Oed V Orbital Platform

Orbital Station

This facility is a recent addition to OEDV. The orbital platform was delivered by USS Olympic and constructed in orbit by Star-fleet. The design of the platform is on a modular basis.

The first module contains an ore processing plant. This facility take the unmanned cargo pods from the planet and processes the ore before loading onto the big bulk freighters for sending on to their eventual destinations. This module forms the whole basis of the lower ring/level of the platform. Aside from a small civilian processing crew, the level is largely unmanned.

On the next level are the Operations deck, the temporary quarters, offices, control systems and the main docking arm for large star-ships. Also here is the cargo bay. As the station falls under the Star-fleet remit of operations, this level is manned by a small contingent of Star-fleet personnel.

The modular design was a deliberate aspect of the construction process. With the evolving nature of OEDV it was felt that a modular design would allow future expansion of the platform to meet needs at that time. Future modules could be designed, built and towed into place.

It is anticipated that in the long term eventuality the colony will be able to be turned over to itsí civilian government and Star-fleet will be able to withdraw its presence to the developed orbital station.

Recently the platform has received an upgrade to carry several phaser batteries, powered from the platform power core. These have proved a vital addition to the defence of the both the platform and the colony.