Oed V Mining

In the aftermath of the comet strike planetary surveys revealed that huge deposits of ore and minerals had been unearthed. Since these were of great value in the developing colonies in other systems the decision was taken to establish a mining presence on the OED.

The rights to mine the OED were given to a civilian company. They quickly established an office in the OED colony.

The actual mining on the OED is done by mining teams who travel the planet looking for seams of minerals and ore. When a suitable site is located, the team erect a temporary field dome under which the miners can work, live in basic accomodation and use their equipment. As the ore is removed it is carried by loaders into weighting Ore ships which will lift off when full to go to a processing facility.

Previously this material was taken off planet to be processed. However when discussions were open about the possibility of an orbital platform for the OED, then the mining company asked to be part of the facility.

In the final design that now orbits the planet, the lowest level is a ore processing facility that receives the unprocessed ore from the planet, processes it then loads it into big ore freighters for sending onto final destinations.

The mining company operates offices on the planet, mining teams in the field and a processing team on the station. Mining tends to be dirty dangerous work and the processing can be unpleasant, so there is a lot of rotation of personnel.