Starfleet Academy Report

January 2021

Starfleet Academy Report - December 2020

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer:

The Challenger is wrapping up its sim this month and heading into a quick graduation before getting started with our next sim. We had quite a few new members over the last month and we’re hoping they stick around. :) The senior staff has been great hanging in there over the holidays, even though posting rates did slow down a bit, and I’m looking forward to things picking back up again this month.

How are the DHs and JOs doing? Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?

As usual, the Challenger has a strong showing with its DHs who were active on the ship, including over the holidays.

Those cadets who have stuck around are active. A couple have gone on an LOA. We also have the usual no-shows in the Academy.

Activity was primarily centred on the main sim. Most cadets were focusing on check-in threads in December, without much in the way of side-simming.

Who is the shining star this month?

Callie L and Griffin Day both stood out in December.

In her second month on the ship, Callie is taking a lead as a Sickbay nurse, including showing initiative in some of the medical check-in threads.

Griffin took a major lead in the sim, and this month showed he could write very detailed posts with proper characterization for a Betazoid character.

Gamemaster: Geoff Joosten

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 9

Sim Overview: What a fantastic sim! It is essentially wrapped up so nothing really to say right now other than the crew discovered the baby ship was just a playful new sentient life form and the mother was very cross. I am going to take a week or so to draft a new sim which will hopefully start off around the 10th.

Otherwise everything looks good. Congratulations to the outgoing cadets!


FComm’s Comments: Having just taken over at the start of January I haven’t much to say for this report. The ship and crew are active and the cadets graduating have done a great job. Thank you for your work and dedication crew of the challenger.

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