The History of Fleet Six in STF

According to SNN update August 6 1998 Edition, Fleet 6 was added to the drop down menu but at that time no ships or MOTD’s were available. The WeBB was facing an influx of members since having been on the Internet. This caused a huge explosion of new Ships and Fleets. It consisted at that time of three fleets, Fleet 3, Fleet 4 and Fleet 5. Fleets 1 and 2 as we know them today, were still on the P* (Prodigy) network, albeit they were losing members on the P* Bulletin Boards.

So, on the Eighth Day of August 1998, The Sixth fleet was officially commissioned. Now, the problem is, a lot of history has been lost in space. That being said, I am aware that the very first ships of Fleet Six were the USS Independence, NX-98311, commanded by Colin Wyers and the USS Ares (Formerly the USS Concorde), commanded by Owen Townes. The USS Ares for some reason or other did not receive a registry number, or at least I was unable to find one. Colin Wyers had the distinct privilege of being the first Fleet Commander of Fleet Six. He was to hold that position for awhile. Owen Townes is a legend himself. He was the only commanding officer of the USS Ares. It is rare that a ship could boast only having one commanding officer during its service.

The first assistant Fleet Commander was Chris Healey who was commanding officer of USS Futura, NCC-72940. The Futura and USS Olympic, NCC-80000, transferred from the ever growing Fleet Five, nicknamed the Meridian Fleet. The commanding officers of these ships were Adam St. Clair and James Speck, respectively. By the end of its inaugural year, Fleet Six already saw a lot of changes. Including the addition of the USS Seraph, commanded by Bob Spurlin, and the USS Kestrel, commanded by Alan Felts. Fleet Six would also see commanding officers come and go, including: Adam St. Clair of the USS Futura (replaced by Seamus Hughes), Bob Spurlin of the USS Seraph (replaced eventually by Butch Carter), Jim Armstrong of the USS Olympic (replaced by Stuart Coll), and James Becker of the USS Brandywine (replaced by John Anglin). August 3rd 1999 also saw the Decommissioning of the USS Aries and the Commissioning of the USS Pict, commanded by Elan Rubin. Whew! What a first year!

The Fleet was without a nick name of its own for ages. First fleet was known as the forward fleet, Second fleet was the Great White Fleet (probably the most legendary Fleet in STF history!), Third Fleet was known as the Coreward fleet, Fourth Fleet was the Forceful Fleet (a contest was held by WebbSights magazine for a suitable name to the fourth fleet added in 1995), and the Fifth fleet, already mentioned as the Meridian Fleet. Fleet Six was finally known as the Renaissance Fleet. I wish I could have found an awesome tale to tell about it, but I was unable to find one. In December of 2007, Fleet Commander Russell Watt, changed the Fleet’s nickname to The Outback Fleet. It has since changed to "The Black Fleet".

Fleet Six continues to exist with Pride. Its current ships include: Starbase 277, the forever creative OED V, USS Europa, USS Genesis, USS Merrimack, USS Olympic (our flagship) and the USS Vanguard. It has changed in the last ten years but always continued to steam forward with optimism. And we all can hope that as long as there is a club, that there will be a Fleet Six.

Also included in this history contemplation is a Chronological History of Fleet Six, a list of Past and Present Fleet Commanders, past fleet banners and a Bibliography as well as an Authors note. Please Read Forth.

History of Fleet Six Chronologically

















A Listing of all Fleet Six Fleet Commanders:

Name: Dates Served:
Colin WyersAugust 8 1998 - March 3 1999
Seamus HughesMarch 3 1999 - November 10 1999
Colin WyersNovember 10 1999 - January 22 2000
Nick LackieJanuary 22 2000 - August 1 2000
Stuart CollAugust 1 2000 - July 8 2002
Deanne AshtonJuly 8 2002 - December 4 2003
Janelle KimberDecember 4 2003 - June 17 2006
Symon SilvesterJune 17 2006 - August 24 2007
Daniel LearnerAugust 24 2007 - December 13 2007
Russell WattDecember 13 2007 - August 3 2008
Missy BradleyAugust 3 2008 - February 22 2009
Symon SilvesterFebruary 22 2009 - August 13 2010
Emily StephensonAugust 13 2010 - January 9 2011
Terry CalvinJanuary 9 2011 - April 11 2011
Russell WattApril 11 2011 - June 12 2011
Brian RichardsJune 12 2011 - August 13 2011
Symon SilvesterAugust 13 2011 - October 11 2011
Kendra KerrOctober 11 2011 - June 2012
Julia K.June 30 2012 - Present Day

Previous Banners:

Author's Note:

Julia K. (2013):
I will continue Kendra's great work here. More information in regards to Fleet Six is welcomed, including past banners, stories and interesting facts. Please send any info to me: Julia K.

Kendra Kerr (2012):
This was a project first started in the spring of 2008 when I was an XO on the Genesis. It was put on hold for many years. Once I became FComm-6 myself, I promised to finish the project during my term. It has been a very insightful journey and I am glad to share all the information gathered with my fellow STF'ers.