Starfleet Academy Report

July 2021

Starfleet Academy Report - June 2021

Academy Ship Report

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: Sarah M

How is your ship looking overall? The Challenger has been moving a little slowly lately, mostly due to offline obligations leading to Daniel stepping down as XO and Nathan needing to take a lengthy LOA.

What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)? Zombies!

Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.We have a lot to work on. I am predominantly hoping to get the XO position filled so that we can be kicked into much more high gear.

Executive Officer: No report submitted - Position vacant at time of report. No search parties required.

Gamemaster: Matt Evans

Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship: Last time on the Challenger… the ship was ordered to go rescue the colonists of a failed colony of just shy of 500 people. Where were they going to fit that many? Engineering had a plan to repurpose a cargo bay with prefab shelters and such. More info came in that there were less than 400 left but the reason for that was unknown. Was it starvation? Perhaps an unknown attacker. Either way the crew prepares as they can; with medical doing an inventory check, engineering making habitation adjustments in the cargo bay, science trying to scan the colony on the approach, and security flexing their muscles and looking cool.

The ship arrived in orbit to find that the colony was seemingly empty and severely damaged. Where had the colonists gone and what wrought so much destruction? It was hard to tell as there was interference preventing the sensors from doing a detailed scan. When all hope seemed to be lost a communication came in from the planet, it was distorted but understandably and more importantly it could be traced! After learning that the colonists had decreased to around 50 in number, the Challenger transported what biosigns were congregated together in a mass. But the colonists weren’t the only ones brought aboard the ship.

Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward?

Acmdt Comments: The sim is progressing nicely and cadets are involved. It’s lovely to see the mentoring happening with some of the DHs and cadets which is a credit to the ship and crew. Some LOAs and issues with real life have hit the ship. Over the next month there is going to be a change with some roles as Sarah indicated in her report, huge thanks to Dan for his time as XO as he steps down.

Mentors Co-Ordinator Report
Submitted by Sharon Miller:

This month I updated the master list of mainstream mentors on the Academy Campus Board ( Of the 11 main fleet ships that currently accept new players, our available mentors currently breaks down as follows:

More than 1 mentor = 3 ships
1 mentor = 7 ships
0 mentors = 1 ship

It would be good to get at least one mentor on the ship without and possibly a second on the ships with only one so I’ll be chasing this up with the respective captains next month.

Current Mentorships

No new mentorships were started this month, so our current count stands at:

Active main fleet mentorships = 1
Pending main fleet mentorships = 0
Active command (CO/XO/DH) mentorships = 0
Pending command mentorships = 0

Activities for next month

The previous command discussion on potentially moving from ship-based to subject-based mentoring did not seem to garner any real interest, so I have shelved any further plans for that at this time and will continue to just make improvements to the current mentors program as is.

On that note, I’m putting together a checklist / mentoring guide for anyone new to mentoring (or anyone else who would like a little more structure to the program) and will share that when I have something to actually show. Other than that, as previously mentioned, I’ll be reaching out to CO’s of any ships that take new members and have fewer than 2 mentors to see if we can possibly increase that.

Academy Courses

The revamp of the courses has stalled. I plan on looking at getting this moving again next month and hopefully will have more to discuss then.

Graduates update

Ship Graduates:
None to report at this time

Course Graduates:
None this month to report

Overall comments: The Challenger alongside the academy in general saw a hit from real life this month and are now starting to recover from this. There will be some changes and other things that have shifted onto the back burner getting refocused over the next month where hopefully I will have more to say. My real life situation and injury hasn’t helped matters here which I am sorry for.

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