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Welcome to the Foremost Fleet's History and Policy page.

Fleet History

Pre 1994

  • The Foremost Fleet (also known as Fleet 1) was the second fleet created on STF's Prodigy site and was the largest fleet in the Prodigy Classic corps.
  • Originally the Foremost Fleet had two active ships, USS Ark Angel and USS Aurora, and another non-active ship, USS Daedalus, in its drydock.
  • On Prodigy, the Foremost Fleet served as the Command for all active operations in the Beta Quadrent. Its HQ was based on Earth with a field HQ on Starbase 243, which was located near the Klingon/Romulan border.


  • A new name was sought for the Foremost Fleet. However, after a brief search, its name was never changed.


  • President Mike Bourdaa moves USS Victorious from Fleet 2 to Fleet 1.


  • The Foremost Fleet transfers from Prodigy to STF's new web-based bulliten board (WeBB) on the World Wide Web.
  • The Foremost Fleet, prior to moving, was STF's last outpost on the Prodigy Classic Network and was the only fleet to make the transfer while still in operation on Prodigy - all other fleets shut down for a few days during their respective moves.
  • The Association of Trekkers (AT), a RP Group on Prodigy Classic, merges with Star-Fleet.com. President Bob Spurlin extends an invitation to members of AT to establish a ship within Fleet 1.
  • After hearing nothing from the Association of Trekkers (AT) since the merger, President Bob Spurlin rescinds the merger and invitation for AT members to establish a ship in Fleet 1.


  • After transfering to the WeBB, the Foremost Fleet grew in size resulting in the USS Ark Angel and USS Victorious being joined by the USS Ogawa, USS Apache and USS Aries. It is unclear what happened to USS Aurora or USS Daedalus.
  • USS Aries is recommissioned as USS Sydney (NCC-80019), an Athens class ship.


  • USS Apache is recommissioned as USS Resolution (NCC-74646), a Discover class ship.
  • USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014), a Nimitz class ship, is recommissioned as USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014-A), a Maverick class ship.
  • USS Sydney (NCC-80019) is decommissioned and replaced by the USS Crusader, a Pendragon Class ship.


  • USS Crusader, a Pendragon class ship, is recommissioned as USS Maverick (NCC-68810), a Maverick class ship.
  • USS Resolution (NCC-74646), a Discovery class ship, is recommissioned as USS Valkyrie (NCC-88751), a Viking class ship.
  • USS Victorious (NCC-65442), a Andormeda class ship, is recommissioned as USS Victorious (NCC-65442-A), a Phoenix class ship.
  • President Deane moves USS Maverick from Fleet 1 to Fleet 7.


  • STF's only Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era ship, SS Bonaventure (NCC-01), is created and given a 90 day trial run in Fleet 1.
  • USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014-A), a Maverick class ship, is recommissioned as USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014-C), a Nimitz class ship.


  • SS Bonaventure passes its trial period and is made a permanent ship within Fleet 1.


  • SS Bonaventure is decommissioned for 30 days, due to significant problems maintaining a healthy RP environment.
  • Scottie Testing Centre, an alt RPG area for Research and Development, is relocated to Fleet 1.
  • SS Bonaventure (NCC-01) is recommissioned in Fleet 1.
  • USS Ogawa (NCC-64284) is recommissioned as an alt-RPG area.


  • President Hemenway decommissions the Scottie Testing Centre.


  • President Herr moves the USS Aztec from Fleet 3 to Fleet 1.


  • President Dipper decommissions USS Victorious and merges her crew with the USS Aztec.
  • USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014-C) is recommissioned as USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014-D), a Mjolnir class ship.


  • President Bayes decommissions USS Valkyrie.


  • President Diamond moves the USS Asimov from Fleet 4 to Fleet 1.


  • President Bates decommissions USS Ogawa.
  • Fleet 1's name is officially changed to the Foremost Fleet, its long held moniker.


  • USS Ark Angel (NCC-2014-E) is rechristened as the USS Ark Angel (NCC-98729).
  • SS Bonaventure's charter updated to define 'Enterprise Era' timeframe.
  • Three monthly Fleet Awards established.
  • Foremost Fleet History and Policy page established.
  • President Dedul commends the XO of the SS Bonaventure for going 'above and beyond' to keep the ship running.


  • President Archer moves the newly renamed and reclassed USS Manhattan (NCC-88000) from the Meridian Fleet to the Foremost Fleet.
  • President Bayes changes the USS Asimov (NCC-73404-B) to Brazen-class.


  • President DeSpain changes the Brazen-classed USS Asimov (NCC-73404-B) to the Chandley-classed USS Asimov (NCC-73404-C).

Current Ships

* N.B The Ship Mission (Sim) Archive is STF's ongoing, albeit incomplete, archive of sims. It is maintained and updated by the GM Department.

Ship Name Description Mission Archive
USS Ark Angel The USS Ark Angel is a Mythology Class Deep Space Explorer. Its missions entail exploration, first contact, and scientific survey work with a healthy mix of combat, mystery and intrigue. Mission Archive
USS Aztec The Aztec is a Victoria Class ship. Its missions involve having fun and are normally flexible and crew-centric in their nature. Mission Archive
USS Asimov The Asimov is a Chandley class ship boasting a small but dedicated crew. Its missions are normally detailed and contain interesting twists. Mission Archive
SS Bonaventure The Bonaventure (Bonny / Bonnie) is the STF's only Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era ship. Its missions place a great emphasis on character building and involve exploration and adventure elements. Mission Archive
USS Manhattan The Manhattan is the lead ship of its class. Its missions involve having fun and are normally flexible and crew-centric in their nature. Mission Archive

Species Encountered in the Fleet

* N.B All the information below was obtained from the Ship Mission (Sim) Archive maintained and updated by the GM Department.

Species Name Summary of Encounter
Tholian and Neyel The Aztec was called upon to engage in diplomatic talks with the Tholians, which quickly fell into disarray. However, after being trapped in a Tholian web, the Aztec managed to negotiate a peace treaty between the Tholians and Neyel.
Huntarian The Aztec was sent by Starfleet Command to negotiate with the Huntarians and convince them to leave Klingon space, due to increased tensions in the region. However the Huntarians did not heed the Aztecís warnings and a war between the Klingons and Huntarians ensued.
Meleck The Aztec engaged in a first contact mission with the Meleck civilisation. However, due to the contact not being a success, diplomatic relations between the Federation and the Melecks were set back a few years.
Daleks The SS Bonaventure encountered the Daleks while investigating the Tay Lamda colony. The Bonaventure was subsequently attacked by the Daleks but were saved by the mysterious Doctor Who.
Nausican and Tellarite The SS Bonaventure intercepted the Nausican pirates as they were attacking a defenseless Tellarite freighter. The Bonaventure's crew managed to scare off the Nausicans and aid the stricken Tellarite freighter.
Draxis The Bonaventure were invited to take part in the wedding of the King of Shangera-9 and the Princess of the ten tribes of Shangera-12. Shortly after arriving on scene the Bonaventure had to prevent the first Centurion, Draxis from kidnapping the Princess of Sangera-12. The Bonaventure succeeded in this endeavour allowing Sangera 9 and 12 to unite.
De'Lazera The De'Lazera invited the crew of the Bonaventure to an unnamed planet, whereby he subjected them to recount their worst fears. However, despite this, the crew managed to defeat De'Lazera by destroying his body and his consciousness.
Oassarian The Bonaventure was called to aide a distressed Oassarian ship, upon arriving at the scene the Bonaventure was powerless to prevent the Ossarian ship from crashing into a planet.
Romulans The Bonaventure first encountered the Romulans after its crew stole a prototype starfleet battle cruiser called the Kunzler and used it in a battle against the Romulans. Since then, the Bonaventure has interacted with the Romulans on multiple occassions to various outcomes as part of the Earth/Romulan war.
Terrans The Asimov encountered the Terrans after being transported to the mirror universe through a rift in space.
Klingons The Asimov was attacked by a Klingon Bird of Prey when trying to transport a prisoner to trial. After a short battle, the Asimov managed to overpower the Bird of Prey and escape with limited damage.
Dakari The Asimov interacted with the non-corporeal aliens, the Dakari, when they invaded the crews bodies and tried to take over the ship, after the Asimov flew into an unknown nebula. After 24-hours, the Dakari vacated the crews bodies and the Asimov was allowed to leave the nebula in peace.
Cardassians The Asimov came into contact with the Cardassians when resupplying a refugee camp at B'Len. The camps overseer, a corrupt Klingon known as Kosic, was mistreating the Cardassians.
Jau'ranians The Asimov was damaged internally after receiving a delegation from Jau'rani Prime. An unknown alien then took the crew hostage and threatened the all out annihilation of Jau'rani Prime, if the Jau'ranians made an alliance with the Federation. After a short space battle, the Asimov managed to overpower the alien and escape the region without Jau'rani Prime being destroyed.
Vektan The Vektan are a sentient spider-people, who were encountered by the Ark Angel when they responded to a distress call on Hoth IV. After a rocky exchange, the Ark Angel escorted the Vektan back to Earth so they could engage in diplomatic proceedings with Starfleet Command.
Nastran The Ark Angel encountered the Nastran, the enemy of the Vektan, when they were accused of attempting to assassinate a Vektan delegate on Earth. After an in-depth investigation, the evidence outlined it was a Vektan overlord who had orchestrated the plot. As such, the Vektan, Nastran and the Federation managed to agree a diplomatic treaty.
Romulans The Ark Angel interacted with the Romulans after discovering a crashed Romulan vessel on an uncharted planet.
Paqualins The Ark Angel was sent to Paqual Prime, where they encountered the Paqualins - who were trying to gain Federation membership. The Ark Angel helped protect the Paqualins against a rebel faction by building a shield matrix to defend Paqual Prime.
Kessian After encountering pseudo-Borg and Romulan technology, the Ark Angel's crew encountered an alien known as the 'Dark Angel'. The Ark Angel attacked the Dark Angel to prevent it from obliterating the Kessians.
Ellora Upon encountering a spatial anomaly, the Ark Angel came into contact with the HMS Remembrance, a ship of the British Empire that had emerged from World War III. Shortly afterward, the Ellora, a militant species, who had fought in World War III against the British Empire, attacked the Ark Angel and Remembrance. Due to the firepower of the Remembrance and Ark Angel, the Ellora were destroyed in the attack.
Arvedas and Devaras The Ark Angel came into contact with the Arvedas and Devaras when searching an uncharted area of the Beta Quadrant. This resulted in an argument between the Ark Angel, the Devaras, and the Arvedas and the loss of Arcadia, the Arvedas, home world.

Fleet Policies

Fleet Policy #1

Appointment of XO's & GM's:

All XO or GM appointments, within the fleet, are subject to the consent of the Fleet Commander, who may choose to approve or refuse the appointment.

Fleet Policy #2

Promotions to Commander or above:

Any promotions to the rank of Commander or higher, within the fleet, are subject to the consent of the Fleet Commander, who may choose to approve or refuse the promotion.

Fleet Policy #3

Healthy Ship Definition:

It is the collective responsibility of a ships Captain's (CO), Executive Officer's (XO), and the Fleet Commander to ensure the ship becomes and remains healthy.

For the purpose of this policy, a ship is classified as healthy if it:

  • Has all Command (CO, XO and GM) positions filled.
  • Has all Department Head (CMO, CE, COS and CSO) positions filled.
  • Has at least 1 Junior Officer (JO) in each department (Sci, Med, Sec and Eng).
  • Has no long term AWOLs, according to the STF Master Roster.
  • Fleet Policy #4

    Monthly Fleet Award Winners:

    The Fleet Commander and Assistant Fleet Commander are jointly responsible for publicly announcing the winners of the Monthly Fleet Awards in Command via the Monthly Fleet Report, and within the fleet as they see appropriate. This may include posts to Foremost Fleet Ships, and notices on Foremost Fleet MOTDs.

    Fleet Policy #5:

    Fleet History & Policy Page Updates:

    The Fleet Commander and Assistant Fleet Commander are collectively responsible for ensuring the Fleet History & Policy Page is remains accurate and up-to-date. They will do this by regularly reviewing this page at least once a term.

    Fleet Awards

    Ship of the Month (SotM) Award:

    This award is given to the ship that, within the last month, has had:

    • The lowest AWOL Rate.
    • All Command (CO, XO & GM) positions filled.
    • All DH (CE, CSO, COS & CMO) positions filled.
    • At least 1 JO in each department (Sci, Sec, Med and Eng).

    If two ships meet the criteria they will both be awarded the Ship of the Month Award. However, if more than two ships meet the criteria a decision on which ship/ships win the award will be made by the Fleet Commander & Assistant Fleet Commander.

    Golden Pen Award:

    This award is given to the ship that, within the last month, has:

    • Authored the most amount of IC posts.

    Player of the Month (PotM) Award:

    This award is given to a crew member within the Foremost Fleet who, within the last month, has:

    • Gone above and beyond the call of duty (either IC or OOC).

    This award is given given based on the recommendations of the Command Staff (CO, XO & GMs) of the Foremost Fleet. Recommendations are normally submitted with the Monthly Fleet Report.

    Past and Present Fleet Commanders

    * N.B Acting Fleet Commanders have been excluded from the following list, unless they were appointed to the position by Presidential Edict.

    Name Dates Served
    Den HanniganJuly 8 1998 - June 21 1999
    Mark WilsonJune 21 1999 - September 25 2001
    Greg HertzschSeptember 25 2001 - April 4 2003
    Shalon HurlbertApril 4 2003 - April 19 2004
    Mike SeilerApril 19 2004 - November 14 2005
    Symon SilvesterNovember 14 2005 - February 12 2006
    Therle DreganskyFebruary 12 2006 - August 1 2006
    Amanda NoonAugust 1 2006 - April 2 2007
    Jack DipperApril 2 2007 - August 1 2007
    Phillip StonessAugust 1 2007 - November 8 2007
    Gene GibbsNovember 8 2007 - August 3 2008
    Joe BradleyAugust 3 2008 - December 11 2008
    David WonderlyDecember 11 2008 - February 15 2009
    Jody RomeroFebruary 15 2009 - March 29 2009
    Sam BibbMarch 29 2009 - February 2 2010
    Sidney ParkerFebruary 2 2010 - January 9 2011
    Amanda NoonJanuary 9 2011 - April 11 2011
    Cale ReillyApril 11 2011 - October 11 2011
    Dean InglisOctober 11 2011 - December 14 2011
    Lloyd HibdonDecember 14 2011 - June 9 2012
    Sidney ParkerJune 9 2012 - April 13 2013
    Jack DipperApril 13 2013 - June 28 2013
    David WonderlyJuly 12 2013 - October 28 2013
    Sam WatersOctober 28 2013 - December 9 2013
    Sidney ParkerDecember 9 2013 - January 27 2014
    Crissy NJanuary 27 2014 - April 21 2014
    Amber HaganApril 21 2014 - April 12 2015
    TJ MorganApril 12 2015 - January 31 2016
    Cale ReillyApril 12 2015 - January 31 2016
    Krys McLeanAugust 14 2016 - April 2010 2017
    Russell WattApril 10 2017 - Current