Starfleet Academy Report

May 2019

Starfleet Academy Report - May 2019

Overall a quiet month in the Academy. Unfortunately, Russ has had to step down due to RL constraints and his commitments elsewhere in the club so I am also looking to find a Mentor’s Coordinator as well as an Academy Fleet Liaison Officer.

We’ve had a graduation this month, congrats to Curtiss Schofield!

USS Challenger

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Steve Johnson

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Ship Status: Overall the Challenger is moving forward nice and smoothly. The main simm has started, and I’ve taken all of the cadets over to help give them some away team experience. They are all jumping in and participating nicely with the simm.

Spotlight: Roger Babin for the excellent portrayal of our Caitian science officer!


Gamemaster: Geoff Joosten

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 8
Overall Ship Health: 8

Sim Overview: The away team has landed on the Potterfield and are starting to investigate the area. What will they find? How will they respond? Only time will tell!

In all seriousness though the Cadets are responding very well and I am hoping soon to have a lot more people involved as the mystery starts to unravel.

Spotlight: None this month

FComm’s Comments: I have no major concerns for the ship. Things seem to be moving along nicely and the simm progressing well.

USS Endeavour

Commanding Officer: Katherine Dedul

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 10
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Overall the ship is taking shape. I still need a CNS, but thankfully Sarah Hemenway has graciously agreed to head up my security department. We’re doing really well otherwise, so now we just need some cadets!!

Spotlight: Curtiss Schofield has met and exceeded the requirements for graduation and will be sticking around as our new CSO!


Executive Officer: Melissa Aragon

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Ship seems to be ok. Coming off LOA so a bit behind but didn’t want report late.
Several promos and slot exchanges. Need to catch up lol

Spotlight: The CO is absolutely amazing!!!
Keeling up even when I was gone. Definitely a high maintenance ship and doing great at it!!

Vacancies: Unsure… Checking this week. Didn’t want report late.

Gamemaster: Gene Gibbs

Crew Posting Level: 6
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Sim Overview: After changing tack in the sim to a rescue mission the crew is looking into that more diligently. Within the Craxus system the ship received a distress call from two prospecting ships - the 49’er and the Golddigger. One accuses the other of ramming it, their two ships locked together now and falling into the gravity well of two ice giants that had, some aeons ago, collided. Due to the icebergs, asteroids and other sized chunks in the vicinity the ship is considering a shuttle to conduct the rescue.


FComm’s Comments: It has been a touch of a struggle with massive staff changes, but I think the ship will be fine, particularly as the new folks catch up.

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