Oed V Future

What does the future hold for the OED?

The OED has come a long way since itsí founding, but no successful civilisation can afford to sit back and rest upon itsí laurels. The OED is a diverse place and the future is about growth and expansion to explore itsí diversity.

This section will explore the possible futures for the OED, those already decided upon and those that are still being discussed.


It is with much delight that we can inform the reader that after much discussion with the Federation it has been decided to establish a permanent Terraforming and Reseeding team upon the OED.

The Federation Science council released the following statement.

"We are pleased to confirm that the Science Council has provided a grant to establish a permanent facility on OEDV. The planet was a fertile bio diverse planet before the comet strike and it is hoped that this terraforming project will help to reseed the planet and re-establish it as an eco-system."

The ex-Lieutenant Governor, Commander Allison Ruddock, had this to say.

"This project is about the long term future of the OED. The results wonít be tangible for many years, even centuries, but every colonist and inhabitant looks forward to the day that their descendants can live life here outside of the Dome."

The facility is currently in planning and has yet to be constructed.

Orbital Platform/Space Port Expansion

Last year the Governorís office confirmed that, in light of the increase in colonists and space traffic, the council had granted permission to expand the Space Port facility and Orbital Platform.

Although at the current time the exact nature of the expansions have yet to be decided and will require much consultation, it is clear that this is vital step in the expansion of the OED.

Rebuilding Phase 2

As the end of the first phase of rebuilding draws to an end, it is natural to look forward to the next phase.

Among the projects involved in the next phase is a memorial statue to the victims of the comet and earthquakes. There are plans for a new police headquarters. Further expansion of the residential district will be undertaken, which includes houses with gardens further from the OED. The commercial district will be expanded in line with the new businesses moving into the area and the first dedicated shopping complex will complete the regeneration for the area.

A new purpose built Star-fleet Headquarters is rumoured to be on the projects list as well.

Military Base

Among the most controversial of the future prospects is that of a base for the Federation Marine Corp. It has long been rumoured that there has been desire to erect another dome on OEDV to house a dedicated Marine base. This would be to increase the military presence in the area and to provide security for the colony.

Despite the obvious benefits to the scheme there have been some objections. We contacted the Governor to ask for a statement.

"I have heard these rumours for a while now. I can confirm that there have been no official discussions or proposals for such a facility. The OED was founded as part of a Military outpost, but this is a distinctly civilian colony and that is the long term future. There is no conspiracy, no hidden agenda, no secret plans. There is absolutely no credence to these rumours." Fleet Captain Symon Silvester, Governor OEDV

Another Dome City

Perhaps this is the ultimate future for life under the Dome. The time will come when another dome city will be a viable option with colonists looking to expand and develop the planet for the future.

This is just a future concept at this stage with no real discussions or official line, but with the future of the OED looking promising there is no reason to suspect that this is not a possibility for our descendants.

We would like to thank Fleet Captain Silvester and Commander Ruddock for their assistance.