Ships of Oed V

USS Centurion (NCC 79503)

Avenger Class Escort Destroyer


The USS Wave was the first Defiant class warship to be assigned to the OEDV. Her purpose was to provide orbital defence to patrol the border and to enforce regulations in the area. Many doubted the necessity for her appointment at the time of her arrival, especially as she was a veteran of the Dominion War. However, she served with honour for several years in every capacity before being withdrawn from service when the Defiant class were retired from service

There was a period of nearly a year when no vessel was designated to the OED, but finally the newly launched USS Centurion was assigned. Her arrival marked a new era for the OED and has come to symbolise the determination of Star-fleet to make OEDV a success in every sense.

The Centurion may not be a frontline ship, but serves in a frontline defence capacity for OEDV. The command of the Centurion falls under the office of the Governor of OEDV to designate.

USS Loyalty (NCC 99305)
USS Dignity (NCC - 99306)

Liberty Class Runabouts


As it became apparent that the OEDV was developing into an important colony, Star-fleet realised that the Centurion alone could not achieve all that was required of her. After some consultation the two runabouts Loyalty and Dignity were assigned to the OED to provide additional versatility to relieve the increasing burden on the OED resources. The runabouts are an invaluable addition to the OED and, in addition to their standard duties, are used in a mission specific capacity.

Oed V Shuttles: Sheridan, Sehurst, Cairo, Harlequin

Armadillo Class Medium Shuttle


These four medium class shuttles form the backbone of Star-fleet Operations on OEDV. Although assigned to Star-fleet, one shuttle is always made available out of courtesy to the Civilian government for their use. The shuttles often are used for cargo and crew transfers. Shuttle management is handled by the Star-fleet Operations Department located at the Starport.

Templar Class Fighters

Fighter Wings Alpha, Beta and Gamma:

Delta Wing:

Fighter Wing Epsilon: