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Glossary of Terms Page

The Glossary of Terms page contains our current timeline, ship items and ship places of the era.

Crew Expectations

The SS Bonaventure is an alt era ship, in a sense it is very much like an Academy ship. As such I expect more from a DH then a mainstream ship. As a DH you are a mentor to all JO's new to the Bonaventure era below you.

Posting Limits are 3 Days For Command Staff, 5 Days For Department Heads, and 7 Days For Junior Officers.

XO Expectations

The XO on the Bonaventure is very much like the XO on an Academy ship in that they need to be actively in contact with all DH's. Encouraging them, mentoring them and assisting them in keeping contact with their JO's.

DH Expectations

The DH on the Bonaventure needs to contact each new JO upon their being added to the ship. They must welcome them and let them know that they(the DH) are always there for assistance. If the JO's are not posting regularly the DH should contact their JO and offer either their assistance or to put the JO on LOA if they need to be.

Bonaventure Captains

10-22-2003 - Captained by Captain Krystelle Bromilow/McLean on her 3 month trial period

12-15-2004 - Captain Symon Silvester takes command of the Bonaventure

07-06-2006 - Recommissioned under Captain Krystelle McLean

09-07-2006 - Captain Bret Godfrey takes command of the Bonaventure

12-03-2007 - Captain Joseph Bradley takes command of the Bonaventure

04-27-2010 - Captain TJ Morgan Promoted the his First Captaincy on the Bonaventure

06-13-2011 - Captain TJ Morgan promoted back to Captain and made CO for a second time, after having been demoted at some point prior

07-12-2011 - Captain Lloyd Hibdon is granted command of the Bonaventure

05-20-2012 - Captain Joe Lighter is given command of the Bonaventure

09-16-2012 - Captain Chris Taylor recieves command of the Bonaventure

07-20-2015 - Captain Krys McLean is given command of the Bonaventure

05-10-2017- Mat Wiseman is given command of the Bonaventure

01-30-2018- Melissa Aragon is given command of the Bonaventure

General Timeline of the Bonaventure

10-22-2003 - Three month Trial Period Begins

02-18-2004 - Established as a Permanent Ship in Fleet 1

03-03-2006 - Decommissioned for 30 days

07-06-2006 - Recommissioned

04-03-2015 - SS Bonaventure charter updated to define 'Enterprise Era' timeframe

02-25-2017 - Voted Best Alt Roleplaying Area in the CLUB

03-09-2017 - Named February's Fleet One Ship of the Month

09-30-2017 - Voted Love Boat

Mission List:

GM's Collar

10-22-2003 - 07-01-2005 - Andromeda; GM: Matt B

07-01-2005 - 03-05-2006 - Doctor... who?; GM: Jack Dipper

07-10-2006 - 12-23-2006 - Under a Forlorn Sky; GM: Bret Godfrey

12-23-2006 - 01-27-2008 - Vesper in a Bottle; GM: Bret Godfrey

02-18-2008 - 08-19-2008 - Metus; GM: Joe Bradley

01-30-2010 - 12-01-2010 - The Ultimate Weapon; GM: Julia K

04-13-2011 - 06-01-2011 - Jurassic Evolution; GM: David Wonderly/Matt B

10-06-2011 - 11-19-2011 - This Above All; GM: Haley Cartee

11-19-2011 - 01-1-2012 - Time's shield; GM: Robert Archer

05-21-2012 - 06-09-2012 - Puzzle Puzzle Warp To Trouble; GM: Robert Archer

06-09-2012 - 05-13-2013 - Going Rogue; GM: Robert Archer

05-29-2013 - 10-27-2013 - Romulan War Saga: Outbreak; GM: Robert Archer

11-21-2014 - 01-19-2014 - RWS: No Man Left Behind; GM: Robert Archer

04-22-2014 - 10-27-2014 - RWS: Unknown; GM: Robert Archer

04-22-2015 - 09-26-2015 - Decision at Midnight; GM: Robert Archer

09-27-2015 - 01-01-2016 - Instincts; GM: Krys McLean

10-04-2016 - 01-29-2017 - Past Friendships; GM: Robert Archer

02-21-2017 - 10-07-2017 - For The Glory; GM: James Harrison

07-19-2017 - 03 2018-The Fall of New Rome: Phil Graham (Sim rebooted-02-02-2018)

03-11-2018-Present - Snow White and the White Dwarf Star: Gene Gibbs

Ship Description:


The Bonaventure is the only Enterprise-era Ship in STF. On the Bonnie, we explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and we most certainly go boldly where no man has gone before... Don't get me started on the politically correct version...

Enterprise Era means that we have a few extra/altered positions, including:

Communications Officer: XO Krys McLean

MACO CO: Filled by Tyra "Mouse" Schroll

MACOs: One spot open; One spot Played by Jeremy DeSpain

Helmsman: Vacant

Chief Armory Officer: Played by James Sinclair

Armory Officers: Played By AJ Paulson

Description written by the Friendliest and best XO around, on 29-04-2018

Historical information and CO's Notes written and/or found by Krys McLean