Starfleet Academy Report

January 2019

Starfleet Academy Report - January 2019

Overall the Academy was slow this December. However, things are starting to pick up. Owen has graciously gone through the bulk of our department status pages and updated them so they look a bit more in tune with the rest of the site. The biggest change is our mandates page, instead of listing mandates chronologically (which tended to be a bit confusing to determine which were still active and whatnot) we now group our mandates with “current” ones and “historical” ones. My goal for January is to finally get the mentors policy written (there wasn’t much further added to the discussion we had a few months back on the campus boards, so I think it’s safe to just draft it up and get Owen to add it in. :)

Congratulations to James Sinclair for passing his DH exam in December!

On the ship side, it was also slow, but I’m noticing an uptick of activity on both ships so no major concerns there.

-Kat, Academy Commandant

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: Overall the Challenger did pretty well for the month of December, with the holidays and everything. Posting has slowed down quite a bit in the main simm thread, with Geoff almost done wrapping up the main simm. Hopefully we will be able to get that completed in January.



Gamemaster: Geoff Joosten

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 8

Sim Overview: Sim has stalled in December due mostly to the holidays, with most if not all of the DHs and leadership having taken the last two weeks of the month off. We still have several people who are well outside the AWOL limits, but I suspect that will change within the next week or two. Getting out of the holiday season, I can, maybe get this thing wrapped up considering it has gone on two months longer than anticipated.

Spotlight: Roger Babin: Has kept his character up to date and kept on moving his character’s plot forward despite the lack of support from myself. (I am always happy when players don’t rely on the GM exclusively.)

James Sinclair: The man is a beast. When David, Steve and I were away he kept the ship moving along and helping the new cadets.

FComm’s Comments: A slow month for the Challenger, nothing overly concerning considering the other ship in the Academy (and elsewhere in the club) were pretty slow as well.

I expect things will pick up in January once the LOAs end. December, as usual, is where nothing much gets done. :)

USS Endeavour

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Katherine Dedul

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: It was a rough month. The CO was on LOA and then had extended that due to an illness, the GM was a bit lagging in posting and of course, I work retail and it was December so I was pretty much very, very tired. I expect things will bounce back once the last of the holiday season LOAs end.



Gamemaster: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: It slowed over Christmas no real thanks to me who got sick through the holidays so December overall was more a stage setter. To cheat, I’ll paste in the ‘sim update’ that I posted at the beginning of the year ..

The Endeavour has taken on a number of items that has essentially filled the space of the cargo bay, the shuttle bay (which is still in disarray since the last mission), and a number of the spare cabins. These are to be taken to a world called Crastus II, a water world, and delivered to a research starship/submarine called the SeaHawk. Due to properties that the world has, replicated things break down in a matter of days to weeks and thus require either replacement parts to be delivered or simply new clothes. Some of the SeaHawk’s crew will be mustering out and thus requiring new crew, hence the cabins taken up for the nearly 30 such crew.

There are a number of ‘issues’ that may or may not be looked at in this chapter of the tale, depending on what the captain or circumstances determine to be a priority. Each department has a focus to undertake which had been explained to them by a department head at the Starbase. These can be shown in brief below:
Security: There has been a ‘mole’ who has been transmitting information garnered from the research on the SeaHawk. Attempt to find the mole while assisting other departments in keeping them from harm.
Science: New life and who knows, maybe new civilizations, but definitely new life. And barnacles on the SeaHawk. Can these be studied and scraped off?
Engineering: The ‘dock’ in which the SeaHawk docks has a problem with the anti-grav units which were not all ‘non-replicated’ and needs repair, and that of the deployment of some of the SeaHawk’s new sensor drones.
Medical/Counselor: Everyone okay? Have they been affected by the world at large? Take a sampling of the crew to check them out.

So without further adieu, we have the Craxus system - an annoyingly busy system of surveyors, natural hazards, thrill seekers and science buffs and, of course the radicals who want the system left alone.


FComm’s Comments: The CO report is excused due to the fact he was on LOA for much of December due to travel and a nasty bit of illness. Dan’s back to his normal self now so no problems there.

Due to the usual December LOAs and lax posting, the Endy did have a slow month, nothing too concerning though since that seemed to be a club-wide trend (as usual for December). Posting is starting to pick up a bit again and I anticipate it will continue on the upswing as Gene brings us into the meat of his simm.

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