The Pioneer Fleet Report

January 2020

The Pioneer Fleet Report - January 2020

USS Athena

Commanding Officer: Lindsay Bayes

Crew Posting Level: 4
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 8

Ship Status: Definitely a quieter month for the ship, as expected, due to holidays. Most of the crew were on LOA or taking advantage of relaxed posting limits. Still, our sim has crept along and maintained its intensity as we draw ever closer to the end. We’ve also had some crew members have to step down from the ship and others have returned from long LOAs. January is going to be mostly about getting everyone on the same page and finding our groove again.

Spotlight: Ian, for his ever complex and creative sim, and his ability to navigate the crews ups and downs like a pro.

Vacancies: JO: Eng x 1, Med x 1, Sci x 1, Sec x 1

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Ian Kerby

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Sim Overview: Due to illnesses, absences and holidays, the story has not progressed to the next stage.


FComm’s Comments: Following my appointment as Fleet Commander I requested status reports from the CO’s/XO’s/GM’s of the Pioneer Fleet. Having gone over the report that Lind’s provided me with in addition to taking a look over the Athena as a whole I am happy to report that overall I do not have any major concerns.

As usual the month of December is predominantly a quite one but nevertheless, the ship still submitted an astounding 117 posts.

Taking a look at the Athena’s roster at the time of submitting this report I only have concerns with the following personnel.

James Harrison - LOA (35)

James, who plays the ships Chief Diplomatic Officer, last submitted a post on December 7th in the Main Sim and has marked himself as LOA with no return date or reason. Looking over his profile IO can see his LOA has affected his posting club wide.

Steve Alliss - AWOL (51)

Steve, who plays a Science Junior Officer last posted in a side sim on the Athena on the 21st of November. Steve currently holds 3 positions in the club the USS Endeavour, USS Athena and USS Asimov out of the three of them he only appears to be remaining active on the USS Asimov.

As Lind’s stated in her fleet report January’s main focus would be on ensuring that the crew return to posting in an active routine. Something that I have the upmost confidence in Linds and her XO doing.

Thank you to Linds and Ian for submitting your report. A note for the record a fleet report reminder was sent to the CO/XO/GM of the ship and the Executive Officer was not excused from submitting a report.

USS Atlantis

Commanding Officer: Kate O’Neill

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: The crew of the Altantis produced 93 posts in the month of December which is well within the normal limits of the ship speed especially during the holiday season with relaxed fleet-wide posting limits. The main sim is moving along nicely with the crew safely aboard the Atlantis along with the orb of knowledge (at least that is what Kelly is calling it) which is no longer in Ian’s right back pocket. He said cargo pants pockets hold a lot. Let’s hope it is the way home . The crew is assembling in her ready room to find out if it can give them any information to get home

Huge surprise but WE GOT A NEW SHIP (and the crew jumps with joy shedding confetti everywhere on the old ship.) This does not concern the custodial staff because it will be Perkin’s crew that will be cleaning that up. The reason for the change is for increased living space. My crew needs double wides for all the amazing stories they are creating. So far some of the new space has been taken up by a hockey rink where Vlader is currently waxing Kelly’s backside in a friendly game of hockey. GO FLYERS Don’t tell my real family because they will keel haul me for not using our family team.

The Goo Be Gone thread is actually almost out of goo but that will open up the way for our intrepid band of space explorers to show how the Borg can be taken out with Slime. Oh yes, people, it is in the works Ever try to get that stuff out of a carpet? Try the whirly gears and motors of the Borg implants and by the way did we mention is reproduces by exploding every twenty minutes if noises over a whisper are heard.

Mardusk’s mama’s coming so everyone needs to be on their best behavior. If you get smart and she doesn’t kill you I would avoid Mardusk for being mean to his mama. Ian thinks he is the next Galactic best Pastry chef so when he “Nail’s it” there will be cupcakes for all. Kelly and Ethan are attending a surprise birthday party for the Atlantis’ ol’ pal Perkins by bringing his mom.

Adventures about and if I forgot your story I am sorry. I think there is a keystroke limit for this box.

Spotlight: Admiral Reginald Perkins! There is nothing more uniting for a crew than a singular enemy. This enemy is the preening peacock, Reginald Perkins. He has brought his two aides Dirk and Titus to help him with the handover. The happy band of space explorers have banded together behind their Captain against her mortal enemy with a steely determination that has brought a tear to her eyes. Each and every crew member finding a subtle way to point out that Perkins should not lean against the airlock because Airlock blowouts are the main form of superior officer loss at this time on the Atlantis.

Vacancies: I am looking for a Chief Science Officer.

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: No report submitted

AFComm’s Comments: The Atlantis is no longer looking for a CSO. Kai Kingstone played by Jay Luistro is the new CSO of the ship.

Some good activity from the Atlantis, particularly considering the holiday season. The main concern is inactivity at the XO position, which hopefully will get turned around in January.

USS Dresden

Commanding Officer: No report submitted

Executive Officer: Joana Ribeiro

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 6
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: December was a slow month on the Dresden, with the holidays taking their usual toll on posting numbers. Crew members have been returning and posting is slowly picking up speed. The main sim is underway and I am hoping to see posting returning to normal with the return of our GM.

Spotlight: This month I would like to spotlight Tyra Schroll and Ben Z who held on to their regular posting even during one of the busiest times of the year!


Gamemaster: No report submitted

FComm’s Comments: 33 posts were submitted in December 2019 for the USS Dresden and although December is usually a slow month I feel the post count was a little low. Though I will note that this maybe down to a mixture of vacant positions and eLOA’s. As of posting this report I have the following concerns in terms or personnel.

Christopher Bennett - Chief of Security:

Christopher has been on LOA but is due to return today 11/01/2019. I am hoping that should he return in the next couple of days the Security Department of the ship will become active once again.

Em Stephenson - Doctor:

Em has been LOA for sometime and plays a Doctor on the Dresden. It has been 74 days since her last post she is close to 3 months over her return date and there appears to be no sign of her return in the near future. It if my recommendation that he position be given to a more active member of the club.

I will be keeping a very close eye on the Dresden over the coming weeks and will be there to assist the CO and XO as and when required I am hoping to see good things take place throughout January. For the record I would like to add that although reminders were sent out the Commanding Officer and Gamesmaster were not excused from this report.

AFComm’s Comments: Chiming in some time after Louis wrote his report. The Dresden did have a rough December, but it got moving in the New Year and the command staff did a nice job addressing various issues early in January.

USS Ogawa

Commanding Officer: Calé Reilly

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 5

Ship Status: The sim is getting close to its end. We have had some LOAs and AWOLs as a result of the holidays but some amazing side sims and work by the crew in side sims and things that have been really entertaining to read. We also welcomed some new crew to the madness at the end of December and I’m hopeful of the new year for the owie.

Spotlight: Sarah and Al, some excellent interactions with the creatures and the crew in threads. Sam who as ever is a creative and exciting writer to read. Roger for his great side sim work. Shalon for such an interesting character Introduction and James who jumped right back into the main sim without breaking a sweat.

Vacancies: At the moment we are full. The roster is closed.

Executive Officer: No report submitted

Gamemaster: Lindsay Bayes

Crew Posting Level: 5
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 7

Sim Overview: After reviewing the episode Of Starbase Hospital: The Next Generation that the CO was about to watch, the crew has stumbled upon a way out of the subspace bubble that has them trapped and is working on implementing the solution. Meanwhile, the soap opera ‘characters’ have been gathered in Primary Sickbay and the news of their ‘colleague’ Losa’s (who is actually Ensign Hart) death has hit the soap opera Chief of Staff hard.

We’re nearly there folks!

Spotlight: Kudos to Sam, Harley and Brandon for actively driving the action forward. Their efforts have helped us approach the end, for which I’m sure we’re all grateful.

FComm’s Comments: I have no concerns with the Owie and she is in great condition that the roster is full and the sim is moving. December is renowned as a quite month but still with 186 the ship performed outstandingly. I look forward to seeing great things in 2020. Please note the XO was not excused from this months report.

Outpost 42

Commanding Officer: Adam W.

Crew Posting Level: 7
Senior Staff Posting Level: 5
Overall Ship Health: 6

Ship Status: 95 posts this month, which is the third most all year, and that in December. It’s a Christmas miracle. Actually, it was a lot of tag posting by a small portion of the crew that were certainly enjoying it.

We added an Assistant Counselor played by Steven, his second character on the Outpost, which he hit the ground running with. In January hopefully we’ll see some activity pick up in the main sim as everyone settles into the new year.

We still could use a chief of security or any kind of JO. There’s some great writers on the Outpost, so let me know if you want to join us!

Spotlight: Kate and Steven. Now I haven’t read all the posts they’ve put up over Christmas, but what I did get through of the backstory introduction of Steven’s character was certainly entertaining.

Vacancies: COS, JO’s

Executive Officer: Kate O’Neill

Crew Posting Level: 9
Senior Staff Posting Level: 9
Overall Ship Health: 9

Ship Status: Holy smokes captain is that Marshmallows? Yes yes, the third-grade science class of Outpost 42 is on a field trip led by none other than the dashing and daring Duncan Rhodes. He, with his lovely assistant Lily, have donned the gear of the Federation Folk with a highly inquisitive group of eight-year-olds. Maybe Duncan should keep an eye on the kids and not the wildlife. Jessica is embarking on an off the book’s mission to help an old friend. The main sim has the crew working hard to solve the riddle: So a three-year-old, Mideveil knight and Romulan walk into Evie’s Cafe...... All jokes aside the main sim is highly intriguing and captivating leaving the reader saying “say what” as all good sims should do. Dr. Paige Stone is performing brain surgery to save her Klingon patient while Baldur is getting her up to speed about what is occurring on the other decks.

Spotlight: While he is my writing partner, so yes there is nepotism involved, my spotlight goes to Steven Sigle. He has introduced a character on the Outpost that is deeply complex and interesting. The story arch is not typical of his more recent work but shows how well he can write when he steps out of his comfort zone and takes a chance. Nathan is not the typical counselor so do not come to him complaining about you’re prize poodle not winning the Federation Kennel Club or that your kid was not singled out specifically for recognition when all the kids received a participation trophy. In fact, avoid these keywords when interacting with Lt. Nathan Harland: participation trophy, TED talks, or what you should be entitled to because you are you…(this was what drove him BACK to Starfleet from his lucrative private practice.)


Gamemaster: No report submitted

AFComm’s Comments: Repeating my CO report a bit, the Outpost was far less active in December than the total post count indicated. Those who were busy over the holidays slowed down while Kate and Steven introduced additional characters rapidly. The main sim was pretty much at a stand still, but with this time of year that isn’t overly concerning.

AFComm’s Overall Comments: We certainly saw some slowdowns in the fleet in December, which is quite normal. In January we’re looking to see the ships bounce back to normal. Some of the issues identified in this report have already been addressed and others are currently being worked on.

I took on this role as I think it is really helpful to have some experienced help for a brand new FComm. Louis already has a lot of admin ability he brings to the role and he has a great willingness to put time into tasks he works on. I’ve been working on teaching the big picture of being an FComm, explaining mistakes I see FComms make, and giving Louis feedback. I see my role as primarily focusing on training and letting Louis take care of the majority of the admin, at least when he’s available to do so.

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