Oed V Facilities

To fully appreciate the OED as a visitor or potential colonist you should view the state of the art facilities that form an integral part of life under the Dome.

Life Under the Dome
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Government Building

This recently built facility dominates the skyline of the OED and sits in the centre of the city in the luxurious surrounding of Sloane Square, the central square dedicated to the memory of the late inaugural Governor of the colony.

Sloane Square contains a large park environment, but the thoroughfare links the various districts of the OED forming a busy hub to the colony. It is only a short distance from Sloane Square to access the amenities, such as the shops and the Space-port.

The Government Building is a unique amalgam of civilian and military government offices. Within the structure there is a medical centre, council offices and chambers, climate control, the office of the Head of Police. On the top floor is the Governorís Office alongside that of his deputy the Lieutenant Governor.

The Government Building is a state of the art facility only constructed within the last year as part of the rebuilding project. The tallest building in the colony, it houses the latest in technology, it also provides the latest in emergency facilities with a five level emergency bunker, with medical and crisis command centre.

This building represents the future of the OED. Modern and uniting the best traits of civilian and military foundation.

Sacred Heart Hospital

When the original hospital was destroyed in the earthquakes that threatened to destroy the colony, plans were drawn up for a replacement. A temporary facility was provided and later replaced by the medical centre in the Government Building.

Unveiled last year the hospital is a leading centre for treatment and for research. Built close to the Government Building, the hospital provides excellent services to the community and to Star-fleet. As a research and teaching hospital it will train the next generation of OED medical staff as well as create the centre for medical exploration within the bounds of Fleet 6.

Rabbitus Memorial School

Any colony with a family focus requires school facilities for the children and for the future. OED V is no exception.

In the rebuilding plan a new state of the art School facility and campus was designed and approved. The idea was to house all learning on one large site. Children from pre school through to high school are able to be educated in one purpose built campus with the facilities that are required.

Adult learning is encouraged and the school houses the OEDís adult learning and teaching centre as well as the colony main library complex.

Sited not far from the residential district and named for one of the people who helped make the OED what it is today, the Rabbitus Memorial School occupies a huge campus site. Much of this site is still under development, including the sports fields and stadium. However there is yet more designated campus site available for future expansion.

Although the majority of the school buildings are in operation, the rest of the site is scheduled to finish construct within the next year. For further details or to see the architect model of the final design, please visit the Government Building.

Residential District

The OED V residential district is formed along a simple premise. Keep it simple and keep it pretty. The colonial apartment buildings are built to meet the needs of an ever expanding population but to blend into the surroundings. New parks and boulevards have been created within the OED residential area, providing areas for people to walk, explore and celebrate life under the Dome.

When the first phase of the residential rebuilding project is completed the OED will be a desirable and affordable place to live.

Future expansion plans allow for houses further away from the OED.

Commercial District

At the heart of the OED is the Commercial district. If you need something you can find it here. From antiques to clothing, bars, clubs and restaurants, it is all in the Commercial District.

It is here that shopping meets offices to provide a culturally diverse and vibrant area. Wander the streets and explore the hidden delights that the OED has to offer.

Here are some of the highlights of the Commercial District.

Gintís Gambling - CLOSED
OEDVís first casino. It is a venture which the government invested in to create a thriving addition to the OED. If you are looking for some fun and excitement look no further than Gintís Gambling.
Borderline Bar and Grill - CLOSED
If you are looking for somewhere to eat that is suitable for any occasion then look no further than the Borderline. A favourite among OED colonists the Borderline serves excellent food and beverages at a reasonable cost.
Galenís Haberdashery - CLOSED
If fashion is your thing then look no further. Here the latest styles and must have items are available. The haberdashery services the needs of the casual shopper with many in store items, or if you want that special outfit then the tailoring services are available to you.
Recreation Centre
Described as an oasis of calm, the recreation centre provides the best in relaxation to the colony. Here you can enjoy time at your leisure, take a massage, indulge in the holodeck facilites or just to relax. Everyone needs to treat themselves, so why not today?
Hotel and Conference Centre
Situated in the heart of the Commercial district is the distinctive hotel and conference centre, the OEDís premiere visitor accommodation. If you are visiting the OED then make sure you book in here to take advantage of our five star facilities. Perhaps you need to hold a conference? Perhaps you are meeting colleagues? Whatever your need, the Conference centre can accommodate you, proving that OEDV is a centre for business and commerce.
Mining Company Office
If you are looking for the centre of mining operations on the OED, look no further. If you are looking for the supply of materials for your business or government, or just have an interest in procuring the latest in mining technology then the Mining Company Office is the right destination for you. Appointments are made upon request.
Twilights End - Closed
Looking for that unusual gift? Looking for that little something? You will find it here. Twilights End specialises in finding the right thing for you, from antiquities and general browsing in the shop, to commissioning specific items, anything you look for you will find here. Mysterious and exciting, a definite must visit place for your time on the OED.
The Cruise-In Cafe
The only 1950's themed diner in the quadrant! Don't be a square man, and come on in to have a shake!
Conrad's Trinkets and Cafe
Owner Michael Conrad offers a small but priceless selection of trinkets and oddities from around the galaxy. You will never know what you might find there! Fancy just a cup of freshly ground coffee and muffin? Then Conrad's peaceful atmosphere is just the place for you!
Fire and Ice Entertainment Lounge
The newly established and premier night spot on the coloney. Madam Kitty Conner hosts as a variety of entertainers are sure to please your every need. From knife juggling to seductive dancing, be sure to stop in and relax in style.
Gemini Security and Investigation
Twin brothers Gideon and Marek Exeter are retired Star Fleet officers who offer protection and information at a formidable price. Let their expertise be your ease of mind!
wealthy Narilik has been granted a building and zoning permit and is now building a state of the art resort that will inclde a Casino, beach and golf course.