Starfleet Academy Report

December 2022

Starfleet Academy Report - November 2022

A slow month, at least it felt like it for me, but nothing super concerning as the Challenger crew handled their slow down very well. A little bit of a blip, but I think the crew will recover for December and definitely into the new year.

The good news is we’re about to hit a graduation or two and that will be another training moment for Travis as Vice Commandant.

We’ve also wrapped the course discussion, I’m looking to start some more course content discussions for each specific draft in the near future. I haven’t fully come to a decision on how to implement the new courses, but I think at this stage, I can just have a simple conversation with people more technically inclined about the club than myself to determine the best way forward. I think it’s best if we have them hosted on the club server. Whether a static page within the academy or in the library.

So that means for now, we can discuss the actual content of the courses that Cale has written, as we have the drafts and it’s just a case of reviewing them, so I will announce when that gets underway and the discussion will be held on the Campus board. I might wait until the inevitable holiday slow down has passed or perhaps start some of the preliminary stuff first, I guess it will largely depend on my bandwidth for December.

I am still interested in hearing from individuals in the club who are keen to learn about running the academy. While it won’t be an official position, I do think a lot of the basics can be discussed over a series of emails. So if you’re curious about what an Academy Commandant does all day, please hit me up in my email or on Discord and we’ll chat.

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: Steve Johnson

How is your ship looking overall? Overall the ship is doing okay. November was a rough month for several key members. Linds had to take a last minute LOA for family reasons, which left us without a GM for over half of the month. Additionally I was out for a tradeshow the first week, and I am still recovering from being sick immediately after.

First, I want to thank Mika and the department heads for keeping things moving forward while we were both out. Second, while December is usually a slower month, we are going to keep pushing forward. Right now I have talked to Linds and a goal of ours is to get this chapter of the simm wrapped up by the end of the year. Then we will start up a new chapter in January.

What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)? With only a limited time to interact with the crew this month, I don’t have any one particular favorite moment. Though I will call out Gavin Burkhardt for his role playing of receiving a message from the future!

Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.Consistency. Just getting everyone (myself included) posting regularly. I am also working on pulling together micro lessons on posting, and STF in general, to start posting weekly to the ship for the cadets benefit.

Executive Officer: Mika Jackson

How are the DHs doing? Are they all active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?Things have been going fairly well on the Challenger. I think it slowed down for U.S. players because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. I expect the same to happen for Christmas too. But all in all, we had steady posting, not too many AWOLs and most importantly people did not forget to declare a leave of absence.
We have a couple of DH’s, Shaun Tee and Gavin Burkhardt, who are staying on top of their posting and doing well with side sims, and I want to recognize them for an outstanding job.

How are the JOs doing? Are the all active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?All the JO’s are doing fine. I have not seen very many AWOLs from them (just one) in the last weeks however that is typical. They are creating sims, especially Jeremy. This is really keeping his character busy on the ship. He has been on a roll since he joined the Academy.

Who is the shining star this month? I have to acknowledge Gavin! He is an awesome writer, I really like how he puts the details into the sim to really drive how his character’s mood. Another player I want to recognize is Shaun Tee, who really plays the character Dr. Vesta Rahm well and I enjoy every interaction with her. Also, one of our newest cadets, Jeremy, takes the spotlight again this month with his character James Black.

Gamemaster: No report submitted. Excused as Linds was on LOA.

FComm’s Comments: No serious concerns with the academy ship, the GM report is excused due to Lind’s LOA. Everything seems to be ticking along quite nicely and we might be getting to one of my favorite parts of the academy, celebrating graduations! More on that later.

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