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This is our brand new information page giving you everything you need to get to grips with the Abramsverse and all that it contains. You will find information about the weapons, equipment and Starfleet in general from the Abramsverse, as well as some helpful links if you want more info.


The Chernov is currently the Club's only Abramsverse ship, and set in the year 2268. We are in an alterante universe compared to the other standard ships in the club, which are based in the prime universe. This is where the events of the Original Series and Next Generation movies take place. The abramsverse is based around the most recent films, starting with Star Trek. This means that events occuring in the Prime Universe do not affect the Abramsverse, so as of yet there has been no alliance with the Klingons. As a result, the Chernov has different technologies and capabilities to that of a standard ship.

Ship Structure

The structure of the crew aboard the Chernov is slightly different to a standard ship. The main differences are that the XO also doubles as a Department Head (DH). This is usually a less mainstream department, like Communications which is what I, the current XO, currently double as. There is still 4 main departments: Science, Engineering, Medical and Security, but the Chief of Security is known as the Weapons officer. Swing positions are also created aboard the Chernov, such as Helm or Morale officer, and act in the mostly the same way as they would on a standard ship.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology is somewhat less advanced in the Abramsverse. For example, the Chernov only has a maximum sustainable warp velocity of TOS Warp 8 or TNG Warp 6.5. Also, commbadges have not been invented yet, so we stil use handheld communicators. To show we are using our communicator, we use the standard '=/\=' symbol, like the Prime Universe ships. Most other technology aboard still functions the same as the Prime Universe, such as Tractor Beams and the Transporters.

Weapons and Defensive Systems

The Chernov is equipped with two long range phaser systems, adding up to 16 phaser turrets spaced around the Chernov's hull, and is also equipped with two Torpedo firing tubes, and carries a load of 150 Photon Torpedoes. In the Prime Universe, ships are usually also equipped with quantum torpedoes, but these have not been invented yet. There are eight shield generators plotted around the hull, which act the same as they would in the Prime Universe, just with less effectiveness. In terms of personal weapons, there are 3 main types of phasers: Type 1, which are small, concealable phasers; Type 2, which are standard hand phasers; and Type 3, which are phaser rifles. Phasers in the Prime Universe tend to have 16 settings in total, where as aboard the Chernov, there are only two: Stun and Kill. There are enoguh phaser aboard to arm every member of the crew, since the crew size is significatly smaller than a ship in the Prime Universe.

The Chernov

The USS Chernov is, currently, the ship's only Abramsverse based ship. It operates with AWOL limits of: 3 days for Command Staff (CO, XO and GM); 5 days for Department Heads (including the CNS); and 7 days for any junior officers or civilian characters. These posting limtis are monitored through the Master Roster, which can be found here. The ship is laways looking for new crew members, and anyone interested in joining can contact either the ship's CO, TJ Morgan, or the ship's XO and GM, Luke Ronayne.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links which can help you get started in the Abramsverse:

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