Oed V History

Please note any historical inaccuracies are due to the loss of records in the comet strike.

Oed V, Pre-Comet

The OED system was first surveyed some thirty years ago by the USS Jerusalem and OEDV was found to be a habitable, fertile planet. Although recommended for colonisation, the proximity to Vren space delayed any attempts. Diplomatic contact was established, but no conclusive response was reached.

Some ten years ago the first of the construction ships reached the OED, determined to build an outpost as a fore-runner to establishing a colony. The Outpost was constructed with little opposition or comment. Finally the first footings for the colony were established after a year and a half of operation.

The arrival of the first colony ships was greeted with an official complaint from the Vren and this formed the basis of a tense relationship with our nearest neighbour for many years.

When the Vren ships started to cross the border to raid the colony, Star-fleet rushed several ships into the area to prevent the attacks. After several weeks of stand off it became clear that the OED could not function as a purely civilian colony at this point. Star-fleet petitioned the Federation and eventually control of the colony was placed in the care of Star-fleet.

Star-fleet quickly moved to establish a garrison and a star-port facility. Although at first this was mainly for military use, this became the focus of the colony of OEDV as a commercial trading port.

Initial growth of the colony was slow, but the fertile land soon started to draw colonising families. A small town grew up around the Star-port providing accommodation and commercial activities. A local civilian council was appointed and six years ago the OED was given a military Governor, Governor Sloane.

Under Governor Sloane the colony soon started to develop as a commercial star-port and also as a Star-fleet facility, becoming an administrative post. However the relative period of peace had resulted in Star-fleet reducing the border patrols with Vren space. It has become apparent that the Vren were not happy with finding a thriving settlement on their doorstep and made plans of their own. Knowing direct force was not possible, the Vren instead used spies and informants. Over a period of time they created severe discontent on the OED colony that resulted in an uprising.

During the insurrection Governor Sloane was murdered. Later when order was restored it became apparent who had been behind the uprising, but there was little that could be done other than to watch for future schemes.

The Interim Governor was Commander Chegwidden, who had served as the JAG officer for the colony. Sadly before her own appointment was confirmed she too was killed.

As the Colony was still reeling from shock, the new Governor Robert Gulley was appointed. Over a period time the OED calmed down under his stewardship and peace returned. Growth continued slowly and the troubles from the past were put behind.

Then the colony was faced with its greatest challenge to date. A rogue comet entered the OED system on a collision course for OEDV. All efforts to stop the comet failed and eventually the colony was evacuated of all civilian personnel. When the comet hit on the far-side of the planet it cause huge earth tremors and destroyed much of the environment. Large quantities of dust were kicked into the atmosphere and what had once been a fertile world was laid into a desolate wasteland.

Only Star-fleet came to the rescue. When the comet started to approach they had started to construct a reinforced emergency dome around the OED city. It was a massive undertaking designed to hopefully protect the colony and facilities. Protected by force-fields the Dome somehow protected the colony from the worse of the comet strike. Eventually when the after shocks settled and the planet surveyed it was found that only the area of about fifteen miles under the Dome was habitable. A small piece of the OED that was.

Discussions about the future of the OED as a colony continued for some months until a geo mining survey found that the comet strike had actually revealed huge tracts of precious ore. Ironically in the destruction of the planet, the long term future as an important mining station was assured.

Shortly after Governor Symon Silvester was appointed to replace Governor Gulley who had left following the comet strike. Governor Silvester and his deputy, Lieutenant Governor Allison Ruddock, were tasked with the duty to rebuild what had gone before.

Shortly after Lieutenant Commander Alison Ruddock was promoted and reassigned, Commander Belarmia replaced her as Lt Governor. Belarmia proved a challenge for all, as he was an Aldorian, a race in which adults were either large and mute, or short and blind.

The sudden reappointment of Governor Symon Silvester took everyone by surprise, and with the arrival of Fleet Commander Watt to meet with the Starfleet Officers and Civilian Leaders ... changes seem to be afoot for Oed V.

Those changes didn't take long to eventuate as Commander Belarmia was replaced by Lt Commander Gordon McCreary and retired Star-Fleet Captain, Edgar Hart was named the new (and first Civilian) Governor of Oed V.

Another wave of change occured shortly after those appointments when instead, civilian Governor Everett Abbott was named the new Governor in 2388. Shortly before his appointment, long time OED V fixture Commander Jira Silvester was appointed the Lt. Governor