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September 2022

Starfleet Academy Report - August 2022

This past month in the Academy has been somewhat quiet, mainly because I’ve spent it behind the scenes prepping some things and as always continuing to highlight important details for Travis to keep in mind as part of his academy training.

I’m about to undertake a bit of a novel training program in the Academy, that is specifically for people interested in being Academy Commandant someday. It’s probably just going to consist of me sending people emails and explaining a lot of the background processes that most people don’t see (unless you’ve neglected them so badly that it becomes obvious). If anyone is interested and wants to jump on the bandwagon early, shoot me an email via my contact form and we’ll start the process. I’ll be posting more official-like announcements shortly, but I want to sort of gauge the level of interest in such a program. Even if you’re just curious about what goes on in the background in the Academy and want to learn more, I’ll be happy to share, I just need you to point yourself out to me. :)

I have completed most of the reviews that I wanted on the courses that Cale has lovingly written for us, so I hope to introduce a discussion on how we want to implement these in a way that makes easy for people wanting to take the courses to access them. I’ll be holding that on the campus boards, and I’ll make that announcement shortly.


USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: Steve Johnson

How is your ship looking overall? Overall the Challenger is in a good spot. The new simm is starting, and our new cadets are quickly getting the hang of things. Still need to do some work on polishing up materials for our DH’s to help them better prepare the cadets for graduation, but the ship itself is moving along nicely.

What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)? How can I pick just one! Linds’s new simm has us going in multiple directions on Jupiter Station, and she’s definitely having fun kicking each part off.

Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.Continuing to work on AWOL’s. Things got a little lax towards the end of the last simm, and with no cadets on the ship for a bit. But as the new school year gets settled into, I’d like to get everyone back posting on a regular schedule.

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Lindsay B

Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship: We just started a new sim, which is Chapter 2 of the story arc I’m working on.

The crew has docked at Jupiter Station for repairs and a unique opportunity for the cadets to work with notable researchers in all fields. But there is a mystery from before that still is unsolved: Where did the bottles that caused the pocket universe come from?

Meanwhile, the COS received a mysterious message from his future self with a dire warning. Lives are at stake!

Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward? N/A as we just started.

FComm’s Comments: Overall no huge concerns. I’ll have to remind the XO that she needs to start submitting regular reports, but beyond that I’m happy to see an influx of new cadets to train up, so good job Team Challenger this month.

USS Endeavour

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

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