The Infinite Fleet Report

November 2018

The Infinite Fleet Report - November 2018

USS Chimera

Commanding Officer: Excused

Executive Officer: Sam Pennington

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 2
Overall Ship Health: 3

Ship Status: The sim has slowed again. Plot-wise, the little progress we’ve made has been an interesting progression in the story. The problem of little posting is driving a stake into our ship’s heart. I don’t know what the future holds if a lack of interest is the norm.


Gamemaster: Luke Hung

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 4
Overall Ship Health: 4

Sim Overview: Slow posting ship, but it back to moving. The sim has been in its final stages for a while now, and the two mysteries remain who sabotaged the warp drive, and where are the gems that the natives keep talking about. The Chimera away team is make quite the effort to get them back without really knowing what they are and what they look like, but heroes be heroes.


AFComm’s Comments: On the whole posting appears to have slowed over the last month, although most of the posting that has been made has been on one of the main sim threads. Despite the slow progress of the sim, at the time of writing these comments there are two players on LOA (the CO & CIO) & just two players AWOL.

FComm: After discussions with Steve he had agreed to step down. Thank you very much, Steve for staying as long as you did! Applications are now open for the CO spot until November 20th. Some excellent applications have come in.

USS Constellation

Commanding Officer: Not excused

Executive Officer: Liam Schoepp

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Right now, the Connie is keeping itself afloat with a healthy amount of posting, and a main sim that keeps building up anticipation. Will there be clowns? Balloons? Pies filled with banana cream? There is only one way to fine out!

Spotlight: Spotlight for this month goes to Mike Bourdaa and Michael Hacking for their interesting little dive into the psyche of a COS that I certainly wouldn’t want covering my back (as they might take it far to literally).

Gamemaster: Philip Graham

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 3
Overall Ship Health: 5

Sim Overview: The crew is docking on the carnival ship. There seems to be some fear of the clowns. Overall the sim(ship) is moving forward with the sim.


FComm’s Comments: The Connie is in flux again and I have been in discussion with Russ but this ship may need to be opened up again.

Starbase Magellan

Commanding Officer: Amber DeSadier

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: We recently started a new sim but because of the GM needing an LOA shortly after he started, its been a slow start. Kat Dedul resigned as COS so we will be promoting AJ’s current security officer character to that position. Katy Darrah was slated to be the new CDO but has yet to make a post 2 months later. Ill be contacting her today but I think I will be having to put that position back to personnel. We also lost our SOO last month. But this just makes things more difficult for Play on the Magellan. We need to fill key positions and are having trouble finding willing souls. Or we have filled the position and those people have quickly AWOLed out.

Spotlight: Lindsay and Tyra have been having a nice interchange side sim between the old COO and the new.

Executive Officer: Excused

Gamemaster: Geoff Joosten

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Sim Overview: All heck has broken loose! Whatever shall we do! I am really looking forward to how the crew deals with the various system fluctuations as they deal with the hijackers.

Spotlight: The whole crew has been absolutely amazing.

AFComm’s Comments: On the whole, the posting level is good on the Magellan, with Geoff driving the sim forward and getting many players involved in its multiple threads. Keep up the good work.

USS Viking

Commanding Officer: Amanda Mercer

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: With the Viking finally arriving to to nebula, and the crew already feeling it’s effects, they are working diligently to gather the information needed to make the decision to enter the nebula or to stay behind and study it from afar.

Will this mission be halted by the information gathered, or will the crew venture forward and figure out what lurks in the shadow.


Executive Officer: Jim Watkin

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: We are starting off on our new sim, but things are stalling a little due to the CO being currently AWOL at present, however I am going to push the sim forward.

Overall, the crew are posting well with plenty of side-sims, but I would like to see the DHs push their JOs to keep them involved in the main sim so that momentum remains.


Gamemaster: Joshua Ezell

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: The crew is just beginning their journey to the Nebula known as Casa Del Diablo. What wonders and sights does it behold for them?? Just wait to find out.


FComm’s Comments: I have no overt concerns with the Viking as both the crew and command staff post regularly. I do enjoy the interactions with the very eclectic crew.

FComm Krys McLean

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