The Foremost Fleet Report

March 2021

The Foremost Fleet Report - February 2021

USS Ark Angel

Commanding Officer: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: I need an XO, only got a single applicant in the time period put up so apps are still open for that for another week!

Crew and ship health wise things are going mostly well, our CNS returned and is getting caught up, and the sim is slowly but surely moving forward with clues being found out by the crew. No other major problems to report.

Spotlight: To be honest I want to spotlight the whole ship this month, given my slower then usual posting due to life they kept up lovely.

Vacancies: I need an XO!

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: I need an XO, only got a single applicant in the time period put up so apps are still open for that for another week!

Crew and ship health wise things are going mostly well, our CNS returned and is getting caught up, and the sim is slowly but surely moving forward with clues being found out by the crew. No other major problems to report.

Also that CO on the ship is a slow poster boo on him! Though I hear he is quite handsome!


FComm’s Comments: Self sim ship, no XO… bit of a problem, but I can see this being resolved soon. I have faith in the CO and in the crew to keep the ship going.
Working with Archer to get the vacancy filled and keep the ship up and running.

USS Asimov

Commanding Officer: Ben Simons

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: This month has been a relatively healthy month, apart from one department head down that I look to start recruiting for on the weekend. This month we have been very busy on the ship, thanks to our department with Ensign Finnegan. I’ll also be looking to recruit more JOs over the next month once the DH position is filled again. We’ve become much more active over the this month compared to previous months and things are starting to look up for the crew of the Asimov, even if we are still looking up at the sky we wish to return to.

Spotlight: For this month, there are so many good posts of the month to choose from, but the interaction in our Engineering department has really been enjoyable to see develop. Finnagen has been a great addition to the crew, and between him and Si’rek - I’m giving their entire survey thread post of the month this month. The thread starts at but that’s just the beginning of a great thread developing into an enjoyable read.

As for the spotlight I’ve got to give it to Jason for really picking the ball up this month and keeping up with the increased activity.

Vacancies: CNS, all Junior Officer positions.

Executive Officer: Sam Pennington

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: 1. How are the DHs and JOs doing?
I think people are doing pretty well for the most part.

  1. Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?
    People are active. The present focus is, I believe, on the main sim. As is often desirable. Side sims haven’t been starting and staying active too often.

  2. Who is the shining star this month?
    James Sinclair as CE Si’rek



Gamemaster: Jason Lee

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: Our story so far…

Starting sim post:

The USS Asimov was sent on a routine shakedown cruise. But since the shakedown cruise was done slightly prematurely, the shuttlecraft were left behind on the Starbase until they were ready to be sent out. The ship then encountered an unknown anomaly, hit by a plasma storm, and then crashed on an unknown planet on a mostly deserted island. As the ship crashed, a Ferengi ship helped the Asimov to have a softer landing.

At the time, Captain Natalie Greer (CO), Commander Zennneth Kaida (XO), Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy (2O), and Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Chief of Security) were sent out on this mission but due to the unknown effects of the anomaly, they have now been replaced by Captain Simon Starr (CO), Commander Sara Kiernan (XO), and Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security). Commander Jevek (2O) was assigned to the ship, but did not leave with the ship at the time of departure, and also due to the effects of the anomaly, Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy was never assigned to the Asimov.

The crew met with Mr. Zank, the Ferengi who helped them, but discovered that the anomaly had a temporal component, since Zank seemed to have been from a different time period than they were. He indicated he was stranded with his wife for months, and evidence towards that show that he has a small garden, and a very well lived in feeling. He did indicate he used most of his emergency power reserves on the tractor beam which saved the Asimov. Zank told the crew that this world was a fantasy like world but the races and beings here seemed quite alien, and diverse – someone like himself would not appear out of place, as he indicated, suggesting he may have been off the island once or twice at least. He did indicate no one has bothered to visit the island, and both his ship crash and their ship crash didn’t seem to warrant any investigation from the natives. Convinced by Commander Solit, Zank is currently more receptive in helping with no motivates other than to get off the planet with hopes of at least the Asimov tractoring his ship along for the ride.

Commander Jevek later arrived on the crew’s evening of day 3, but it has been at least a week or so since the Asimov was reported missing. Commander Jevek crashed into the planet much the same way the Asimov did, but without the benefit of a tractor beam, crashed further from the Asimov. The shuttlecraft he was in was totally destroyed, and the young ensign who was with him had died. Jevek informed Captain Starr that the USS Novak was now studying the anomaly and that due to interference from the anomaly, sensor readings were almost impossible. Probes sent to the anomaly were broken from the high gravitational stresses and so a shuttlecraft was attempted, with an active communication link to send the data back to the ship. Unfortunately, the shuttlecraft could not escape the gravitational pull of the anomaly, and tractoring the shuttlecraft also failed, resulting in the shuttle’s crash.

Update as of 2020/12/01:
Commander Jevek and Captain Starr were treated in Sickbay, and now are holding a staff meeting. Commander Kiernan returned with Lt. Lane and Security Officer Ensign Anderson since Lt. Lane was not feeling well. Commander Kiernan has joined the staff meeting along with the Chief Engineer, Chief of Security and Chief Science Officer. The Chief Medical Officer and a Science NE are still in town exploring a magic shop they’ve discovered. The crew is in process of collaborating all the information gathered so far.

Unknown to the crew, the Counselor assigned to the USS Asimov has been summoned via magic through a hero summoning spell to Capital City Adenatin in nation of United People’s Kingdom of Aragna on the world the Asimov has crashed on, on the evening on the third day. The nation’s capital was merely 50 kilometers from the Asimov’s crash site. The counselor has not yet attempted to contact the Asimov.


Engineering has been busy patching the ship’s systems were possible. The resulting plasma storm damaged most electrical systems, leaving only one working fusion generator and no possibility to start the warp core in a safe manner. Engineering has come up with several alternative power solutions, including solar panels, which are now powering sensors and the computer system. Communications is still down, but Engineering is now working around the interference from the island by switching to EM radio only rather than operating in the subspace bands. This work of modifying the communication badges has been slow, and only senior staff have benefitted from the comm-badge alteration. Chief Engineer MacMoragh wants to put a team together to see what parts they could use from Zank’s ship.

Engineering has completed the alterations of the comm-badges for the Command staff, Security and Medical. They are in the process of altering the comm-badges for their department and Science. The comm-badges were altered so that they are re-configurable to switch back to subspace frequencies and added a dual operation mode of operating in both EM and subspace. Operating in dual mode does consume more power, and is generally not recommended to leave the comm-badge in that mode for long periods of time. Tapping the badge once would make the badge work as normal (communication mode), tapping the badge twice in rapid succession would cause the comm-badge to switch modes, and cycle between EM, Subspace and Dual mode. The comm-badge would beep the mode it switched to: once for subspace, twice for EM frequencies and three times for dual mode.


Most of the crew has been healed, but Medical is trying to keep supplies handy and stretched out as best as possible. Triage was set up in one of the Cargo Bays, and now is being moved all back into Sickbay. Medical treated Commander Jevek and Captain Starr.


Security has been guarding the ship, and acting as communication runners since communications has been down. They have been assisting Medical with the injured.


Based on Zank’s detailed reports and through discovery, the Science department through its brilliant leadership of Commander Idari Solit, has discovered that the island is likely artificial, and that it was likely a large asteroid or something that crashed into the planet so long ago. Given the infrequency of the space objects, there is a hypothesis that anomaly is old, and that objects have crashed here over time, resulting the natives not bothering to investigate when something crashes. Commander Idari Solit managed to save the data before the computer wreaked, so scans of the planet, and the anomaly were taken. But without a computer to perform an analysis, an analysis of the data was not possible. That is, until now since Engineering has got the computers running once more.

Away Team:

The away team is in the town across the island, exploring. They have discovered a restaurant in a parallel Earth, and that the universe they were currently in was also a parallel universe. Presumably, they have been exploring the town of all of Day 3, and have not yet returned on Day 4. They found interesting information from the restaurant, and a possible source of food should the ship run low on food supplies. Three away team members returned. The Doctor and the NE are now exploring the magic shop.

Update 2020/02/08:

On the fourth day that the Asimov had crashed on the planet, a senior staff meeting was held.. Commander Kiernan joined the senior staff meeting upon returning. Commander Kiernan reported their findings about the restaurant in a parallel universe Earth and information about the town.

The CMO and the NE who were the two remaining members of the Away Team have returned from exploring the magic shop in town. There, they discovered that magic or whatever the locals called magic was real, at least to the locals. They also discovered and confirmed that currency is in use in the local town, and that the shop is willing to buy a specific herb in lieu of currency. The shopkeeper gave them a free map of the town that seemed holographic, but was uniquely on a piece of paper parchment. In addition, the candles used by the shopkeep had a strong smell to them.

Ensign Finnegan had his own grand adventure and was caught up to the current timeline. He had been lucky to be barely injured in the crash, being that he was asleep at the time of the crash. He eventually helped out with ships repairs, getting the solar panel electric system in place, and is now fixing the remaining communicators that will operate either in EM band mode, subspace mode or dual mode. Dual mode would eat a lot of power, one thing that the Asimov still does not have abundance of, so crewmembers are advised to stay in one mode or the other. But subspace communications still does not work on the ship, and EM band communicators seem to only work on a single deck so far. Finnegan is now proposing to build a steam powered turbine.

Meanwhile, the supposedly assigned CNS to the Asimov was summoned to the same world the Asimov crashed on. A summoning ritual that summoned a hero randomly picked her to appear in this world. She is still trying to figure out the situation, and is very much confused. She was summoned to the Capital City Adenatin in the nation of United People’s Kingdom of Aragna. 6 wizards representing different elements: light, wind, water, dark, earth and fire, had been used in the summoning ritual which lasted many days. Counselor Avlyn was then met by a very handsome Beastman prince named Prince Alstor Aragna, who had cat-like appearances, and a very handsome princess named Princess Selna Ellistoria, who was very human in appearance. She has been told that she’s been granted special abilities by the spell but has yet to explore using them, being very disoriented still.


Updated 2021/03/09:

The engineering staff have made progress on repairs, the last away team reported their findings, and a new away team is beginning to explore the town again.

Spotlight: James Sinclair
Nathan Miller

FComm’s Comments: Ship activity is picking up. Looking to fill a vacancy or two but otherwise doing well.

SS Bonaventure

Commanding Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: We are doing well despite the hardships all over the world. The crew is completely engaged in the Sim and we are moving forward, albeit, a little slow.
Gained a new CE to fill the vacancy and a new Marine to fill out the roster this month.

Spotlight: Gene Gibbs’ character El is an active member and taking point on a lot in the sim.

Vacancies: None currently. We are filled at 1/1 (DH/JO) for every dept at the moment.

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
Overall the Bonnie is humming along. There are the usual blips, but almost everyone is actively involved in the simm down on the planets surface right now. And Rob has created more then enough work to keep us all busy!

Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and any side sims?
Right now there aren’t any side sims going, because we have a large focus on the main sim. With the crew split into two teams, we still have a lot of work to do to figure out what is going on with this planet.



Gamemaster: Robert Archer

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: Crew and ship health wise things are going mostly well, and the sim is slowly but surely moving forward with the landing party split into two teams while investigating a downed jet, military base, and the civilian life currently. No other major problems to report.


FComm’s Comments: Not much on side sims, but entire crew engaged in main sim. Robert has been great in keeping everyone hopping in the main sim.
With the newest crew members, Bonnie is now a full roster with all DH and at least one of every JO. Hoping to grow the ship tp additional JOs in months to come.

USS Leviathan

Commanding Officer: Sharon Miller

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: Captain’s Log - February

“There is no life in thee, now, except that rocking life imparted by a gently rolling ship. But while this sleep, this dream is on ye, move your foot or hand an inch; slip your hold at all; and your identity comes back in horror.”
- Moby Dick

Had I slept fitfully all of these years, one eye pinned open to mark the inevitable advance of my enemy? No worse would I have been for sleeping soundly, for fate, it seems, has deemed to deny me a meet across open field, but rather mocks me in reunion over a conference table on my own bloody ship!
And should I live for one hundred years, never will I purge from my already tortured mind the image of that familiar tan armour, that ignominious reptilian helmet, that glowing, green visor staring back at me from across the Leviathan’s hallowed halls. Why, I would rather break bread with an anomaly than with the Breen! And yet the ARU demands I not only welcome one as brethren, but relinquish to them command of one of our most valuable assets - the Recovery Task Force!

But this Breen is not the only enemy lying in wait beyond my door and, in another timeline, the Hampton doppelganger torments us still. But as we plummet to the endgame and the abyssal void spits out a new and terrifying foe, we gain, thanks to the valiant efforts of this crew, a small yet essential victory over the creature currently tearing our ship apart. But alas the time to celebrate remains distant from my grasp as, on the mirror Leviathan, the away team remain trapped. I can only pray to any gods who would listen that the terrifying whispers of Commander Rauuhl’s demise are revealed as mere illusion and not the true passing of my colleague and dearest of friends!

Meanwhile in a different tale, we find ourselves faced with a most baffling conundrum - a temporal tangle that has so far swallowed an entire starship. And at its heart, a singular, glazed doughnut! But as always this crew remain undaunted and so, it is with courage and determination that a party led by Lt Surda and complemented by Mr Durheim, Miss Luna and Miss Orin, set out to capture this confectionery nemesis in an innocuous pink box…

I consider myself truly blessed for the culinary talents of my yeoman, Quinn, when every new anomaly serves to remind me of how long it has been since lunch…

1) How is your ship looking overall?

February saw the Leviathan experience our best main fleet month yet, with a staggering 1011 posts made! The crew have given it their all and then some this month, with more than one day seeing a hundred-plus posts made in that 24 hour period alone. Attention seems evenly divided across a whole smorgasbord of threads that include not only our three main anomaly encounters, but also arrival events for our two newest anomalies; an altered-gravity assault course training thread courtesy of our fantastic CoS, Surda; several personal threads including an intimate ‘double date’ with our XO and Counselor on one side of the table, and the CO and his Yeoman on the other, and a delightful holodeck adventure of two winged children learning to master flight; and the most popular character arrival thread I have ever witnessed as the Leviathan welcomes its new RTF Captain in the form of Breen Kodek Vonn.

In terms of the roster, alongside James Sinclair as our new RTF Captain, we also welcomed several more players to the Leviathan crew. The hugely talented Nicole C and Kayte Moore joined us as JO’s in medical and science respectively, with a pair of fascinating characters who are already mixing well with the rest of this motley group. And in a new approach to anomaly encounters, we also welcomed two ‘guest anomaly’ players with dynamic duo Russell Watt and Dave Eads, who have already provided intrigue and adventure aplenty with, in turn, a shape-shifting valley girl and a ghostly starship commander intent on harnessing the Leviathan’s energy to bleed life back into his own, disappeared ship!

We can squeeze one more JO into engineering, if anyone out there feels like becoming part of all this marvelous mayhem. Or as always, myself and Jake are open to all suggestions for interesting swings.

2) What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?

It’s incredibly difficult to pick a single moment from over 1000 separate posts. But there were two threads in particular this month that brought a huge smile to my face.

In the second of an ongoing series of training threads, our CoS, played by Leonora V, continues to challenge and entertain us all with some truly imaginative scenarios, this time sending us scrambling across an altered gravity assault course - while handcuffed to a fellow player!:

The main storyline of anomaly encounter ‘The Galactic Doughnut’ might have stalled a little this month, due to a key player being unavailable, but I have still hugely enjoyed the ingenuity and co-operation between our pastry-focused away team - CoS Surda (Leonora V), Engineer Jonathan Durheim (William Deaton), Security officer Luna (Christina Crafford) and rogue scientist and expert(ish) pilot Daizi Orin (Ffion Grace) - as they set out in a small shuttle towards the deadliest doughnut known to mankind!:

3) Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.

Now that the Leviathan herself is well established as an RPing area, myself and Jake would like to start focusing in on the individual departments and defining the unique aspects of ARU membership for each. We took great care, when designing the Levi, to ensure that if offered something new to every single department and it would be good to see the DH’s and their JO’s now exploring these areas a little, perhaps devising and conducting some experiments on a particular anomaly or refining technology and equipment in readiness for our next battle.

We also have plans for the Leviathan to make an unloading stop at the ARU headquarters on Starbase 237. This is an area of ARU lore that we’ve made continual reference to, but have so far not explored many RPing opportunities with the location itself. Unloading current anomalies and potentially taking on new ones should hopefully feed into the departmental experiments mentioned above and give all players some new and interesting research subjects to tangle with.

But on the whole, as with last month, this ship is heading in exactly the right direction and I remain delighted by the performance of everyone onboard. So even if only a small part of what we would like to achieve gets underway in March, I have no doubts that the ship as a whole will remain as vibrant and as exciting as she has done since she first sprang to life in July of last year!

Spotlight: This month, I would like to shine my spotlight on the role of RTF Captain and the two players who have taken on the challenge so far.

Firstly to Jay Luistro, who has decided to take an in character promotion to a less demanding role, while he continues to juggle his studies and amazing work with the red cross away from the boards. Jay has been a key member of the Leviathan crew from day one and was instrumental in the development of ARU lore, including our research and clearance level hierarchies and also coining the ARU slogan “Keep calm and contain”.
With Erve Manhattan he gave us a solid, determined character through whom the various members of the RTF could ease into their new and less traditional roles, he maintaining a steady and confident hand over the department whilst making plenty of room for other players to improvise as they saw fit. The fact that we have so many characters maintain a ‘side gig’ in the RTF is, in my opinion, a testament to the groundwork lain by Jay.
No matter what size of role he takes onboard the Leviathan in the future, I am sure that his contributions will continue to impress and delight us all and I want to take this moment to thank him for all of his hard work so far and also wish him luck in all future endeavours, both at STF and far beyond!

Secondly to James Sinclair, who made his own mark in the role of RTF Captain from the very nanosecond that he came onboard. His character, the Breen Kodek Vonn, is not only fascinating and brilliantly written, but also quietly intimidating, which is a perfect fit for such a demanding and dangerous role. Vonn has so far proven a popular figure, with crewmembers lining up for his attention and with each interaction, James has delivered not only stellar writing, but also an impressive sense of direction for future dynamics between the characters involved. Behind the scenes he has been as enthusiastic as he is on the board, with several great suggestions for how we can expand the RTF department and bring it to the fore of the Leviathan’s storylines and missions. James is a true force of nature and I am delighted to have him kicking anomaly butt as part of the Levi team!

Vacancies: We can fit in an engineering JO if anyone is interested. We are also expanding the RTF and would welcome suggestions for creative ‘day jobs’ for swing characters who also wish to serve under the most terrifying (and possibly only) Breen on a Federation starship!

Please contact myself (FCapt Raven) or Jake (Capt Narwhal) if you would like to know more.

Executive Officer: J Ridgley

Crew Posting Level: 10
Senior Staff Posting Level: 10
Overall Ship Health: 10

Ship Status: “Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything.” - Neil Strauss

This month has been an absolute explosion of activity and creativeness. The crew of the Leviathan have completely undone themselves from any previous months and has given its best performance today. This month the crew exceeded 1000 posts in a month with some crew posting more than 100 posts each. It seems every month I am blown away by this amazing bunch of writers.

During this month we have seen 5 new members join us;

Jeane Venneroe - Kayte Moore
Lesie Dean (Xorem) - Russel Watt
Joseph Franklin - Dave Eads
Ens Luran Akunon - Nicole C
Chief WO Kodek Vonn - James Sinclair

All of which have been already instruments in making this ship active and deepening the Lore in which the RFT and ARU is all about be it through thier creative writing or the character themselves being anomalies for our character to interact with on a day to day basis.

We have had one person leave us temporarily due to their life commitments Mr Jay Lusitro who Incharacter received a promotion due to his amazing OOC lore content and IC creativity. We look forward to seeing him back soon.

We currently have 2 AWOLS however one of these is an overdue LOA, and the other is someone with who I am openly in communication about their LOA.

I do not regularly give 10s across the board but this month the crew has certainly earned it.

We’ll soon be taking the leviathan away from its hectic and some sometimes chaotic missions and returning to the ARU Headquarters, here the crew will be able to enjoy some downtime before we set out once again to tackle the untrackable.

Spotlight: My first spotlight will have to go to Christina Crafford who alone contributed 272 posts to the ship’s total. An amazing effort on any part from a singular effort.

My next spotlight with goes to James Sinclair who has quite frankly exploded into the Leviathan with his Breen RTF Commander character Chief WO Kodek Vonn! His first post was so good it quiet simply was like watching moths to a flame, I was at first concerned with how a Breen might interact with the crew especially given some of their histories but my word was I not disappointed, James is a fantastic writer and I have no doubt he will take more spotlights in the future.

Vacancies: We currently do not have any main vacancies however due to the increase in ship crew we are looking to fill Assistant DH roles as swing positions.

As always swing position is open upon request and review form the command staff.

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Still growing in crew strength, and in posts, Levi continues to impress.
Now looking to fill out in Asst DH positions and additional ARU personnel. Just had another review and initial reports look good.

USS Manhattan

Commanding Officer: James Sinclair

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Still in orbit around Graven, although something is trying to bring the Manhattan down to the planet surface. Coincidentally, or not, the draw is coming form a the exact same spot where our Science team discovered the remains of an ancient starship… long buried. While they are on the planet investigating, the rest of the crew is dealing with injured Graviens and the still anomalous presence on the bridge.

Spotlight: The Spotlight this month shines directly on both Lindsay Bayes as Faye Calloway and Jake Ridgley as Luke Wyatt. Their interactions have driven some solid character development in their own characters as well as others; and may have given the ship’s CO an ulcer… or four.

But also in the spotlight is the rest of the crew. Nearly everyone on board is doing an amazing job of moving the ship forward.

Vacancies: JO’s all Departments

Executive Officer: Steven Sigle

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: All kinds of things going down, as the CMO has brought back to life the aliens the Manhattan has been working with. Overall lot of great side sims and main sims going from everyone involved.


Vacancies: Any JOs

Gamemaster: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: Sim Overview: Previously in reports …
The Manhattan is around a world called Graven XII where the inhabitants and Starfleet are seeking greater diplomatic relations together. When they arrived there were several small ‘things’ that the different departments engaged in to seek to help out this people who had once had space flight but gave it up some 10,000 years before and who had sought to live an existence roughly like ours today, but with a lot of time to ‘refine’ the technology to being more efficient. By the end of the day the departments started to realize that the different ‘problems’ save one were to some degree connected.
Security had investigated unprecedented murders and the revelation of ‘blanks’ - persons who had but one soul
Medical had learned of a possible serial killer with murders happening at the full moons - of which Graven XII had three of, and that they were ‘two spirited beings’
Science had found a piece of a ship amongst an area of failed crops where radiation of a sort similar to a Romulan’s singularity drive was detected
Engineering was going to check on a geo-thermal plant failure where there was unexpected corrosion in the pipes when a vehicle accident injured those along and seriously injured the Gravenian chief engineer.
From there the action moved up to the Manhattan while Baht, a doctor, remained on the surface briefly before being ‘spooked’ by the presence of spirits. At sundown the Gravenians sleep until sunrise, and, apparently, that is when their ‘other spirit’ is free to roam. Seen by Rollo, the Counselor, she and others followed these spirits until she had an encounter with one where they touched, and where Rollo experienced a vision. Tov, the Gravenian engineer was treated aboard the Manhattan in a dramatic surgery as, they unfamiliar with Gravenian physiology, had to complete the surgery without Gravenian help as Hone, the doctor, fell asleep as that ‘time’ had come for them at sundown.
Recently …
Morning has arrived where those on board are waking and the day begins. Both Baht and Rollo have had experienced apocalyptic images from their spiritual encounters, the mystery of the piece of the ship is still waiting to be resolved, a murder was predicted at the full moon that night though this has not been reported as yet. Over breakfast the Captain and crew discussed with Second Minister Maree about what happened. Unfortunately she was unable to shed much light on things; ancient history and old prophecies for them is over 10,000 years old and mostly forgotten. However, a Gravenian child had appeared on the bridge as the ship was again being drawn toward the planet requiring course changes. She, Dia, would only speak with the ‘seer’ implying the counselor. Dia, as it turned out was the daughter of Maree who had died in childhood. Dia, in an interchange, was suggesting that none of this happening was not expected but, unfortunately, forgotten. The one on board, Engineer Tov, a Gravenian who was injured in the vehicle accident and still in sickbay, who might shed more light on this has been dramatically revived but not before the ship was begun again to be drawn to the planet. At the same time the Gravenians aboard were affected by something that seemed to try to draw their essence out of them, emerging briefly as a spectre of their own selves before returning, leaving them exhausted, but Tov, awakened and aware.
The science away team has beamed down to the crop land to do more study of the area and why the crops are dead there. It was also the epicenter of the pull that was on the Manhattan drawing it to the planet. Pattern enhancers showed what was evidently a crashed ship in pieces buried under the ground. The energy that was emanating was showing a similarity to that of previous encounters with the Metrons. The team had scanned the region and found a cave complex leading in the direction of the ship. A team has delved down into the cave and found a constructed passage leading in the direction of the downed ship and an open chamber.

Spotlight: The away team down in the ancient passage I want to highlight. Very good characterizations and fun to boot with their portrayals and explorations adding a bit of Indiana Jones flavor to the 24th Century.

FComm’s Comments: While post numbers are down, the Manhattan counties to impress with over 600 for the month.
Focus on filling in JO positions seems to be next focus on roster. And the sim continues to keep everyone engaged. Looking to see her in full swing with complete roster soon.

USS Memorial

Commanding Officer: Kirt Gartner

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: We are still investigating the strange object that has come through the Wormhole that leads to the Delta Quadrant Everything is normal for now

((We are nearing full complement of necessary positions just a few new JOs needed and we are breaking in our New XO and gearing up to revamp the Banner and MOTD

Spotlight: Jennifer Ward has taken the position of Executive Officer by the horns and Judo throwing it into the ground knocking it out in seconds she has quickly made her mark and is in constant communication with me I have never felt this good about my First officer and i feel we really are a team this time!

Vacancies: Vacancies have been updated with PDept

Executive Officer: Jennifer Ward

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: We currently have 2 LOA and 2 AWOL’s which has improved since I joined 2 weeks ago. The sim is currently in it’s beginning stages, but side sims are in place to hopefully give more people things to do until the sim picks up in the next few days. Looking strictly at the numbers Memorial is doing much better this month than last; with only 64 posts on January, we topped out at 112 for February.

Spotlight: It’s a surreal experience to return to the Memorial. Until Kirt told me I had no idea Memorial used to be the Aztec, and I was honored to be her very first XO, and I’m equally honored to return to her as her XO again. That being said I’m happy to say that the quality of writers has not decreased over these long years. This month I’d like to spotlight three people. I have to spotlight Kirt and his amazing En Grumpy. A Tellarite who took the new XO to task with great humor and in iconic Tellarite fashion. As well as our CoS, played by James Gray, who is providing not only a thread for his security officers to participate in, but also demonstrates Star Fleet security protocols. As well as Lindsay Bayes, our GM, for providing such a intriguing narrative hook that we all can’t wait to delve into more.

Vacancies: 2 science and 1 medical JO

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Postings are growing and LOAs and AWOL are going down. I believe the Memorial is rising once more and will be even stronger in months to come. A few open JO positions, but full with DH and Command staff.

Bonnaventure For full roster and full ship sim participation.

Asimov James Sinclair as Si’Rek.

Manhattan Jake Ridgley as Luke Wyatt.

Memorial Lindsay Bayes, for providing such a intriguing narrative hook.

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