Oed V Today

The modern OED V colony serves as a busy commercial star-port and as a vital defence and maintenance outpost for Star-fleet and Fleet 6. In it's orbit, the Orbital Platform houses a mining processing facility and a fighter wing and the Spaceport stands ready to receive ships in need of re-fitting or repair. The USS Centurion, a Defiant-class ship is on regular missions in the interests of Starfleet and Oed's Government.

Recently life under the Dome has been peaceful and content. In fact so peaceful, that the colony was recently expanded by the arrival of over five thousand additional colonists. This gives Oed V a total of 3.8 Mil. registered inhabitants and space is getting tight. Hopes rest on the Institute for Science and Terraforming to enlarge the Dome.
New facilities have been unveiled in all four districts, new accommodation created and the OED is undergoing a large program of rebuilding to take the OED to the next level.

On the 2nd of April 2313, OED V has obtained a new civilian Governor, and with her came a slight change in the Governments structure. This change was initiated by the civilian leaders on Oed, who sought an even distribution of power on Oed between them and Starfleet Officers.

There are the Civilian Leaders, the Heads of Administration, who form the Cabinet. They take care of all matters that concern the colony and life in the colony directly. They are department heads with a large number of administrative civilian personnel below them and many facilities in all districts.
Then there are the Starfleet Officers, who are in charge of the Orbital Platform, the Spaceport, USS Centurion and all Starfleet equipment and personnel. Both have the prime directive to work closely together for the good and the protection of the colony.

Currently, the Lt. Governor, who has the Starfleet rank of Captain, is responsible for the Starfleet contingent at Oed V, but he reports to the Governor. While the Governor is responsible for the colony and the productive work of her Cabinet members, as well as the close cooperation with Starfleet.

For more information on visiting the OED or enquiring about immigration, please contact the OED Governors office who will deal with your query promptly.