently going on between Jennifer’s PC and with Brian’s engineering JO in the New Quarters thread make over!

3)Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month

One spot for improvement would be trying to fill the one medical JO role still open (optional though given our roster size!) the other is getting the sim moving again and getting the new JO’s aboard involved in a greater capacity.


For an overview of the current ship health I must say I am beyond amazed at the activity present this past month. We’ve had so many exciting side sims and developments that its hard to pick out any one person or group. We’ve all done so well! That said for the main sim we’ve had limited progress due in part to awols by the GMT we’ve since switched out me as GMM with Geoff taking over as GMM with Katy to help her more closely so we will see where that goes in the coming month. Otherwise I have no complaints with the ship overall.

Spotlight: I want to literally spotlight the whole crew for their amazing work this past month in side simming and keeping active and more or less within perfect awol limits for almost all the month. Go Angels!

Vacancies: 1x Medical JO

Executive Officer: Charles Stevens

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: We are Mid-Sim, with generally a good posting rate across the board, but some minor issues with the GM going AWOL. All our DH’s and JO’s are all posting regularly and well with in their limits and are delivering excellent writing in the process. As to my “shining stars” that’s hard, as I my self am new to the ship, But Jen, Brian and Nathan came out the gate strong with inventive main and side sim contributions I simply can’t choose.

Spotlight: Hard to spotlight any one thread as we have several, I can say that Jennifer Ward, Brian Richards and Nathan Miller stand out with more than one great side sim and main sim contributions.

Vacancies: I am only aware of one opening, and that is for a medical JO, so if you know a candidate send them our way.

Gamemaster: Katy Darrah

Crew Posting Level: 10
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 10

Sim Overview: Things are deteriorating fast for our friends from the Montezuma. It appears that Codem and his friends are being found out, as things begin to be discovered, from weird energy spikes and disturbances to rather large holes in their story.

Spotlight: Everyone. I can’t believe how involved the crew has been in this sim and making it rather amazing for me.

AFComm’s Comments: Glad to see (and be part of) such an active ship. Will definitely give them a hand finding last JO to fill the board and assist where I can as a player to get laggers involved with side sim char development as well as keep involved in main sim.

FComm’s Comments: The AA has had a good month in terms of both activity and new blood entering the scene. I am excited to welcome Charles to the Executive officer spot and wish him well in this. Kudos to Rob and the rest of the crew for meeting their targets from last month. Some general activity issues with our resident GMT but after a meeting with the GMdept, Rob as CO and Katy herself, we have a plan moving forward to support Katy in finishing her GMT sim and a new mentor in the form of Geoff.

Moving forward for this month the AA target is to continue their good work and work towards improved player engagement. Great job guys!

USS Asimov

Commanding Officer: Ben Simons

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: This month has been a rough one on the LOA front, most of which have recently expired at time of writing this report so I have reached out to those who this is the case. Hopefully November will look better in this regard. As a result, the ship is looking a little rusty this week (along with being crashed, but that’s the ship, not the crew). However, things are starting to look up as posting hasn’t been too bad overall apart from in the last week and a half or so.

As for the ship right now, we’ve got what every adventuring party wishes to avoid - a split group. Some are on a parralel earth while others are aboard a ship that’s not operational right now thanks to no power. Negotiations with the Ferengi are no doubt it the future, because there’s no way he’ll be giving anything for free. Meanwhile, the away team are finding out that things don’t quite work like they do in our universe where they are. After all, as our CMO rightly put it - Is magic just science yet to be explained?

Over November - the main objective will be to recruit a new CNS. Once that is done, we can start recruiting into the junior officers. Hopefully posting should get better over the month of November now that most of those LOAs have ended.

Spotlight: From this month, I’m going to to try doing this a bit differently, for that reasons I’ve got three different spotlights that I’ll be looking to highlight. First, a post spotlight (reserved for a specific post), a player spotlight for players that have done above and beyond what they needed to, and a thread spotlight - sort of like the post one but for multiple people who have been roleplaying well together in the story.

First up, the post spotlight this month goes to a post in the main sim. Thanks to challenging what the norm is - this months post spotlight can be found at for challenging the norm of what “scientists” supposedly believe.

Next, the player spotlight goes to our “new” second officer. With a smaller crew right now, Jason has agreed to temporarily take on the extra work and definitely has been a joy to write with his new vulcan.

And finally the overall thread that’s been getting my special attention this month is the away team. How they’ve managed to keep things going despite the shakeup, has been admirable.

Vacancies: 1x CNS
All JO positions

Executive Officer: No report submitted - Excused due to LOA (Real life has kidnapped Sam, we have dispatched a negotiation committee with cookies. Hopefully he will be back unharmed as soon as possible.

Gamemaster: Jason Lee

Crew Posting Level: 2
Senior Staff Posting Level: 3
Overall Ship Health: 2

Sim Overview: Our story so far…

The USS Asimov was sent on a routine shakedown cruise. But since the shakedown cruise was done slightly prematurely, the shuttlecraft were left behind on the Starbase until they were ready to be sent out. The ship then encountered an unknown anomaly, hit by a plasma storm, and then crashed on an unknown planet on a mostly deserted island. As the ship crashed, a Ferengi ship helped the Asimov to have a softer landing.

At the time, Captain Natalie Greer (CO), Commander Zennneth Kaida (XO), Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy (2O), and Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Chief of Security) were sent out on this mission but due to the unknown effects of the anomaly, they have now been replaced by Captain Simon Starr (CO), Commander Sara Kiernan (XO), and Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security). Commander Jevek (2O) was assigned to the ship, but did not leave with the ship at the time of departure, and also due to the effects of the anomaly, Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy was never assigned to the Asimov.

The crew met with Mr. Zank, the Ferengi who helped them, but discovered that the anomaly had a temporal component, since Zank seemed to have been from a different time period than they were. He indicated he was stranded with his wife for months, and evidence towards that show that he has a small garden, and a very well lived in feeling. He did indicate he used most of his emergency power reserves on the tractor beam which saved the Asimov. Zank told the crew that this world was a fantasy like world but the races and beings here seemed quite alien, and diverse – someone like himself would not appear out of place, as he indicated, suggesting he may have been off the island once or twice at least. He did indicate no one has bothered to visit the island, and both his ship crash and their ship crash didn’t seem to warrant any investigation from the natives. Convinced by Commander Solit, Zank is currently more receptive in helping with no motivates other than to get off the planet with hopes of at least the Asimov tractoring his ship along for the ride.

Commander Jevek later arrived on the crew’s evening of day 3, but it has been at least a week or so since the Asimov was reported missing. Commander Jevek crashed into the planet much the same way the Asimov did, but without the benefit of a tractor beam, crashed further from the Asimov. The shuttlecraft he was in was totally destroyed, and the young ensign who was with him had died. Jevek informed Captain Starr that the USS Novak was now studying the anomaly and that due to interference from the anomaly, sensor readings were almost impossible. Probes sent to the anomaly were broken from the high gravitational stresses and so a shuttlecraft was attempted, with an active communication link to send the data back to the ship. Unfortunately, the shuttlecraft could not escape the gravitational pull of the anomaly, and tractoring the shuttlecraft also failed, resulting in the shuttle’s crash.


Engineering has been busy patching the ship’s systems were possible. The resulting plasma storm damaged most electrical systems, leaving only one working fusion generator and no possibility to start the warp core in a safe manner. Engineering has come up with several alternative power solutions, including solar panels, which are now powering sensors and the computer system. Communications is still down, but Engineering is now working around the interference from the island by switching to EM radio only rather than operating in the subspace bands. This work of modifying the communication badges has been slow, and only senior staff have benefitted from the comm-badge alteration. They are working on Security’s comm-badges now. Chief Engineer MacMoragh wants to put a team together to see what parts they could use from Zank’s ship.


Most of the crew has been healed, but Medical is trying to keep supplies handy and stretched out as best as possible. Triage was set up in one of the Cargo Bays, and now is being moved all back into Sickbay.


Security has been guarding the ship, and acting as communication runners since communications has been down. They have been assisting Medical with the injured.


Based on Zank’s detailed reports and through discovery, the Science department through its brilliant leadership of Commander Idari Solit, has discovered that the island is likely artificial, and that it was likely a large asteroid or something that crashed into the planet so long ago. Given the infrequency of the space objects, there is a hypothesis that anomaly is old, and that objects have crashed here over time, resulting the natives not bothering to investigate when something crashes. Commander Idari Solit managed to save the data before the computer wreaked, so scans of the planet, and the anomaly were taken. But without a computer to perform an analysis, an analysis of the data was not possible. That is, until now since Engineering has got the computers running once more.

Away Team:

The away team is in the town across the island, exploring. They have discovered a restaurant in a parallel Earth, and that the universe they were currently in was also a parallel universe. Presumably, they have been exploring the town of all of Day 3, and have not yet returned on Day 4. They found interesting information from the restaurant, and a possible source of food should the ship run low on food supplies.


Spotlight: Ben Simons
Melissa Aragon

AFComm’s Comments: With over half the ship on AWOL, I am a little concerned both as AFComm and a player. I will be touching base with the CO and XO to see if I can reach out and help those away to come back. The sim is great, awesome premise, but I think some are a bit lost on ‘what to do next’ and I think a bit of a nudge from the GM may help that. I’ll reach out to him as well. The Captain has been great at contacting others, that I’m aware of, and trying to keep us all nudged and engaged. I think a Counselor, especially in a setting like this, would be useful to side and main sims alike. Having active, posting, JOs to help when DHs are away could help the ship as well.

FComm’s Comments: Things are still going hard for the Azzy. Ben, Sam and Jason have worked hard to try and improve conditions. The nature of a slow ship is that it will have less posting at points, however with multiple LOAs and AWOLs this month has been particularly hard. I am concerned regarding this situation. Ben and I have organised a time to chat about the ship and put a definite action plan into place over the next month. Improvements will need to be forthcoming soon.

Moving forward next month, the Azzy will have to meet the agreed apron targets from the command team to bring the ship back to health.

SS Bonaventure

Commanding Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status:

1) How is your ship looking overall?

We are looking pretty good. Everyone, or nearly, is posting on time or close to it. The new GM is going amazing.

2)What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)?

I don’t think I have one, yet. We are just getting started and back into our groove.

3)Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.

Posting steadiness and character development.

Spotlight: GM Robert for bringing us back to life.
XO Steve for being my steady right hand.

Vacancies: Marine JO

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status:

1) How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
Overall the ship has started to turn around. All members are starting to post more, now that Rob has joined us and we have a solid GM back in place. It has helped to turn the ship back around.

2) Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims
Currently everyone is participating! Yay! (Well, except Tyra who just moved across the country so I’ll give her a pass right now)

3) Who is the shining star this month?
I would have to say Melissa Aragon and James Sinclair. Together they helped keep the simm moving forward while we were in between GM’s. Without them, the ship would have completely stalled.

Spotlight: Dungeon Master Award - Rob Archer
Starship Troopers - Gene Gibbs, James Sinclair


Gamemaster: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: Overall the sim just began, in short the Bonnie at the start of 2152 after the new year party entered an unclaimed/surveyed/unexplored system to check things out. Then after arrival they found to their amazement an FOURTH planet appear out of no where in the midsts of a nuclear level exchange with itself and begin emitting large gravitic anomalies spanning 4 light years in radius stranding them in the system unable to go to warp or initiate long range comms for help. For now the Bonnie is observing the fourth planet and getting more information.

Ship health ooc wise the Bonnie seems in good shape, the crew is engaging together in the sim and no real problems seem evident since I began.


AFComm’s Comments: As Captain I can say I am grateful to the GM and to James before that for keeping the Bonnie from floundering. As AFComm, it’s good to see the ship in better health. The new GM was a huge infusion it needed. If things continue this way, the growth and stability of the ship will be more than fine.

FComm’s Comments: The Bonnie has had a good month and managed to meet its target from last month by filling its GM opening with the fab Rob Archer who has hit the ground running. I have enjoyed reading the ship recently and there is a definite buzz going on which is exciting to see. The Bonnie has come a long way over the last few months and that’s down the great work Mel and her crew have put in. Well done guys.

USS Leviathan

Commanding Officer: Sharon Miller

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Dark times for the crew of the USS Leviathan this month, with the arrival of an unexpected and terrifying visitor. They had presumed it just another passing Federation starship, but as the huge, Mjolnir-class vessel had drawn near, to their amazement the crew had found themselves staring at another USS Leviathan. Amazement, however, quickly descended into horror as visual contact with this mirror vessel revealed a bridge littered by familiar corpses, their doppelgangers dispatched in horrific and nightmarish ways. All save one - Chief Engineer William Hampton, who has now crossed over to this Universe’s Leviathan and, after a monstrous demonstration of his true powers, delivered to the crew a desperate ultimatum - solve the mystery of these mirror events in six hours or the Prime Leviathan will suffer an attack the likes of which none of them could barely even imagine!


1) How is your ship looking overall?
Considering the time of year and current worldwide circumstances, the Leviathan is in great shape. We made a total of 517 posts this month, which was a slight increase on last month and an overall impressive figure compared to club averages. In terms of self-simming, we currently have three separate anomaly encounters playing out (although one has stalled slightly due to the LOA of a key player, but I’m confident that it will pick back up again soon) and almost every character on board is involved in at least one character development thread. There were a couple of times this month where it felt like we were playing musical chairs with our DH’s as we made some requested adjustments to the roster to accommodate players real life situations and workloads, but as the month closed out all but one of our DH’s was posting regularly and throwing themselves into the onboard action and in general I continue to be delighted by the dedication, the creativity and the incredible talent on display from every single member of this crew.

2) What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?
So many amazing threads to choose from, but I have enjoyed immensely this rather unorthodox counseling session between the CNS (played by Jennifer Ward) and our new CoS (played by Leonora V) which saw the two women take on, and conquer, a rowdy barfight on the holodeck! Fun, feisty and fabulous writing throughout from both of them!

3) Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.
We have a reasonably sized roster already, but I would like to get a few more JO’s onboard if possible (particularly in Security, where we have none). I’ve sent out several invitations this month but so far have had no takers. So if there is anyone out there interested in joining one of the most exciting and unique security teams in the club (with an Orion female DH who is an absolute blast to RP with) then please just let me know.

Spotlight: Every single member of this crew brings something special and unique to the Leviathan and I am constantly floored by the amount of talent and creativity on display. But this month, two posters stood out for me:

Firstly, Samuel Stroud has been delivering us a twisted and absolutely terrifying anomaly encounter where the crew come face to face with their own deaths. His writing, scenario-building and general atmosphere has been phenomenal (and phenomenally creepy!) and every single player involved seems to be enjoying this encounter immensely!

And secondly, Calé Reilly has brought a new medical character onboard (who will eventually take on the role of our CMO) and, while I’m already accustomed to her unique and fascinating characters, Theodore Knox has to be one of the most unsettling and downright intriguing personalities I have ever read at STF! Amazing writing from Calé with him so far!

Vacancies: - Security JO’s
- Science JO’s
- Engineering JO’s
- Medical JO’s
- Swings

(All of these roles allow the opportunity to also be a member of the Recovery Task Force or the Scientific Research Corps - please just ask me if you would like to know more)

Executive Officer: J Ridgley

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: October has been a great month as usual for the crew of the Leviathan, tackling several Anomalies and their own individual personal issues it has certainly been an exciting ride as Executive Officer, with the latest in Anomalies piling up I am confident that the ship will be well versed in the handling of such entities and only in just their first tour under its new role as an ARU Ship.

In an out of character look on life, we have had a few interdepartmental role changes between DH and JOs but overall we are in my eyes a fit and healthy ship and crew.

Spotlight: My spotlight for this month will have to simply go to Charles Stevens who plays our resident Engineering Tellerite Tellek Bog. He has been absolutely outstanding and whilst on my LOA has consistently made me re-read to simply enjoy the laughs he provides! His character is flawless and his writing is just as so, i suspect when awards come around he will certainly be picking up a few!

Vacancies: Vacancies: Security JO’s
Science JO’s
Engineering JO’s
Medical JO’s

(All of these roles allow the opportunity to also be a member of the Recovery Task Force or the Scientific Research Corps - please just ask me if you would like to know more)

Gamemaster: No report submitted - No GM report because, unlike the anomalies on board this creepy kookey space craft it doesn’t exist as a role *

AFComm’s Comments: Filling in JO spots will be a huge infusion to the ship and allow for more interactions.Concerned about long number of days on LOAs but I’m sure there are reasons the Captain is on top of. Ship is active and healthy. Doing well for having become part of the Main Fleet recently.

FComm’s Comments: The Leviathan has had a great month with one or two AWOLs and LOAs, one of which is currently a long term LOA due to ongoing Covid issues. However the pace and posting rate of the ship has still gone strong. A few changes in the crew with some people stepping down, aside or new crew coming in which has been an exciting boost. I am really happy with the progress being made by the ship and crew.

Moving forward for the month ahead I am going to chat to Sharon and Jake about their static pages and the lead up to their first review!

USS Manhattan

Commanding Officer: James Sinclair

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: Ship is in orbit around Graven. The populace is waking up and the crew is still trying to find a way to communicate with the potentially sentient energy / extra dimensional life forms that seem to have some kind of pseudo-symbiotic relationship with the Graviens.

1) How is your ship looking overall?
Overall ship is fine. We are stalling a bit on the sim, but I think once we have some overall settling in RL, many people will be able to focus more on their writing for enjoyment.
2)What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?
The promotion and appointment of Lieutenant Naim to CSO.
3)Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month
Overall number of posts. With the holidays approaching, people will be distracted of course. But I would like to see everyone get reengaged.
Spotlight: Silke Fahl as our new CSO Lieutenant Naim. She has taken on the additional responsibilities and is engaged with multiple crew outside of her section. Her writing is engaging and fun to read, and she is a phenomenal part of our crew.

Vacancies: JO’s - All Departments
Communications Officer

Executive Officer: Steven Sigle

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: The Manhattan is doing extremely well for its size and posting speed for the month of October. The crew is working together, as always, to move the main sim along as some of the crew work to balance posting and real life. Ben Z has done an amazing job in sickbay giving us more insight about the indigenous population and their psychic twins. Faye is still working to prove her innocence and seek out a way to find her handler. Max continues his hunt to find Jasmine who is being held hostage by a vicious Ferengi. Jack has been duped again by Celina’s brother who has the XO and CTO finding themselves drugged on a beach in paradise. The shining star this month is the Wookie. Our furry GM continues to impress and amaze with his ability to write a story that is creative, engaging, and exciting to post to.



Gamemaster: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: The Manhattan is around a world called Graven XII where the inhabitants and Starfleet are seeking greater diplomatic relations together. When they arrived there were several small ‘things’ that the different departments engaged in to seek to help out this people who had once had space flight but gave it up some 10,000 years before and who had sought to live an existence roughly like ours today, but with a lot of time to ‘refine’ the technology to being more efficient. By the end of the day the departments started to realize that the different ‘problems’ save one were to some degree connected.
Security had investigated unprecedented murders and the revelation of ‘blanks’ - persons who had but one soul
Medical had learned of a possible serial killer with murders happening at the full moons - of which Graven XII had three of, and that they were ‘two spirited beings’
Science had found a piece of a ship amongst an area of failed crops where radiation of a sort similar to a Romulan’s singularity drive was detected
Engineering was going to check on a geo-thermal plant failure where there was unexpected corrosion in the pipes when a vehicle accident injured those along and seriously injured the Gravenian chief engineer.

From there the action moved up to the Manhattan while Baht, a doctor, remained on the surface briefly before being ‘spooked’ by the presence of spirits. At sundown the Gravenians sleep until sunrise, and, apparently, that is when their ‘other spirit’ is free to roam. Seen by Rollo, the Counselor, she and others followed these spirits until she had an encounter with one where they touched, and where Rollo experienced a vision. Tov, the Gravenian engineer was treated aboard the Manhattan in a dramatic surgery as, they unfamiliar with Gravenian physiology, had to complete the surgery without Gravenian help as Hone, the doctor, fell asleep as that ‘time’ had come for them at sundown.

And so we come to the morning where those on board are waking and the day begins. Both Baht and Rollo have had experienced apocalyptic images from their spiritual encounters, the mystery of the piece of the ship is still waiting to be resolved, a murder was predicted at the full moon that night - will that have been fulfilled? Will Tov live after his vehicle accident? Will negotiations be successful and will these ‘prophecies’ come to pass?

Spotlight: The question for my part was the biggest contributor. As we are transitioning between acts which was a little bumpy, D Grisham was one who pushed the sim along with her seeking to follow the entities about the ship’s night.

AFComm’s Comments: I’m impressed with the storylines happenings on the ship. Not just the main sim, but the in depth character development as well. It’s a good crew with a good Command structure. Once posing pics up I think it will be one of the shining ships in the Fleet and Site.

FComm’s Comments: Another great month for the Manny, some amazing story lines and great character development. Readers be warned, don’t read this ship when you’ve a mouthful of any sort of beverage, you’re likely to lose it. Some LOAs and AWOLs but posting and pace have been great. James and Steven and the rest of the crew have done a great job in improving engagement and I look forward to seeing it continue to improve.

USS Memorial

Commanding Officer: Kirt Gartner

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status:
1) We are starting to rebuild a few positions due to losing our gm for a second time Linds has stepped in and is trying to get us back on track
2) just at the start of the new sim I saw one of my Engineering JOs and our Pilot were bantering back and forth about the Delta quadrant It made the ship actually feel like it was a living environment
3) I want to get everyone posting and get the roster full as well as work on the presentation of our presence with in the club (Maybe a new banner Changes to the MOTD? New Symbol on the starbase as soon as I think of what to put there)

Spotlight: Linds for stepping in and taking up the responsibility of GMing our Ship and taking the bull by the horns when doing so! she brought this ship back to life when we all just kinda lost interest with the disappearance of our GM

Vacancies: Unsure at the moment I need to make sure everyone is happy and figure this out

Executive Officer: No report submitted - Excused, LOA at time of the report. Real life kidnapping is becoming an issue. I am dispatching special forces to rescue Jared.

Gamemaster: Lindsay Bayes

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 5

Sim Overview: I only just started as GM and have only just introduced the sim. I was amused at the assumptions about what the sim would be about, but I guess that’s how you become an evil GM, right?

I will have a more detailed report next month so I would not put any validity into my numbers above. I have no way to evaluate this slow ship yet in terms of what is typical or not.


AFComm’s Comments: Nice to see a GM active once more. A few LOA/AWOL but no where near some ships. And the counters are relatively low on those folks as well. I think the new Sim will catch folks and start to pull them back. Looking forward to seeing the sim move forward and side sims pop up a bit more as well once posting picks up.

FComm’s Comments: a few LOAs and AWOLs but with a new GM and sim it is picking up fro the memorial which I am delighted to see. Well done to the crew for meeting their target from last month.

Moving forward for this month the target is for the ship to work on their engagement. And based on Kirt’s comments I’ll be reaching out to see what I can do to support his ideas to encourage people to get involved with the ship.

FComm’s Overall Comments:

1)How are the fleet COs, XOs, and GMs doing?

Overall the command teams are doing well. There are some amazing examples of CO, XO and GMs in the fleet which is clear to see in both the running of the ship day to day and the writing. However we aren’t without our share of issues and there is room for Improvement with some areas. I am confident that there are mentors or plans in place to support any of these areas for improvement and we can review this next month.

2) Is everyone active and participating, IC and OOC?

Overall across the fleet we have a lot of good participation both IC and OOC, as part of our current discussion in fleet identity I and keen to develop the ooc parts slightly more. Admin wise all of the command teams are working with their ships to maintain healthy rping environments. We have some shining examples and a ship close to crisis situation but we are working hard to make changes and with some time and work I’m sure we will get there.

3)What ship is the shining star this month?

This is so hard. All of our ships have done so well this month. The Bonnie has worked hard to improve over the last few weeks, the Levi has hit the ground running as our newcomer, the Manhattan and AA as our constants. It is so hard to pick. Can I plead the fifth?

Fleet Identity update:

So last month we started the discussion on what fleet identity is and means for us, we started a survey to look at this which for any foremost fleet person can be found here to fill in it’s an anonymous form but I’d like to let it run a little more before we compile the results and act on them. I have asked COs to share this link on the ships.

I also said last month we were looking at the fleet static pages which dramatically need an update. This kinda got side tracked so will be a focus over the next few months.

October Fleet Awards:

The boat that Rocks: SS Bonaventure
Golden Gleeman: Samuel Stroud
Starship Troopers: James Sinclair and Nathan Miller
Dungeon Master: Robert Archer and Jason Lee

The Continuing Adventures of the Mysterious Aquatic D!

Last time we found our hero being sent a recording of some sort of Folk ritual however, Before our hero could work out what it means the computer suddenly went berserk! And the ship began a warp nine journey to an undisclosed location in the middle of Romulan space!

The ship hurtled out of control, alarms blaring and flashing and then, as suddenly as it had began it stopped. The ship hung in a near region of space, the chatting was still being broadcast, coming from a nearby asteroid. No life signs registered. Unsure what it meant our hero set a course towards the noise.

Will our hero figure out who or what brought him there? Can he figure out what it all means and will the Romulan find him first? Stay tuned for the next installment of the continuing adventures of the Mysterious Aquatic D!!!

The October Foremost Fleet report, brought to you by the Number 666, the colour Red and pumpkin spice lattes.

No Starbucks employees were harmed in the making of this report.

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