The Foremost Fleet Report

April 2021

The Foremost Fleet Report - March 2021

USS Ark Angel

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Nathan Miller

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: - How are the DHs and JOs doing?

While the month started slow, posting was up the second half of March among both DHs and JOs. We have been dealing with a few AWOLs here and there, but our crew is responsive to email reminders.

We have multiple main sim threads running, engaging all departments. We’ve been seeing more activity from JOs lately, and one of the newest main sim threads involves every department, so we expect a lot of activity there. Side sim activity has slowed down, I think because of the increase in main sim threads.

Jason Wolfe as Caelian Weir is a consistently great storyteller and roleplayer. Every time he posts I know it’s going to be enjoyable.

Spotlight: Jason Wolfe as Caelian Weir is a consistently great storyteller and roleplayer. Every time he posts I know it’s going to be enjoyable.

Vacancies: We need Science JOs! Also looking for a Security JO and a Medical JO.

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Archer excused from reports due to RL.
Ship is doing fairly well. Side simming slowed down due to main sim involving all departments a bit more heavily.
This month going to work on helping with recruiting to fill JO spots so DHs aren’t left carrying full load for departments.

Jason Weir highlighted as great writer. In running for Fleet Award.

USS Asimov

Commanding Officer: Ben Simons

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Momentum is starting to build in the main sim now with multiple groups doing different tasks to try and get what we need to get the ship back to where it was supposed to be. The crew this month has been mostly more active and its good to see that things are starting to go forward. It’s been a bit hectic this past month for me personally, but the ship has been doing well.

Spotlight: This month I want to highlight our GM/Second Officer Jason as things have really moved forward with the sim this month, and helped re-engage the crew into the storyline.

Vacancies: CNS, All JO Positions.

Executive Officer: Sam Pennington

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
DHs are fairly active. We’re light on JOs, but those we have are participating.
Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?
Still light on side sims, but main is progressing at a pace appropriate for the speed of the ship.
Who is the shining star this month?
James Sinclair, writing as CE Si’rek



Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Starting to pick up speed as main sim draws everyone in. Side simming slowed due to more activity in main sim.
This month going to help with recruiting of JOs to help bolster the ship.

James Sinclair highlighted as writer. Nominated for Fleet Award.

SS Bonaventure

Commanding Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: 1) How is your ship looking overall?
We’re doing pretty good. We had around 80 or so posts. The sims are going well and currently we have no AWOL. A couple LOA still but we are managing. Looking forward to things now that things are settling for me.

2) What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?
New folks coming to the ships I think are my favorite moment this month. The acquisition of two more players was a big boon for us and filled in a couple more spaces. Medical JO is all we miss now to have a full roster of 1/1 (DH/JO)

3) Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.
I want to start seeing our posting numbers improve. With my return and the reduction in LOAs we should be moving things along more in weeks to come.

Spotlight: Steve Johnson as XO for keeping things going while I was absent with family members this month.
Robert Archer for keeping the Sim going despite the vast vacancies in LOAs, AWOLs and lack of posting.

Vacancies: 1 Medical JO

Then we can work on alts, extra JOs, etc.

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
The DHs and JOs are doing good, and posting is going well. We currently have made good progress into the main meat of the simm, and it has allowed everyone to get involved, including our two new members!

Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?
We don’t have any side Simms going at this moment, with all of the crew on the surface of the planet participating in the main simm. However, there has been plenty for everyone to do in the main simm, and Rob is keeping us al on our toes.



Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Side simming stalled due to everyone being off ship in Main Sim. Sim going well and everyone participating.
This month working on picking up posting counts. (As CO as well)

Rob Archer highlighted as GM. Nominated for Fleet Award.

USS Leviathan

Commanding Officer: Sharon Miller

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Captain’s Log - March

As Starship Captains, it is our responsibility to prepare for failure and loss. But how many truly know what that means? I do. I lost everything at Chin’toka. My ship, my crew, obliterated in a single breath and me wholly powerless to stop it. Joseph Franklin knows it too. For a year had we considered the USS Augustine lost. Disappeared with all hands. Presumed dead. So when they materialised inside the Leviathan like some ghostly trojan army, I knew not whether to help the man, or secure him in containment for the safety of us all. Thankfully, due to the valiant efforts of Vonn’s RTF team, we have the unfortunate Captain under localised containment. But still the question lingers on all lips. Why is he here? And is there any way to help him without tearing our own ship apart?

Meanwhile, we are en route to ARU headquarters and are beginning our final approach. But like all incoming vessels we must first survive ‘The Gauntlet’ - a heavily armed, high specification, combat-grade fortification that will push our skills, and our nerves, to their very limit.

But with the completion of our first mission, we have found occasion for brief respite and relaxation amongst this weary and exhausted crew, with our Vulcan medic, Mr Logan, teaching me the ancient art of kal-toh. Elsewhere, Casela and Ryder’s relationship has, to my delight, gone from strength to strength, they growing their family with newly adopted, anomalous teenager, Gen. And finally we had cause for celebration this month as Luna’s precious daughter, Cerenity, celebrated her first birthday onboard the ship.

I pray that these moments of happiness will not serve as mere outliers against whatever new mission lies ahead.


1) How is your ship looking overall?

After the whirlwind that was February, March has been slightly more relaxed, allowing all of us to catch our breath and take stock of the current condition of both the Levi herself and our own characters. Sadly, two of our anomaly encounters fizzled out this month, one of them in the opening stages, the other only a handful of posts from completion. However, Dave Eads has done an incredible job of filling this narrative gap with his anomaly encounter, ‘The Augustine Chronicles’, which has delivered some thrilling action for the majority of the crew. Additional to this, we are still busy with personal and character threads, which this month include some burgeoning, and deepening personal relationships and training sessions for both the RTF and the wider security team. Thanks to all this we still managed to make a completely respectable 507 posts for the month of March.

In terms of the roster, we added another engineer with Tom Shore as the mysterious Gil, and grew our research department with newcomer Matt Bongiorno as dynamic Exobiologist Madison Marsh and one of my all time favourite writers, Trinity Fister, reactivating the wonderful Tal Abara in her new role as a Cognitive Scientist. We also got notice that our current CE, Samuel Stroud, plans to step down in the near future, but managed to fill the role almost immediately with current crewmember, William Deaton, accepting a well-deserved promotion for the quirky-yet-fabulous Jonathan Durheim.

I did also begin discussions this month around our prospective new ‘Assistant DH’ positions, but due to a few LOA’s I’ve been letting players settle back into posting before advancing these discussions further. Other than that, it’s been quite an admin-heavy month for Jake and myself, as we spent a lot of time consolidating our ARU lore into a singular reference source and re-focussing the Levi’s MOTD onto the Leviathan herself rather than the wider ARU.

2) What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month?

The month saw most of us involved in the ‘Augustine Chronicles’ encounter and this thread in particular, featuring several members of the RTF (including James Sinclair, Jennifer Ward and Christina Crafford), to me exemplified the Leviathan and the ARU at its best - RTF members in combat with, and attempting to contain, an active anomaly:

3) Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.

As mentioned above, we had an admin heavy month in March, so for April I’m keen to return my own focus to the roleplaying. I have been working with Jake on some worldbuilding for Starbase 237 - the headquarters of the ARU, and we hope to have our introductory post for that completed in the next week so that April’s action can largely take place there. I’m also excited to see where Dave Eads continues to lead us with the thrilling ‘Augustine Chronicles’.

Spotlight: Dave Eads came to us at the end of February with an idea for a new anomaly and, in the month that followed has delivered a wonderfully-crafted and thrilling tale of a temporally-displaced Captain and crew, finding themselves somehow trapped between their dimension and ours and attaching themselves to the Leviathan like some ghostly, anomalous parasite. His storytelling has so far been exceptional, the opportunities for crew to get involved plentiful and on the whole he continues to gift us with a enthralling tale that continues to deliver for every player involved.

Vacancies: With the promotion of William Deaton to CE, we have another Engineering JO spot available. And as always, are happy to discuss RTF/swing ideas.
Please contact myself (Commodore Raven) or Jake (Capt Narwhal) if you would like to know more.

Executive Officer: J Ridgley

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: We’ve had a far more quieter month this reporting period which if I’m honest isn’t a bad thing with the crew still pumping out all 500 posts! We’re still going strong with wrapping up the final two anomaly projects and are hoping this month to begin our leave post in which we hope our character gets to explore the environment which is ARU HQ to further expand our ever-growing lore, it will also allow new members who are currently waiting, not he Starbase to join the crew! We currently have three AWOLs who have only turned so and were not overall worried about them and one is a returning LOA member looking to get involved shortly.

Overall another good month for the crew!

Spotlight: This month will be going to Warrant Officer Jonathan Durheim our incoming Chief Engineer, with the unfortunate news that our current CE wanted to take a break we were quick to act in asking Will to take the spot, he’s a great writer and I have no doubt he will only perform amazingly!

Also another cheeky spotlight to Sharon for fixing the MOTD that I am convinced I broke and have been sweating about since! Woo!

Vacancies: Swings!

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Levi still continues to impress with activity and post counts. Sims are going well and posts are building character and lore in equal measure.
This month hoping to help with the new Asst DH project in as much as helping recruit and suggest ways to build the department to share loads without overloading a top heavy roster.

James Sinclair, Matt Bongiorno and Tom Shore highlighted. All nominated for Fleet Awards.

USS Manhattan

Commanding Officer: James Sinclair

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: Still in orbit around Gravien XII, the Manhattan is caught in a tendril of chroniton energy and is being slowly pulled towards the planet. The Gravien people are faced with a choice: either evolve or don’t, but failure to decide will result in the Manhattan being drawn into the planet and destroyed; along with thousands of Graviens. The Away Team on the surface have found themselves in the place of an ancient order of monastic spirits who must debate the impending choice and determine the future of the Gravien people.

Spotlight: Jake Ridgley as Security Chief Luke Wyatt - I have seen few characters go through such conscious-bending soul searching as Luke is currently going through. It is both amazing and frustrating watching him work through his emotions… and any writing that can invoke such strong emotions deserves to be celebrated.

Vacancies: JO’s - All Departments

Executive Officer: Steven Sigle

Crew Posting Level: 10
Senior Staff Posting Level: 10
Overall Ship Health: 10

Ship Status: Honestly, Manhattan is a beast. Everyone I feel like is pulling more than their fair share of weight and it shows. Between main sims, side sims, and everything in between the ship has maintained excellent pacing for the month of March.

Spotlight: I found Kate’s response to the CO and XO giving her orders against her better judgment as a doctor a brilliant back and forth. It showed both her duty as an MD and an officer and how those roles can conflict with each other.

Vacancies: All JOs

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: Pace steady though perhaps not as swift as desired. LOAs are calming down and posting is healthy in sim and sides.
This month will work with ship to fill in JO gaps.

No highlights from this ship. Just a kudos to the entire crew from the XO.

USS Memorial

Commanding Officer: Kirt Gartner

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: We are now on a Changling hunt throughout the ship apparently some sort of Morphogenic life form was onboard the probe thing and has escaped we have lowered the temperature of the ship by 10 degrees in the hopes of herding it back to the Shuttlebay



Executive Officer: Jennifer Ward

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: Ship Status: 1- How are the DHs and the JOs doing?
Over all the crew is doing much better than last month. I’m very proud of the crew for how they have increased this months posting numbers over last month’s numbers. 112 up to 144. We are steadily increasing.

2- Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?
With our GM being gone for a much needed LOA due to RL, I am very pleased with how everyone has been doing. We did have several AWOLs mid month, but those were resolved either with a return to posting or LOAs. We have several side sims available for the crew to participate in that has helped to keep the crew busy until our GM can up date us. I am also impressed with how they have continued to post ideas for the main sim as they think of them to help keep that going as well.

Spotlight: Ensign Adrian Titus (Doctor) (Damian Scott) has created a wonderful side sim for the crew with a Peach themed Beach Party. Huge Kudos to him for creating this engaging activity for the crew while we had some slow movement to our main sim

Ensign Jodar (Security) (Brian Richards) for his hilarious and engaging Zaldan who is blunt, argumentative and has a great sense of humor.

Vacancies: We still have opening for one medical officer and one science officer.

Gamemaster: Lindsay Bayes

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 5

Sim Overview: The sphere has been opened! And something escaped it into the ventilation systems. In sickbay a small boy has appeared and elsewhere, the crew are trying to confirm if the morphogenic matrix indeed indicates a changeling. If so, is it dangerous? Many of the crew think so, but those are instant reactions? We’ll see if things change as we go along.

I was away most of March and am still sporadic with posting due to RL so we didn’t make much progress and that is entirely because of me. April should hopefully be better.


FComm’s Comments: Posting slowly increasing. Ship was a bit slow due to absence of GM. Side sims keeping folks going. LOAs and AWOLs being managed well. Good communication.
This month will assist with filling JO vacancies and seeing if there is a way to assist with AWOL/LOA issues.

No highlights this month.

Overall, all ships were active and healthy. Some JO vacancies may have caused ocassional Sim slowness in some ships when AWOL or LOAs came up. But overall, the ships did well. It wasn’t a particularly heavy month. But no one slipped to the point of concern.

This month will focus on recruiting for those ships that need JOs and see how we can improve the LOA/AWOL situation on other ships.


Dungeon Master - Rob Archer from the Bonnie
Starship Trooper (best player) - Matt Bongiorno from the Levi
Golden Gleeman (best writer) - Jason Weir from the Arch Angel
Boat that Rocks - The Manhattan

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