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No Regrets Introduction
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by SNN Executive Editor Mike Ballway

Jim Midyette, more than any other, has been there for STF when it needed a leader. Despite being implicated in the infamous "Midyette Scandal" that ripped STF in early 1993 (though most STFers today don't remember it. Nowadays it's just one of those buzzwords that STF captains use to frighten their ensigns), Jim bounced back and not only managed to get re-elected as President, but get re-elected again. And again. And, if he had stuck around longer, probably again after that. More than any other person in STF memory, he has shaped STF's current system of government and roleplaying. Or at the very least, he was around to record it as others did.

Because of his history with STF -- because he was there in the formative years but, unlike others, stayed with the club long enough to see those years become forgotten -- Midyette was perhaps the best-suited person in the club to be an historian. So, in 1995, he added that title to the list of his that included Former President, Former Vice-President, Secretary of State, and others and wrote his history of STF, entitled "No Regrets." (supposedly referring to what he had at the time; he was about to resign, but with no regrets. In the end, he managed to stay another year before finally vanishing).

--Commodore Mike Ballway, 26 July 1997

Notes on This Edition
by SNN Executive Editor Mike Ballway
"No Regrets" was written in chapters, although the chapters didn't mean anything. When Jim posted No Regrets on Prodigy's Bulletin Boards, the amount of writing he did was enough to take up more than 11 notes. Thus, the 12 "chapters" of No Regrets weren't really chapters in the truest sense . . . they were more like page breaks. In fact, some of the old chapters begin in the middle of sentences!

In preparing No Regrets for posting on the 'Net, I went through No Regrets and eliminated the arbitrary chapter breaks. I've broken NR up into 4 pages, to minimize download time; in addition, I've divided each page up into a few sections to keep various parts of STF history separate. In addition, because this was intended to be read by an STF membership in 1994 -- a membership that was used to certain things that the ordinary Netizen of 1997 wouldn't be -- I've annotated this edition with a few footnotes.

--Commodore Mike Ballway, 26 July 1997

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