Starfleet Academy Report

April 2023

Starfleet Academy Report - March 2023

We have reached the end of the term and my last report as Academy Commandant. I am stepping away to work on some other exciting projects (VP is pretty exciting after all), but will always be available if the new administration wants to pick my brain on something. :)

The training ship is in fantastic shape and while I didn’t get everything I’d hope to get done this term done, I have made progress. I’m definitely looking forward to watching where the department goes next and am preparing some handover notes for when the new cabinet is announced. I have nothing much to add beyond that running the Academy was, as it always was, fun to run and I’m thankful for that opportunity. It’s been fun and I’d like to thank my Vice Commandant, Travis Good, my course tutors and of course the fantastic crew of the Challenger for making it a great term! :)


USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: Steve Johnson

How is your ship looking overall? Overall the Challenger came to a great finish for the current chapter of our simm. Congrats to all of the crew for helping to wrap up this exciting chapter!

What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)? Graduation of our latest two cadets!

Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.More regular posting is always something to aim for. We have a newer batch of DH’s, they just need time to get comfortable in their roles.

Executive Officer: Mika Jackson

How are the DHs doing? Are they all active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?As of the date I filed this report, we had two DHs who were significantly AWOL. Even though we have had great participation in the ships sims. So these AWOLs are not affecting the posting and participation in the sims.

How are the JOs doing? Are the all active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims?The JOs are doing well. We just had two cadets graduate, James Black (Jeremy Snyder) and Kylie Brecker (D. Inman). Congratulations to both of them. They have already been assigned to the new ships.

Who is the shining star this month? Our shining star this month is Amdirgol! I want to welcome him to his new role as the CSO and staying within his AWOL limits while also processing applications in the Personnel Department.

Gamemaster: Lindsay B

Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship: Having discovered the rewired (and sabotaged) EPS manifold for the experimental chamber, Brecker was encouraged to made specific cuts and hope the whole thing didn’t blow up. She was successful and the shut down of the chamber dropped the lock-down protocol so the cadets and senior officers could exit. They were treated for radiation poisoning and returned to the ship.

Thus ended the sim. While there were loose ends we could have played out, I’ve left it for now. The next sim will start after graduation and I will pick up this particular storyline at a later time.

Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward? I have to give a big shout out to D Inman, our cadet who really propelled the sim forward. And to Shaun and Mika who really helped push along the last of the action. Thank you for helping me get this thing finished finally.

FComm’s Comments: Awesome work Challenger crew! They’ve done very well and I’m sure Steve’s on top of those AWOLs, so I have nothing else to say beyond that.

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