Starfleet Academy Report

June 2022

Starfleet Academy Report - May 2022

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: No report submitted, excused.

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

How are the DHs doing? Are they all active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?The Challenger is in a bit of a rough patch right now, which isn’t helped by the fact that between a work trip and getting sick, I’ve been slow posting. Thanks to Linds for keeping things moving! The DH’s do need a kick in the pants though as a reminder to stay active, and we have some cleanup to do there.

How are the JOs doing? Are the all active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?The current crop of cadets have been doing great! They are active in the simm, and have been moving things along nicely, despite the rest of us.

Who is the shining star this month?

Gamemaster: Lindsay B

Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship: While the ship continued on its way back to base, the cadets were tasked with helping out with the mundanity that is supply requisition allocation. The Ensign in charge of filling the requests, Albert Morton, decided to liven up things by playing a game: Truth or Dare. But to shake things up, they spun a bottle that Cadet Hedley found in a create in the back of the cargo bay. Whomever it pointed to, had to pick truth or dare. It was a success… at first.

One hard spin broke the bottle against Morton’s boot and suddenly he found himself half missing, the lower half no longer visible. Scans showed that tetryon radiation was leaking into the cargo bay and affected those present. Some of the cadets were injured during the initial blast, and quickly discovered after some investigation that Morton is stuck in a pocket universe.

Meanwhile, the pocket universe is causing micro fractures in the ship in the cargo bay and they are slowly spreading as the pocket universe expands. Next door is the antimatter pod storage.

Will they free Morton safely? Can they contain the fractures and stop an explosion that would destroy the ship? Stay tuned to find out.

Lesson learned kids: don’t mess with random bottles in a cargo bay!

Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward? Huge thanks and props to Shaun Tee, Christopher Huskins, Adrien Jouve and Steve Johnson for keeping the momentum going. The interactions have been great and make my job as GM more fun.

FComm’s Comments: I have no concerns with the Challenger at the moment. We had a minor hiccup with David’s sudden resignation, but that’s resolved. The goal this month for Steve as the new CO is to get a new XO and get them settled.

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