Starfleet Academy Report

November 2020

Starfleet Academy Report - October 2020

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: Sarah Hemenway

Crew Posting Level: 1
Senior Staff Posting Level: 1
Overall Ship Health: 1

Ship Status: How is your ship looking overall?

The Challenger is returning to a slower state now with our frequently posting cadets off and graduated in the main fleet and the new member numbers starting to slow back down to more regular levels. The staff is taking the time to regroup and revise various tactics now that we actually have some time to breathe.

What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)?

Griffin Day had a wonderful between-sim solo post as Cadet Dael Stadi:

Geoff’s set-up posts for our new sim led to several excited exclamations in Discord of “are they challenging us to a race?!”:

Patrick McGarry has put a ton of work into his posting this month and he has improved dramatically in his style and detail with the help of Counselor Nathan Miller:



Executive Officer: Daniel Lerner

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: November was overall a slower month for the Challenger. Not a bad month, just a bit slower. The new sim has started, but just waiting it for it to take off so we can move into different threads and get all the cadets involved.

As of the end of October, we had 7 cadets, although some were on a lengthy LOAs and and one had just joined and hasn’t started yet.



Gamemaster: Geoff Joosten

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Sim Overview: The challenger is on its way home from the latest mission when they were knocked out of warp space to come face to face with another ship, seemingly sentient but not biological as no other lifeforms are detected within the vessel. The alien ship, however, is strutting in front of the challenger puffing itself up and ejecting brightly colored plasma into space around it.


FComm’s Comments: Despite having slowed down just a bit, The Challenger is doing quite well, as per usual. I see no issues that immediately require fixing, and I’m happy to approve the current activity in the Sim. Good job, guys!

Overall, it’s been a slower month for the Academy. I do have a few things I’m trying to get done, but I don’t have enough of any of those projects complete to give a real update as of yet. Also, we’re lacking a Mentor report this month, due to the fact that there haven’t been any changes since last month. Thomas and I should have updates next month.

-Dave Eads

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