Frequently Asked Questions

What is OEDV?
OEDV is the fifth planet in the OED system. It is a Federation colony that is rebuilding after several disasters.
Who controls the OED?
Star-fleet run the colony under a military governor on behalf of the Federation. Star-fleet are helping to establish the colony and encourage growth until such time that full control can be handed over to the civilian authorities. The OED also serves a busy commercial starport, as well as a military base.
Do civilian families live here?
Yes, in fact the largest part of the population are civilians. Star-fleet has only a limited staff. Civilian families are encouraged to move to the OED to help develop the colony. As part of the recent rebuilding several thousand new colonists were transported to the OED.
How do the Military and Civilian Governments work together?
The colony has an elected civilian government with a speaker or mayor as the leader of the council. The civilian council is responsible for organising all the services and resources that are required by the civilian population, such as schools, hospitals. Star-fleet provides resources to meet these demands and star-fleet personnel help with the construction of new facilities and providing essential skills. Military operations on the colony are separate and are controlled by the Governor and his staff. The Governor also sits on the civilian council and is responsible for the overall control of the colony. In practice, the Civilian Government informs the Governor as to their needs, requirements and desires and the Governor has final approval.
Does the OED have a Police force?
Yes, the OED has its own civilian police force as well as Star-fleet security. This means that there is a Chief of Police as well as a Chief of Security. The Star-fleet Chief of Security is responsible for the safety and security of Star-fleet personnel and facilities, this includes the Orbital Platform. The Chief of Police is responsible for a civilian police force that enforces law and order among the civilian population. If a crime is committed on Star-fleet premises then it will fall under the jurisdiction of the Chief of Security. Otherwise, even if a crime is committed by Star-fleet personnel on civilian premises, then that will fall under the jurisdiction of the Chief of Police. OEDV has a busy commercial star-port and as such also has a Customs division that has responsibility for inspecting and impounding cargoes. Their authority is limited to the Star-port only. All these forces, Police, Customs and Star-fleet Security fall under the jurisdiction of the office of the Lieutenant Governor. Any conflicts are resolved there.
Where can I find out about the history of the OED?
Read our OED history section, itís all there!
What is the Dome? Why is it necessary?
When OEDV was first established as a colony the planet was a temperate, fertile world. However, all that changed as the result of a comet crashing into the planet. The colony was nearly destroyed. However, in the end an enclosed Bio Dome was created that was capable of sustaining an environment. The OED colony has started to rebuild under the safety of the Dome. Inside the Dome is a temperate, even pleasant environment. The soil is still fertile. Outside the Dome the air is not breathable for long periods and it is a dusty barren surface.
Does it rain inside the Dome?
As part of the OED environment a computer controlled weather system was installed. This means that inside the Dome most types of weather can be created. To simulate normal world conditions, these weather patterns are normally set to maximise the environment for the colony. So yes, it does rain.
How long is a day on OEDV?
The OED has twenty five hour days.
What is the planet like?
Outside the Dome the planet is now largely rocky and barren with large amounts of dust in the atmosphere. The wind is now savage and often kicks up huge dust storms.
Does OEDV have any moons?
Just the one. Not currently named. It is little more than a large asteroid caught in orbit.
Who are the OEDís nearest neighbours?
OEDV falls under the jurisdiction of the Federation and is assigned to Fleet 6 for management. However, the closest non Federation neighbours are the Vren.
What are the Vren?
The Vren generally keep themselves to themselves. However, they do have a reputation for being easy to provoke and being aggressive when they are. The Vren saw the original founding of the colony as an affront and there were several skirmishes in the beginning. Indeed it is believed that they were behind several of the problems that the OED suffered at that point. However, in recent years the tensions have ease, probably due to the arrival of the Wave and later the Centurion. There is no direct contact with the Vren. Little is known about the Vren or Vren Space. Reports as to their physical appearance are sketchy at best. People who cross the border donít tend to come back.
What is the Centurion?
The USS Centurion is the warship assigned to OEDV as protection. Her duties involve border patrol, cargo inspection and defence duties. The Centurion is a new ship that replaced the old Defiant class USS Wave. For more information on the Ships of the OED, check out the relevant section!
Does OEDV have a space station like in DS9?
No. DS9 formed a commercial hub for ships. On the OED there is a ground star-port that provides this facility. OEDV does have an orbital platform. This is part ore processing facility and part docking facility to unload large ships unable to land on the planet. These cargos are then either transported or ferried in cargo shuttles to the planet.
How do I join the OED?
Email either the Governor (CO) or the Lieutenant Governor (XO). We are always on the lookout for new people to join our gang! Roleplaying on the OED is a big challenge, for experienced and new folks alike.
Do I have to play a Star-fleet character or can I play a civilian?
On the OED we can afford to be more flexible. You can play either. If you have an idea for a character or a particular position, speak to the CO and Xo and we would be delighted to help you out.
Can I have more than one character on the OED?
Sure thing. With so many possibilities on the OED, many of our crew like to play more than one character. This is permitted. All we ask is that you run it passed the command staff first and that you devote time equally between your characters on the OED.