The Foremost Fleet Report

December 2020

The Foremost Fleet Report - November 2020

USS Ark Angel

Commanding Officer: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: How is your ship looking overall?: Posting wise we are doing overall well. The thanksgiving slump was overcome without too much problems. We do got a few folks on LOA at the moment but those are being discussed and I do not see too much issue with them at present especially given the reasons I got given. That said we did lose our XO this month, so I am looking for a new XO. I also retook the reins as CO/GM and and slow burning in starting the next sim. Posting is overall excellent despite these up and down changes.

What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)? This post here specifically made me laugh SO hard with the player running with the prank/holiday cheer Q was delivering to the crew!

Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month: Get an XO and get them up to speed ASAP. Continue rolling into the main sim stuff and keep the energy going on the ship at an all time positive high.

Spotlight: I want to spotlight John Tolly, Jennifer Ward, Amie Genest, and Brian Richards this month for the energy they keep putting into their PC’s and roleplay. That said the whole crew has been so energetic and lively! Even with the bumps in the road we’ve had this past month.

Vacancies: Executive Officer

Executive Officer: No report submitted - Excused (Vacant/Recently filled)

Gamemaster: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship: Odd holiday pranks and gifts are showing up on the Ark Angel, it seems for some reason Q is involved who is here for unknown reasons.

Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward?: The entire crew really has embraced the pranking and holiday spirit of Q’s arrival. I can’t wait to see how they handle the rest of the sim as it unfolds.


FComm’s Comments: Fcomm: Bit of a change for the AA 5is month with Rob taking over as GM again and also the unfortunate loss of Charles from the XO post due to real life. That vacancy I can confirm has ow been filled which is great news for the crew and ship. I’m sure D, as the new XO will have as much fun with the AA as I have reading the goings in with the sim and the side sims, some great posting going on on the AA, the crew are engaged and things look good.

Target for the coming month for the AA is to continue working as they have been over the holiday period.

Great effort from everyone, thanks for that folks!

USS Asimov

Commanding Officer: Ben Simons

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: Things have started to look up for the Asimov this month. We’ve recruited a couple new junior officers and at least an interim CNS. The ship overall has also been more active over the last month with fewer AWOLs than the last couple of months. However, the ship itself is still in need of repairs, and is still yet to take off.

Spotlight: This month’s post of the month is going to go to our new Engineer who’s intro post has definitely been a good start to the ship.

This month’s player spotlight is going to our Chief Engineer Riker - his been relatively active this month and has been keeping our new Engineer engaged while the main sim ticks forward.

Vacancies: All JO positions

Executive Officer: Sam Pennington

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: The Asimov had par for the course activity from DHs and JOs. Some AWOLs and LOAs do crop up from time to time, but in general the 5/7/10 outline seems to work. The focus for everyone seems to be on the main sim, but there are a few side sims going as well. Shining star this month… GM Jason Lee. He’s cooked up a strange and very Star Trek sim for us and he’s done a lot of work to make it detailed as well as keeping up with replying.



Gamemaster: Jason Lee

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Sim Overview: Our story so far…

The USS Asimov was sent on a routine shakedown cruise. But since the shakedown cruise was done slightly prematurely, the shuttlecraft were left behind on the Starbase until they were ready to be sent out. The ship then encountered an unknown anomaly, hit by a plasma storm, and then crashed on an unknown planet on a mostly deserted island. As the ship crashed, a Ferengi ship helped the Asimov to have a softer landing.

At the time, Captain Natalie Greer (CO), Commander Zennneth Kaida (XO), Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy (2O), and Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Chief of Security) were sent out on this mission but due to the unknown effects of the anomaly, they have now been replaced by Captain Simon Starr (CO), Commander Sara Kiernan (XO), and Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security). Commander Jevek (2O) was assigned to the ship, but did not leave with the ship at the time of departure, and also due to the effects of the anomaly, Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy was never assigned to the Asimov.

The crew met with Mr. Zank, the Ferengi who helped them, but discovered that the anomaly had a temporal component, since Zank seemed to have been from a different time period than they were. He indicated he was stranded with his wife for months, and evidence towards that show that he has a small garden, and a very well lived in feeling. He did indicate he used most of his emergency power reserves on the tractor beam which saved the Asimov. Zank told the crew that this world was a fantasy like world but the races and beings here seemed quite alien, and diverse – someone like himself would not appear out of place, as he indicated, suggesting he may have been off the island once or twice at least. He did indicate no one has bothered to visit the island, and both his ship crash and their ship crash didn’t seem to warrant any investigation from the natives. Convinced by Commander Solit, Zank is currently more receptive in helping with no motivates other than to get off the planet with hopes of at least the Asimov tractoring his ship along for the ride.

Commander Jevek later arrived on the crew’s evening of day 3, but it has been at least a week or so since the Asimov was reported missing. Commander Jevek crashed into the planet much the same way the Asimov did, but without the benefit of a tractor beam, crashed further from the Asimov. The shuttlecraft he was in was totally destroyed, and the young ensign who was with him had died. Jevek informed Captain Starr that the USS Novak was now studying the anomaly and that due to interference from the anomaly, sensor readings were almost impossible. Probes sent to the anomaly were broken from the high gravitational stresses and so a shuttlecraft was attempted, with an active communication link to send the data back to the ship. Unfortunately, the shuttlecraft could not escape the gravitational pull of the anomaly, and tractoring the shuttlecraft also failed, resulting in the shuttle’s crash.

Update as of 2020/12/01:
Commander Jevek and Captain Starr were treated in Sickbay, and now are holding a staff meeting. Commander Kiernan returned with Lt. Lane and Security Officer Ensign Anderson since Lt. Lane was not feeling well. Commander Kiernan has joined the staff meeting along with the Chief Engineer, Chief of Security and Chief Science Officer. The Chief Medical Officer and a Science NE are still in town exploring a magic shop they’ve discovered. The crew is in process of collaborating all the information gathered so far.

Unknown to the crew, the Counselor assigned to the USS Asimov has been summoned via magic through a hero summoning spell to Capital City Adenatin in nation of United People’s Kingdom of Aragna on the world the Asimov has crashed on, on the evening on the third day. The nation’s capital was merely 50 kilometers from the Asimov’s crash site. The counselor has not yet attempted to contact the Asimov.


Engineering has been busy patching the ship’s systems were possible. The resulting plasma storm damaged most electrical systems, leaving only one working fusion generator and no possibility to start the warp core in a safe manner. Engineering has come up with several alternative power solutions, including solar panels, which are now powering sensors and the computer system. Communications is still down, but Engineering is now working around the interference from the island by switching to EM radio only rather than operating in the subspace bands. This work of modifying the communication badges has been slow, and only senior staff have benefitted from the comm-badge alteration. Chief Engineer MacMoragh wants to put a team together to see what parts they could use from Zank’s ship.

Engineering has completed the alterations of the comm-badges for the Command staff, Security and Medical. They are in the process of altering the comm-badges for their department and Science. The comm-badges were altered so that they are re-configurable to switch back to subspace frequencies and added a dual operation mode of operating in both EM and subspace. Operating in dual mode does consume more power, and is generally not recommended to leave the comm-badge in that mode for long periods of time. Tapping the badge once would make the badge work as normal (communication mode), tapping the badge twice in rapid succession would cause the comm-badge to switch modes, and cycle between EM, Subspace and Dual mode. The comm-badge would beep the mode it switched to: once for subspace, twice for EM frequencies and three times for dual mode.


Most of the crew has been healed, but Medical is trying to keep supplies handy and stretched out as best as possible. Triage was set up in one of the Cargo Bays, and now is being moved all back into Sickbay. Medical treated Commander Jevek and Captain Starr.


Security has been guarding the ship, and acting as communication runners since communications has been down. They have been assisting Medical with the injured.


Based on Zank’s detailed reports and through discovery, the Science department through its brilliant leadership of Commander Idari Solit, has discovered that the island is likely artificial, and that it was likely a large asteroid or something that crashed into the planet so long ago. Given the infrequency of the space objects, there is a hypothesis that anomaly is old, and that objects have crashed here over time, resulting the natives not bothering to investigate when something crashes. Commander Idari Solit managed to save the data before the computer wreaked, so scans of the planet, and the anomaly were taken. But without a computer to perform an analysis, an analysis of the data was not possible. That is, until now since Engineering has got the computers running once more.

Away Team:

The away team is in the town across the island, exploring. They have discovered a restaurant in a parallel Earth, and that the universe they were currently in was also a parallel universe. Presumably, they have been exploring the town of all of Day 3, and have not yet returned on Day 4. They found interesting information from the restaurant, and a possible source of food should the ship run low on food supplies. Three away team members returned. The Doctor and the NE are now exploring the magic shop.


Spotlight: Ben Simons
Nicholas Villarreal
Nathan Miller

FComm’s Comments: Fcomm: The Azzy is in a recovery period this last month and after some initial discussions with the command team we have been looking to at everything from the player engagement to the posting limits and pace of the ship. The roster has looked better this month with all DH posts filled and much more active and the sim progressing. There’s a recruitment plan in place and the ship is starting to turn the corner.

I have requested a discussion with the Personel department to look at the overall health of the ship and the improvementsthey made and from this we will set some new improvement goals going forward.

Kudos to Ben, Sam, Jason and the crew for their work on the ship improvement goals.

Target this month: The Azzy should now focus on continuing the sim momentum and get more recruitment underway to gets some JOs in each department.

SS Bonaventure

Commanding Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: 111 posts in Nov! We are actually doing much better since last month (91 posts). Having a steady crew and Command Staff, as well as an amazing new GM has made a huge difference.

Everyone seems to be engaged and AWOLs have dropped significantly. We have a long term LOA but it’s being handled (we are keeping in touch and such) lol

Spotlight: Definitely the GM! Rob has been amazing. He joined the ship as the new GM and was up and running in a matter of days. Thanks to him, we are back to becoming an award winning ship once more.

Vacancies: One more Marine will leave us with a 1/1 ratio of DH/JOs. I’m open to adding more JOs at this point but will strive to keep it as even keeled as possible (not looking to have 16 engineers and one nurse lol)

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: 1) How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
Overall they are doing okay. With the mission just starting things are a bit slow, but hopefully things will start speeding up soon, and everyone will be able to get more active.

2) Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims
Most of the crew is participating in side simms right now. With the simm just starting to get up to speed, the action is a bit concentrated right now. But everyone is managing to stay active.

3) Who is the shining star this month?
Ensign Elemirre Serinde - Gene Gibbs - For taking the initiative and jumping in and creating several new main simm threads to keep things interesting.



Gamemaster: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship: The Bonaventure is trapped in a system and region due to deep gravity wells which are emitting from a planet in the system had appeared out of nowhere and is in the throes of a nuclear world war with itself. The crew are gathering information on this strange culture and are preparing to head down to the planet shortly.

Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward? No one particular person stood out as a driver, everyone contributed equally I would say.


FComm’s Comments: Fcomm: The bonnie once again this month has worked hard on both the sim and the characters development inside sims. There’s a real buzz about the ship which is great to see and Mel, Steve and Rob are proving to be a good combination as a command team.

Great effort from everyone this month, thank you for your hard work guys!

Target for this month: The bonnie’s target is to continue improving it’s sim contributions as it has been and Keeping up this great momentum.

USS Leviathan

Commanding Officer: Sharon Miller

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: Captain’s Log - November

We have been besieged by the very definition of pure, unrelenting evil, the creature mocking us in the form of one of our own - Will Hampton. But while in truth, I knew Will to be a capricious misanthropist after my own black heart, still on occasion his humanity, his vulnerability, would shine through. Not so with this doppelganger stalking our ship, torturing indiscriminately and with nauseating relish! It taunts us. It teases us with hope, allowing us an exhale at the smallest of victories - the continuing explorations of Commander Raauhl’s away team, our successful reconstruction of the archaeological relic - then blasts them to dust at our feet. And with the sudden release from his temporal prison of our own Will Hampton, I am forced to consider the unbearable question - does he remain the cantankerous engineer of whom we have all grown so fond? Or has that man been bound into memory, usurped for eternity by this replicate abomination?

But the web of our troubles casts wider still and, in the labyrinth maze of our jefferies tube network, a dangerous battle drives on. Forced by mounting casualties into a desperate last stand, Manhattan’s RTF team are now all that remains between the anomaly known as Dave and, gods help us, his child, and the Leviathan’s complete and total destruction!
While on Delotha, my Counselor and dearest friend continues to be haunted by ghosts from the past, as her reconnaissance team uncover some troubling rumours - of an unknown and insidious force wreaking chaos against the innocent.

And as if our load was not substantial enough, ARU central command continue to send me a most curious selection of officers - a Bajoran harbouring an entire kit bag of secrets; a belligerent Tellarite (as if one was not enough for any ship) who managed to insult my entire security team within five minutes of his arrival; a clandestine security officer who has a concerning connection to my Counselor and, to top it all off, a blasted, money-grubbing Ferengi to lead my science department! At least the new lad for medical seems normal enough…for now!

It’s little wonder that I find such comfort in whiskey!


1) How is your ship looking overall?
November has been a great month for the Leviathan. We made a total of 535 posts, another slight increase on last month and definitely a figure to be proud of. We welcomed four new players onto the ship and also got another two back from extended LOA’s and I’ve achieved my aim of having at least one JO for every department (although I can still fit another in both security and medical). In terms of posting, our three main storylines are continuing at a healthy pace (Six Hours from Evil, Anomaly Breach and Trickster) and there have been some absolutely wonderful character development threads, including a joint RTF/SEC training exercise being run by our CoS, Surda; a face-off with an antique Breen vessel that triggered some serious trauma for the captain; and a hilarious introduction to our new Ferengi CSO, which saw him commandeer the captain’s own ready room to lay on a dinner for the command team and, in doing so, attempt to assert his dominance in the most entertaining way!

We’ve had a few AWOLS to contend with this month, as real life kept players away from the boards, but in every case we were kept up to date so were able to plan around them. Self-simming continues to work well for us, our three anomaly encounters all seeing some action this month and helping to ensure that every player onboard has something to do.

2) What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?
It’s always so difficult to choose just one moment or thread, because this is a ship packed to the rafters with amazingly talented writers. But this month I’m going with “Old Habits - New Adventures”, wherein two of my all-time favourite STF characters (played by Dave Shotton) arrived on the Leviathan and immediately crossed swords with the legendary force that is ‘Cobb’s Angels’ (Jennifer Ward, Leonora V and Cassa D).

3) Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.
With the holiday season approaching, we’re already planning our annual holiday thread to keep everyone entertained and will be delivering something quite special thanks to the wonderful imaginations of this crew (in particular Jay Luistro, who has made a fantastic suggestion for its setting).
Additionally, our static page remains unfinished due to me having a very busy month at work, but I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off over the holidays so hope to get it completed then.

Spotlight: I continue to be impressed and entertained by every single member of this crew, but this month two players deserve special recognition:

Brian Richards had the genius idea to fill our vacant CSO position with a Ferengi DaiMon, who bought his way into the ARU by funding several important missions. I have always loved Brian’s writing and his characters, but he has truly invented something unique and special with the arrogant, conniving, greedy yet somehow strangely endearing Lazol and I can not wait to see what trouble he gets us all into next!

William Deaton has proven himself an exceptional engineering poster, who can make treknobabble sound like poetry. But scratch beneath the surface of his cybernetically-enhanced engineer, Durheim, and there lies a twisted and deeply unsettling character whose slowburn reveal of creepy quirks and shockingly nonchalant perversions has kept me captivated through every single post!

Vacancies: Security JO’s
Science JO’s
(All of these roles allow the opportunity to also be a member of the Recovery Task Force or the Scientific Research Corps - please just ask me if you would like to know more)

Executive Officer: No report submitted - Excused (LOA - ARU unit real life rescue operatives have been dispatched)

Gamemaster: No report submitted - (Non existent, and imaginary people don’t submit reports…except pretty much all of the real star-fleet…but then…hang on I think I’m having a Kirk with computers level existential crisis…)

AFComm’s Comments: Fcomm: The Leviathan has had an exciting month in she continues to shine as a ship in the fleet and had her first review period which she passed with flying colours. Many thanks to Sharon, Jake and the rest of the crew who have been amazing to work with and really have encapsulated the true feeling of being a crew together. The story lines continue to engage the crew and are wonderfully fun to read.

Target or this month for the levi: To continue its momentum over the holidays

Good work and thank you everyone on the comand team and crew

USS Manhattan

Commanding Officer: James Sinclair

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: The Manhattan Senior staff is hosting the Graviens on board and trying to determine what, if anything, can be done to try and establish communications with their energy-based symbiote.

One side sim; Lt. Calloway is in the brig, and the potential spy is on board. The trap is set, the bait is on the hook… now to see how big of a fish we can land without sacrificing the bait.


Vacancies: JO’s in all Departments

Executive Officer: Steven Sigle

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: The Manhattan is posting within expectations of a ship of its crew size and posting limits. The main sim is moving along in sickbay where Rollo, Wynters, and Baht try to figure out Gravien physiology. A planet side way mission is beginning to see if the surface can unwrap some of the mysteries facing the crew. As side sims go we have a lot occurring. Max continues to search for Jasmine finding a clue to her whereabouts. Jack and Celina have woken up tied up below decks of a pirate ship. Cochrane and Zef are having a meeting after hours which we are not sure anyone will be privy to. The crew is also getting introduced to Blue who has been a hero or villain to Faye.

Spotlight: The crew in its entirety. While the crew collectively has experienced real-life situations which at times has led to LOA’s and sporadic AWOL’s, they also have pulled together to help out each other in these moments. Everyone has worked hard to move the sim along, covering for other writers when some members were tied up with life. I want to thank the crew for all their hard work. I know this time of the year is hard for a lot of people to find the time, so thank you all for the wonderful writing you do.

Vacancies: JOs

Gamemaster: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: Sim Overview: The Manhattan is around a world called Graven XII where the inhabitants and Starfleet are seeking greater diplomatic relations together. When they arrived there were several small ‘things’ that the different departments engaged in to seek to help out this people who had once had space flight but gave it up some 10,000 years before and who had sought to live an existence roughly like ours today, but with a lot of time to ‘refine’ the technology to being more efficient. By the end of the day the departments started to realize that the different ‘problems’ save one were to some degree connected.
Security had investigated unprecedented murders and the revelation of ‘blanks’ - persons who had but one soul
Medical had learned of a possible serial killer with murders happening at the full moons - of which Graven XII had three of, and that they were ‘two spirited beings’
Science had found a piece of a ship amongst an area of failed crops where radiation of a sort similar to a Romulan’s singularity drive was detected
Engineering was going to check on a geo-thermal plant failure where there was unexpected corrosion in the pipes when a vehicle accident injured those along and seriously injured the Gravenian chief engineer.
From there the action moved up to the Manhattan while Baht, a doctor, remained on the surface briefly before being ‘spooked’ by the presence of spirits. At sundown the Gravenians sleep until sunrise, and, apparently, that is when their ‘other spirit’ is free to roam. Seen by Rollo, the Counselor, she and others followed these spirits until she had an encounter with one where they touched, and where Rollo experienced a vision. Tov, the Gravenian engineer was treated aboard the Manhattan in a dramatic surgery as, they unfamiliar with Gravenian physiology, had to complete the surgery without Gravenian help as Hone, the doctor, fell asleep as that ‘time’ had come for them at sundown.
And so we come to the morning where those on board are waking and the day begins. Both Baht and Rollo have had experienced apocalyptic images from their spiritual encounters, the mystery of the piece of the ship is still waiting to be resolved, a murder was predicted at the full moon that night - will that have been fulfilled?
Morning has arrived and the Gravenians have awoken. As things shake out and away teams are preparing once more to explore things planned the previous day, the Captain and others are seeking specific information about the Gravenian ‘alter egos’ and their ‘apocalyptic’ fears possibly coming to a climax.

Spotlight: Alas I was on a LOA for the first part of the month and took another part of it to get back into the swing of things. My spotlight is the crew for their patience with me.

FComm’s Comments: The Manhattan has slowed slightly this month due to the holiday period but nothing in a concerning way. The sim is still engaging with most of the crew participating and the side sims and character development continue to be an excellent example of a writing and storytelling. Kudos to James, Steven and the rest of the crew for this.

Target for this month: The Manhattan’s target is to continue it’s sim engagement and fill some of it’s vacant JO positions.

USS Memorial

Commanding Officer: No report submitted - Excused (LOA - Will ask the Leviathan task force to rescue Kirt when they rescue Jake.)

Executive Officer: Jared Kurz

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: The Memorial has been dispatched to investigate a probe that has come from the Delta Quadrant. Not the usual cup of tea for our dreadnought, but a welcome diversion for our science department.

Spotlight: None

Vacancies: We could use junior officer’s in all roles!

Gamemaster: No report submitted - Excused (LOA - And rescue Linds too…im gunna need some petty cash…)

FComm’s Comments: A bit of a slow month for the Memorial with the holidays but still some good side sims and player engagement going on which is an improvement overall. There are some exciting things in the works on the memo which is exciting to see and some really interesting characters.

Target for next month: Thentarget for the memorial is to continue to improve itsmppayer engagement and fill any of its open JO positions.

A thanks to Kirt, Jared and the crew for their hard work.

FComm’s Overall Comments:

1)How are the fleet COs, XOs, and GMs doing?

Overall the command teams across the fleet are doing well. There has been some great improvements in communication between crews and command teams in places over this month with some ships really confidently into a settled groove which is allowing them to flourish and others now working hard to find themselves that groove. All command teams have been open to discussion and talking about things they wish to see improve or we could do better next time or try to keep in mond where issues have occured and that’s been good.

2) Is everyone active and participating, IC and OOC?

Overall across the fleet all of the command teams are working with their ships to maintain healthy rping environments. Where there are issues the crews have been working hard to improve and engagement seems to be up on almost all of the ships.

3)What ship is the shining star this month?

I really hate this question. As mentioned last month and in this months report the Bonnie has worked really hard over the last two terms to turn itself around and I tip my hat, or my Panda ears, to Mel and her crew for this diligence which is certainly paying off. The Levi, as we said above, passed her review and continues to impress.

Fleet Identity update:

My apologies in this one to the fleet and club in general as real life claimed me for parts of the past month and as a result much of what I had discussed in my report last month for us to work on is still the goal moving forward such as the fleet static pages.

looking at the feedback and thoughts from everyone who filled in our survey and one thing that has become apparent is that each ship does have a unique character and feel. While this may be more evident in some than on others I think that might be a good starting point for us to explore a bit further. My plan is to discuss this with the command teams moving forward and then create an action plan on how we can make this also partmkf our fleet wide identity (So be prepared for more annoying emails from me Foremost fleet folks sarcastic ”yay” stage left

Finally a huge well done and thanks to each ship and crew for their work this month. There have been slight issues on all ships with LOAs and AWOLs but also some great writing and playing going on which is honestly really fun to read and wonderful to see. If you are looking for a new ship to join I would (shameless plug) 100% recommend you check out any of Foremost’s finest.

November Monthly Fleet Awards

The boat that Rocks: USS Leviathan
Golden Gleeman: Jennifer Ward
Starship Troopers: Nathan Miller and Brian Richards
Dungeon Master: Robert Archer

The Continuing Adventures of the Mysterious Aquatic D!
Last time we found our hero hurtled through space at warp to what appeared to be an asteroid near Romulan space. On closer investigation our courageous Cetaceadiscovers that the region is not abandoned after all…infact a base comes into view and certainly not a Romulan one at that.

Careful of springing any traps the flippered figure dons his environmental suit and docks. The station appears to be federation alright but somehow abandoned…strange because there is no record of any such fleet or outpost this far out…the only obvious marking through the dust and grime is a small plaque that reads ”Qelcome to starbase 123…” A nonsense number obviously…

His sleuthing finding nothing else or anything helpful for that matter that would explain his mysterious journey there or a reason for it our hero makes his way back to his shuttle stopping only to search for material and tools to effect repairs and perhaps an answer to the mystery of where he is…

Will our hero find out what’s going on or where he is? Could his arrival there be due to the nearby black hole? And why does the base have trivvle markings in the dust but no tribbles in sight?! Stay tuned for the next installment of the continuing adventures of the Mysterious Aquatic D!!!

The November Foremost Fleet report, brought to you by the Letter L, as in Santa’s name has Noel…the colours Green and Gold and the great November/December bridge film ”The Miracle of 34th street” (The one with Santa before he goes back to his summer Job in Jurrassic park)

No Velociraptors or Fleet employees were harmed in the making of this report. I did spill coffee however

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