The Pioneer Fleet Report

August 2018

The Pioneer Fleet Report - August 2018

USS Athena

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Ian Kerby

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 7
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: On the Edge of Forever Athena Sim July 2018

Athena’s Sacrifice
Triage on the planet.
Security Threat.
The Final Showdown?

Now down below on the planet the crew faced off with Pierce Hamilton. Pierce’s plan was to gather the crew and exterminate them by raining down the wreckage of the two ships above using his servo. Then he would go back and save himself from failure, dooming the Athena and it’s crew to annihilation. Just when he thought he had the crew right where he wanted them, one of the pieces of descending wreckage, the large rock from the Arboretum, peeled off and turned Pierce into a pancake. The strange purple cat that had been following members of the crew suddenly morphed into a young woman with purple hair, grabbed the servo and diverted the rain of death Pierce had started.

It was then revealed that the “rock” was actually Aegis Agent Rxzyth, a Horta, and the young woman Meridyth her assistant. Rxzyth burrowed into the planet to create the catacombs where her clue would lie for millennia awaiting Starfleet’s Temporal Investigations team discovery thereby starting the Temporal Causality Loop they all hope will save them.

Survivors from the Counter Strike ship began to assault the east flank of the group and the casualties began to mount. The Captain must lead a team 47 minutes into the past, 47 minutes before the Athena’s fateful sacrifice. Can they stop Pierce and Counterstrike from dooming them a second time?


FComm’s Comments: Reading the GM report makes it sound like the crew was busier than they actually were. You’d think with all that going on, the number of posts would be going through the roof, but that isn’t what happened. The players are marching along at a regular pace, keeping the ship and sim moving in a forward line. It is not a good sign, however, that both commanding officers have failed to turn in their reports. With the switch over happening last month, I don’t have the numbers for June, but for July the Athena is showing a healthy number of posts.

USS Atlantis

Commanding Officer: Kate O’Neill

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: The Atlantis is hopping with a great new sim and a ton of off the wall side sims. Our last GM did an amazing job but had to wrap up due to real life commitments. We loved his story and are anxiously waiting for him to give us another trip down the rabbit hole of fun. Our new GM is just as wonderful and we are so very excited to see what he un bOXes for our fun. I am sure it is going to be. I am sure it is going to knock our sOX off. (okay the other choices were a bit harder to put into a meaningful sentence ;) Anyway, did you see what I did there.... If you haven’t guessed due to lack of coffee at my oh so clever wordplay our new GM is none other than the amazing literary bovine Jeremy “ParadOXical OX ical” De Spain. Please buckle up and the emergency exits are here, there and there. (*Comms engineering to disable all exits).

Spotlight: I would like to spotlight Steven “Darth Tadpole” for coming up with an idea for a shipwide sim that should allow everyone if they chose to RP something different. You have to join or stay tuned for next month but thank you for coming up with the idea.

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: The Atlantis suffered from having GM issues. Their main sim moved very slowly over the last few months. However, they finally finished it and now have a new GM ready to go. We are holding out great hope for Jeremy DeSpain. Having written with him before and having approved him to take on the job, I have complete faith that he will deliver a sim that the Athena deserves. Numbers show their post count is up for the last month. YAY!! I expect smooth sailing for the Atlantis in the next months.

USS Dresden

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: No reports were submitted for the Dresden this month. That is a concern I am looking in to. With that said, the number of posts this month is still totally acceptable for the Dresden and is even above their average of 110 posts a month.

USS Ogawa

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: I dropped the ball this month on the Ogawa. Cluster migraines and a fair amount of depression got in my way. It was a bad month for it to happen because Linds and Cale both had LOAs which would excuse them from turning in a report. That meant I was the only other command officer who could do it, and I didn’t. It is the first ship report I can remember missing in a long time. However, I have run the numbers for the ship and looked at individual posting levels. Our count this month is 190 and is equally shared by many of the crew. Now that we have Cale and Linds back, and that I am feeling much better, we should rock this month as we are begin a new sim.

Outpost 42

Commanding Officer: Adam W.

Crew Posting Level: 8
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Very solid month with more posts this month than either of the last two. I have been extremely distracted in the month of July due to other STF things I had going on, and I’m still a good 30-40 posts behind on reading. Despite my own inability to focus on the Outpost this month, the rest of the crew has been fantastic and they posted a ton considering I was slowing down their threads.

Rafael Labaragur appears to have dropped out of the club, so we may not ever succeed in getting him on the roster post-Exodus. July was the best month in a long time as far as GM activity, which has been an ongoing concern. I believe Matthew and I have a system worked out that will help him to stay closer to the limits.

Spotlight: Kate, Krys, Trinity, Brian, Tyra, Dave, Melissa, Kat, Jeremy, Louis, Steven, and Matthew. Thanks entire crew for a great month of effort despite a very distracted CO.

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: For the number of things the players had going on in real life, the Outpost has done very well this last month. They appear to be doing fine even without a lot of GM input. However, the Outpost is set up in a way that encourages many, many side sims to take place at the same time, so there is always something there to spark a response.

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