The Foremost Fleet Report

February 2021

The Foremost Fleet Report - January 2021

USS Ark Angel

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: D Grisham

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: We haven’t progressed a lot in the last month as far as plot, but the crew are trying to take inventory of what is on board so we know what we have to work with in the coming months? years? of travel. Since Q flung the AA into a separate galaxy than the Milky Way, it is doubtful the men and woman on the ship will ever see their homes and families again…unless Q pops in again and returns us to our own solar system.

During this trying time, there is a lot of character development going on and for someone new to the AA (like me) it is helpful in getting to know everyone. It is a populated galaxy so I believe we will be making contact with new life forms.

Spotlight: Jason Wolfe has the spotlight this month. His character, Caelian Weir, is written really well and is very 3-dimensional. He plays an engineer so believably, its hard to consider that he might not be one in real life.


Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: CO on LOA and excused from reports this month. CO is GM so no report there, either. Ship is doing all right as they try and find their footing so far from home.

USS Asimov

Commanding Officer: Ben Simons

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: The ship has been a bit quiet this month with things slowly moving forward. Overall the ship is moving forward, however recruitment is still needing to be worked on. A couple of AWOLs this month, but things have definitely improved on that regard since coming in as CO. Right now the crew is a bit split up, so it will be nice to get everyone together so that things can move forward.

Spotlight: This months post of the month goes to Ensign Finnegan on his creative problem solving to help keep the sim moving at

The player spotlight this month goes to our CNS for being thrown into the deep end on the sim and swimming strong - good job Cale.

Vacancies: All JO Positions

Executive Officer: Sam Pennington

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: 1. How are the DHs and JOs doing?
People seem to be posting fairly regularly, though things could stand a boost.

  1. Is everyone active and participating both in the main sim and in side sims?
    The ship always tends more to one than the other, often leaning towards the main sim.

  2. Who is the shining star?
    We have a relatively new crew member in Nathan Miller, who’s doing a great job as our new Engineer.



Gamemaster: Jason Lee

Crew Posting Level: 2
Senior Staff Posting Level: 2
Overall Ship Health: 2

Sim Overview: Our story so far…

Starting sim post:

The USS Asimov was sent on a routine shakedown cruise. But since the shakedown cruise was done slightly prematurely, the shuttlecraft were left behind on the Starbase until they were ready to be sent out. The ship then encountered an unknown anomaly, hit by a plasma storm, and then crashed on an unknown planet on a mostly deserted island. As the ship crashed, a Ferengi ship helped the Asimov to have a softer landing.

At the time, Captain Natalie Greer (CO), Commander Zennneth Kaida (XO), Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy (2O), and Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Chief of Security) were sent out on this mission but due to the unknown effects of the anomaly, they have now been replaced by Captain Simon Starr (CO), Commander Sara Kiernan (XO), and Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security). Commander Jevek (2O) was assigned to the ship, but did not leave with the ship at the time of departure, and also due to the effects of the anomaly, Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy was never assigned to the Asimov.

The crew met with Mr. Zank, the Ferengi who helped them, but discovered that the anomaly had a temporal component, since Zank seemed to have been from a different time period than they were. He indicated he was stranded with his wife for months, and evidence towards that show that he has a small garden, and a very well lived in feeling. He did indicate he used most of his emergency power reserves on the tractor beam which saved the Asimov. Zank told the crew that this world was a fantasy like world but the races and beings here seemed quite alien, and diverse – someone like himself would not appear out of place, as he indicated, suggesting he may have been off the island once or twice at least. He did indicate no one has bothered to visit the island, and both his ship crash and their ship crash didn’t seem to warrant any investigation from the natives. Convinced by Commander Solit, Zank is currently more receptive in helping with no motivates other than to get off the planet with hopes of at least the Asimov tractoring his ship along for the ride.

Commander Jevek later arrived on the crew’s evening of day 3, but it has been at least a week or so since the Asimov was reported missing. Commander Jevek crashed into the planet much the same way the Asimov did, but without the benefit of a tractor beam, crashed further from the Asimov. The shuttlecraft he was in was totally destroyed, and the young ensign who was with him had died. Jevek informed Captain Starr that the USS Novak was now studying the anomaly and that due to interference from the anomaly, sensor readings were almost impossible. Probes sent to the anomaly were broken from the high gravitational stresses and so a shuttlecraft was attempted, with an active communication link to send the data back to the ship. Unfortunately, the shuttlecraft could not escape the gravitational pull of the anomaly, and tractoring the shuttlecraft also failed, resulting in the shuttle’s crash.

Update as of 2020/12/01:
Commander Jevek and Captain Starr were treated in Sickbay, and now are holding a staff meeting. Commander Kiernan returned with Lt. Lane and Security Officer Ensign Anderson since Lt. Lane was not feeling well. Commander Kiernan has joined the staff meeting along with the Chief Engineer, Chief of Security and Chief Science Officer. The Chief Medical Officer and a Science NE are still in town exploring a magic shop they’ve discovered. The crew is in process of collaborating all the information gathered so far.

Unknown to the crew, the Counselor assigned to the USS Asimov has been summoned via magic through a hero summoning spell to Capital City Adenatin in nation of United People’s Kingdom of Aragna on the world the Asimov has crashed on, on the evening on the third day. The nation’s capital was merely 50 kilometers from the Asimov’s crash site. The counselor has not yet attempted to contact the Asimov.


Engineering has been busy patching the ship’s systems were possible. The resulting plasma storm damaged most electrical systems, leaving only one working fusion generator and no possibility to start the warp core in a safe manner. Engineering has come up with several alternative power solutions, including solar panels, which are now powering sensors and the computer system. Communications is still down, but Engineering is now working around the interference from the island by switching to EM radio only rather than operating in the subspace bands. This work of modifying the communication badges has been slow, and only senior staff have benefitted from the comm-badge alteration. Chief Engineer MacMoragh wants to put a team together to see what parts they could use from Zank’s ship.

Engineering has completed the alterations of the comm-badges for the Command staff, Security and Medical. They are in the process of altering the comm-badges for their department and Science. The comm-badges were altered so that they are re-configurable to switch back to subspace frequencies and added a dual operation mode of operating in both EM and subspace. Operating in dual mode does consume more power, and is generally not recommended to leave the comm-badge in that mode for long periods of time. Tapping the badge once would make the badge work as normal (communication mode), tapping the badge twice in rapid succession would cause the comm-badge to switch modes, and cycle between EM, Subspace and Dual mode. The comm-badge would beep the mode it switched to: once for subspace, twice for EM frequencies and three times for dual mode.


Most of the crew has been healed, but Medical is trying to keep supplies handy and stretched out as best as possible. Triage was set up in one of the Cargo Bays, and now is being moved all back into Sickbay. Medical treated Commander Jevek and Captain Starr.


Security has been guarding the ship, and acting as communication runners since communications has been down. They have been assisting Medical with the injured.


Based on Zank’s detailed reports and through discovery, the Science department through its brilliant leadership of Commander Idari Solit, has discovered that the island is likely artificial, and that it was likely a large asteroid or something that crashed into the planet so long ago. Given the infrequency of the space objects, there is a hypothesis that anomaly is old, and that objects have crashed here over time, resulting the natives not bothering to investigate when something crashes. Commander Idari Solit managed to save the data before the computer wreaked, so scans of the planet, and the anomaly were taken. But without a computer to perform an analysis, an analysis of the data was not possible. That is, until now since Engineering has got the computers running once more.

Away Team:

The away team is in the town across the island, exploring. They have discovered a restaurant in a parallel Earth, and that the universe they were currently in was also a parallel universe. Presumably, they have been exploring the town of all of Day 3, and have not yet returned on Day 4. They found interesting information from the restaurant, and a possible source of food should the ship run low on food supplies. Three away team members returned. The Doctor and the NE are now exploring the magic shop.

Update 2020/02/08:

On the fourth day that the Asimov had crashed on the planet, a senior staff meeting was held.. Commander Kiernan joined the senior staff meeting upon returning. Commander Kiernan reported their findings about the restaurant in a parallel universe Earth and information about the town.

The CMO and the NE who were the two remaining members of the Away Team have returned from exploring the magic shop in town. There, they discovered that magic or whatever the locals called magic was real, at least to the locals. They also discovered and confirmed that currency is in use in the local town, and that the shop is willing to buy a specific herb in lieu of currency. The shopkeeper gave them a free map of the town that seemed holographic, but was uniquely on a piece of paper parchment. In addition, the candles used by the shopkeep had a strong smell to them.

Ensign Finnegan had his own grand adventure and was caught up to the current timeline. He had been lucky to be barely injured in the crash, being that he was asleep at the time of the crash. He eventually helped out with ships repairs, getting the solar panel electric system in place, and is now fixing the remaining communicators that will operate either in EM band mode, subspace mode or dual mode. Dual mode would eat a lot of power, one thing that the Asimov still does not have abundance of, so crewmembers are advised to stay in one mode or the other. But subspace communications still does not work on the ship, and EM band communicators seem to only work on a single deck so far. Finnegan is now proposing to build a steam powered turbine.

Meanwhile, the supposedly assigned CNS to the Asimov was summoned to the same world the Asimov crashed on. A summoning ritual that summoned a hero randomly picked her to appear in this world. She is still trying to figure out the situation, and is very much confused. She was summoned to the Capital City Adenatin in the nation of United People’s Kingdom of Aragna. 6 wizards representing different elements: light, wind, water, dark, earth and fire, had been used in the summoning ritual which lasted many days. Counselor Avlyn was then met by a very handsome Beastman prince named Prince Alstor Aragna, who had cat-like appearances, and a very handsome princess named Princess Selna Ellistoria, who was very human in appearance. She has been told that she’s been granted special abilities by the spell but has yet to explore using them, being very disoriented still.


Spotlight: Nathan Miller

FComm’s Comments: Gm working with several DHs to try and pick momentum back up in the SIM. Hoping next month to be back on even keel.

SS Bonaventure

Commanding Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: We’re doing pretty well and the sim is moving along great.

Spotlight: Our GM for keeping us going and my XO for holding the helm while my personal life kicks me every other week.

Vacancies: One Marine will fill the 1/1 DH/JO percentile. So we are doing really well there.

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
Everyone is doing well this month. Things are picking up as we’ve landed on the planet and people have things to do now. So we aren’t all waiting to entertain ourselves.

Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?
There isn’t any side simms going right now, everyone is concentrating on the main simm. But everyone is making an effort to post.



Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Working pretty well together. Still early in the Sim but everyone’s on the planet in one of two away teams. GM doing great to involve literally everyone.

USS Leviathan

Commanding Officer: Sharon Miller

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: Consultant Researcher’s Log - January

Can a soul become a magnet for chaos? Sanctuary and security continuously repelled by its inimical polarity, while nightmares and torments in their scores are drawn as moths to the proverbial flame? I had believed myself finally free from the chilling shackles of the Viking, but still the disparate refugees of that accursed voyage continue to crash across my bow - GLaDOS, McHarrie, Luna, Cerenity, Gruv. And Akirel Ros - all have resurfaced at some time or other on the decks of the USS Leviathan.

In another life, or so it now seems, I had served as their captain. And while I remain eternally their friend, still I find their collective presence invoking within me an alarming and terrifying thought - if these individuals have been successful in escaping the darkened corridors of the Viking, then what manner of Gre’thorian horrors might have escaped along with them?

And alas, already I find this fear taking form, with the interception of a top secret communication between two men who have long served as a d’k tahg in my side - the rogue known as Matthew ‘Junior’ Grimshaw and my one-time advisor, James McHarrie. With the help of James’s nephew, John, we have begun to decrypt the message, but it has made for harrowing reading - a creature now barely remembered, set free to wreak havoc on those who would dare to forget. And at the helm, an organisation whose might and whose cruelty could crush the Leviathan in a single stroke and possibly even rival the power of the ARU itself!

But for now the other crewmembers remain oblivious to this encroaching danger, although they appear to face no struggle finding calamities of their own. On the ‘other’ Leviathan, the Hampton doppelganger continues to outwit both our Captain and the Commander’s away team and the apocalyptic hourglass runs dry. But while the tools and resources of the ARU are almost unmatched in both power and ingenuity, it seems that our final hope lies not in impressive technology but in the clenched fists of an anomalous, and angry, teenage girl.
Meanwhile reports from the Counselor’s Delothan mission tell of encouraging progress by the intelligence team, as they battle to identify the mysterious trickster while shielding the orphans from further harm.

On a more cheery note and in an effort to improve ship morale, I have begun the task of restoring one of the more delightful relics from the USS Viking - the legendary battle arena, The Thunderdome! And already it appears as if my efforts will be completed not a single moment too soon, as Commander Raauhl and DaiMon Lazol engage in a battle of words and of wit that even I dare not raise bets for a likely victor on!

And as if all of that was not activity enough, this month also brought an unnerving discovery - we had believed it to be mere myth, the stuff of childish legend. But after several sightings along dark and dusty corridors, we have been forced to accept the reality of the most ghastly and terrifying anomaly of them all. The Pants Spider!

I implore Captain Cobb to keep the bloodwine well stocked, and for the rest of you I offer this simple blessing - reH HIvje’lIjDaq ‘Iwghargh Datu’jaj.


1) How is your ship looking overall?

I had been prepared for a post-holiday slump in January, but there is no keeping this crew down! So despite personal issues reducing my own activity more than I would have liked, the other players rallied round and achieved yet another increase on our previous count with a fantastic 628 posts!

We have seen good progress in all three of our current anomaly encounters, with ‘Six Hours From Evil’ entering into an absolutely nail-biting finale, ‘The Galactic Doughnut’ finding its stride and offering up some brain-twisting chaos, and ‘Trickster’ rewarding the players efforts with some new information on the lives of the Delothan orphans.

Meanwhile, back on the ship our XO, Jake, has been keeping the DH’s on their toes with a round of in-character performance reviews that have not only provided an opportunity for some fantastic writing and character development, but are also allowing the crew both an IC and OOC opportunity to shape their departments for the future and add their own touches to this most unconventional of ships.

In terms of the roster, we added another scientist this month with returning club member Ffion Grace, who has hit the ground running with not one, but two fantastic characters. We are currently full in all of our departments but are always open to suggestions for interesting swings. Please contact myself or Jake if you would like to join what is, in my own, slightly biased opinion, the best and most talented crew in the entire club!

2) What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?

I’ve long considered Jim Watkin to be one of the most creative writers at STF and the events he’s unfolding in this thread have been no exception. Top secret messages, section 31 intrigue, Reman imps, this tale has it all and has been an absolute delight to both read and to participate in!

Christina Crafford’s tormented child, Cerenity, continues to bring out the darker sides of the Leviathan’s crew and a conversation between the child’s mother, Luna, and our cybernetic engineer, Durheim, on the subject of nightmares has delivered some wonderfully creative chatter on anomalies.

3) Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.

With our main anomaly encounter in its closing stages, myself and Jake are beginning to discuss ideas and options for future encounters, although for the next month or so we plan to make room for some IC downtime and the kind of intense character development that this crew does so amazingly well!

Other than that, I continue to plug away at the Levi’s static page, although have taken a small break to work on the new Academy MOTD’s. But for the most part, the Levi is a ship that these days almost runs itself. Most of the crew remain well within their AWOL limits and communication with those who need a little extra time remains good. Every single member of the team is an accomplished writer and RPer with no problems finding, or creating, interesting and exciting places to post. And in general the self-simming model continues to serve us well with options aplenty to choose from for anyone looking for a thread. On the whole, the ship continues to go from strength to strength. So really, our plans for the next month, and indeed the next year, are simply to continue doing what we’re doing and look forwards to our next quarterly review.

Spotlight: Christina Crafford has spent January exploring the ship with her security officer, Luna, and Luna’s creepy yet endearing daughter, Cerenity. Through several different threads she has offered various scenarios for the other players to interact with her unique characters, all with that darker touch that she does so well. And I have enjoyed reading, or participating in, every single one of them!

Leonora V joined the Leviathan as a security JO and before her first month was even over she had been promoted to Security Chief. And since then she has continued to impress me with a brilliantly-written, fascinating and somewhat mischievous character and an approach to roleplaying that has seen her rise to every single challenge we have thrown at her so far. From running the Leviathan’s first ever ‘laser tag’ session, to creating an intriguing new anomaly in the form of game-playing plant ‘Carroll’, I enjoy every single post that she writes and can not wait to read more!

Vacancies: Officially none at this time, although I am always open to ideas for interesting swings.

Executive Officer: J Ridgley

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: “Community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter”

The USS Leviathan has performed admirably in this first month of the new year, meeting its average post count from the previous year of 628 individual posts being made in January. Coming off the back of a difficult year for many its a huge delight that so many of our writers continue to do so with such commitment and enthusiasm, sometimes it can take some time for a ship to recover from the festive break but I dont think that this ship paused for one moment. The crew’s continued stories marshalled by their content creator forever taking us through a puzzling maze of suspense, horror, happiness and shock (and honestly just about every other emotion you can put to pen.

The ship has grown again with a new member in the form of Ffion Grace, once against increasing our ranks. We currently stand at an individual crew count of 18 players and a total of 23 rostered characters.

Of course like any ship, we do have some AWOLS which we stand at a current total of 2, but these are being monitored and assessed by the command team on a case by case period. At the time of writing, there are no LOAs or issues to report.

Spotlight: Our top two posters this month go to Ensign Luna with a total of 168 posts and Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er with 135. Both writers are exceptionally skilled in thier creativity and their willingness to jump into any story.

Jennifer who writes as Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er, Master Chief Petty Officer Irida Kovacenkov, Lieutenant Ilena Keelara Rox and co-writes the leviathans Keeshond Artificial Intelligence - 9th Generation (KAI-9) Unit Fenrir alongside myself. Among all these characters Jennifer has been directing her mission LS-Trickster. A continued force of nature Jennifer is by far one of our most talented and committed crew members.

Out of Character, it would be rude not to mention Sharron Millers ‘Line of the night’ which keeps us all very much entertained and looking forward to seeing what outrages comments and conversation have been had. Sharon is the foundation of the Leviathan and steers us in the right direction.

The character I would like to spotlight this month is coming from out top contributor Christina Crafford Who plays Ens Luna and her Daughter Cerentiy. Cerenity has been a whirlwind of fun and enjoyment to both interact with and to read on a daily basis, she is a young scarily intelligent girl who will hopefully one day be seen in Starfleet uniform.

Some honourable mentioned before I finish up, William Hampton has been written by Samual Stroud and has had probably the most fun in the last month (even getting to shoot and temporarily kill the XO thanks to one of our anomalies going astray. He has both been a major player and writer in captivating the mission plot of ‘The Hampton Orb’ and I look forward to its resolution!

Vacancies: We currently have no main role vacancies but as ever encourage anyone with an interest to reach out so we can discuss swing roles! The ships is a creativity hot spot and we enjoy any and all ideas!

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Impressed with performance of Levi since joining main Fleet. They are doing well and look forward to more sims involving other planets, races and perhaps cross overs to other fleet ships.

USS Manhattan

Commanding Officer: James Sinclair

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: The ship is in orbit around Graven, although something has been trying to pull the Manhattan down to the surface. The location of impact would be a spot where the wreckage of an ancient vessel has been found. Coincidence? Doubtful. That, coupled with an unknown life form on the bridge talking about the end of all things, means the crew of the Manhattan have their hands full.

Spotlight: J. Ridgley as CoS Luke Wyatt. The character has developed immensely over the past month, coming to terms with his new role and what responsibilities that entails.

Vacancies: JO’s - All departments

Executive Officer: Steven Sigle

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: The Manhattan’s crew is posting within limits for a ship of its size and speed. While the crew’s posting limits may wobble a bit from time to time they do keep the other players up to date along with the command staff as to what is going on. This helps everything move forward even if a bit slower from time to time. The main sim is jumping with threads involving away teams to the surface again exploring caves and a stand off in medical over waking up the sleeping Graviens for answers. Faye’s name has finally been cleared with the bad guys being taken away by Fedsec. Jack and Celina are battling pirates that suddenly appear to have names like Bob, Fred, and Sam instead of Cutthroat Magee and Peg leg Pete. Max is finally closing in on Jasmine’s location and the secrets Mundai holds. The Arboretum is coming together with Faye leading the way in planting and designing the new space.

Spotlight: This spotlight is a small scene, but one I felt highlighted the character of Jasmine the ship’s CMO. She isn’t one to go against her convictions, and her fight with the Captain on reviving a patient was both humorous and insightful in how the CMO works. Looking forward to being able to write at the XO and “force” her to do her job.

Vacancies: All JOs

Gamemaster: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: Previously in reports …
The Manhattan is around a world called Graven XII where the inhabitants and Starfleet are seeking greater diplomatic relations together. When they arrived there were several small ‘things’ that the different departments engaged in to seek to help out this people who had once had space flight but gave it up some 10,000 years before and who had sought to live an existence roughly like ours today, but with a lot of time to ‘refine’ the technology to being more efficient. By the end of the day the departments started to realize that the different ‘problems’ save one were to some degree connected.
Security had investigated unprecedented murders and the revelation of ‘blanks’ - persons who had but one soul
Medical had learned of a possible serial killer with murders happening at the full moons - of which Graven XII had three of, and that they were ‘two spirited beings’
Science had found a piece of a ship amongst an area of failed crops where radiation of a sort similar to a Romulan’s singularity drive was detected
Engineering was going to check on a geo-thermal plant failure where there was unexpected corrosion in the pipes when a vehicle accident injured those along and seriously injured the Gravenian chief engineer.

From there the action moved up to the Manhattan while Baht, a doctor, remained on the surface briefly before being ‘spooked’ by the presence of spirits. At sundown the Gravenians sleep until sunrise, and, apparently, that is when their ‘other spirit’ is free to roam. Seen by Rollo, the Counselor, she and others followed these spirits until she had an encounter with one where they touched, and where Rollo experienced a vision. Tov, the Gravenian engineer was treated aboard the Manhattan in a dramatic surgery as, they unfamiliar with Gravenian physiology, had to complete the surgery without Gravenian help as Hone, the doctor, fell asleep as that ‘time’ had come for them at sundown.

Recently …
Morning has arrived where those on board are waking and the day begins. Both Baht and Rollo have had experienced apocalyptic images from their spiritual encounters, the mystery of the piece of the ship is still waiting to be resolved, a murder was predicted at the full moon that night though this has not been reported as yet. Over breakfast the Captain and crew discussed with Second Minister Maree about what happened. Unfortunately she was unable to shed much light on things; ancient history and old prophecies for them is over 10,000 years old and mostly forgotten. However, a Gravenian child had appeared on the bridge as the ship was again being drawn toward the planet requiring course changes. She, Dia, would only speak with the ‘seer’ implying the counselor. Dia, as it turned out was the daughter of Maree who had died in childhood. Dia, in an interchange, was suggesting that none of this happening was not expected but, unfortunately, forgotten. The one on board, Engineer Tov, a Gravenian who was injured in the vehicle accident and still in sickbay, who might shed more light on this is now being revived to be questioned.

The science away team has beamed down to the crop land to do more study of the area and why the crops are dead there. It was also the epicenter of the pull that was on the Manhattan drawing it to the planet. Pattern enhancers showed what was evidently a crashed ship in pieces buried under the ground. The energy that was emanating was showing a similarity to that of previous encounters with the Metrons. The team had scanned the region and found a cave complex leading in the direction of the ship.

Spotlight: James, certainly, being the Capt has been instrumental in pushing things along and helping me out. The away team with Linds and Silke are awesome in their work of scientists on the world trying to puzzle out the mystery - and putting on their Indiana Jones hats!

FComm’s Comments: Sim is going well and side sims are intriguing. Looking forward to seeing how the Sim unfolds with the new developments. Ship is posting well.

USS Memorial

Commanding Officer: Kirt Gartner

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: We are investigating a weird object that has come to the Alpha quadrant from the Delta quadrant Tralla is about to Hail Event horizon base and see if they can figure out what trajectery it had been on before entering the wormhole maybe the Memorial will take a trip to the Delta Quadrent


Vacancies: Working on figureing out where we are at

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Lindsay Bayes

Crew Posting Level: 3
Senior Staff Posting Level: 3
Overall Ship Health: 3

Sim Overview: The sphere the crew has brought onto the ship is made up of an outer sphere two metres in diameter, with an inner sphere on metre in diameter. As they investigate it more deeply, they’ve discovered grooves along the inner sphere and detected organic matter inside.

We’ve not made much progress but hopefully soon we’ll get to the end of Act I and more of the crew will be able to get involved.


FComm’s Comments: Working on pushing Sim along. Things are progressing well. Hoping to pick up in Feb.

Fleet Awards this month

DUNGEON MASTER - Robert “Roach” Archer for a sim on the Bonnie that includes EVERYONE from the start

STARSHIP TROOPER - Leviathan’s Deaton and Grace who continue to rock the ship with their presence

GLEAMAN - Jason Wolfe of the Ark Angel who is writing to a depth that makes everyone know him more and more as the new guy.

BOAT THAT ROCKS - Asimov for an incredible Star Trek/D&D seeming cross story

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