Oed V Spaceport

"If you build it, they will come." Field of Dreams

For any colony or civilisation there is a defining moment. For the OED this was the moment that the first development of the Space-port was built. It has come to define the OED and been the centre of commerce and life within the OED.

The modern, upgraded, Space-port offers the best facilities within 5 light years of the OED system. Combined with the Orbital Platform any kind of ship requirement, servicing and repairs can be completed at OEDV.

The Space-port currently possesses four dedicated large landing pads. There are a further four for small vessels. The busy scheduling and landing pattern is handled by the command tower which is located on the site.

With Star-fleet leasing one of the large landing pads and one of the smaller ones for military use, there are already plans underway to look at expanding the number of pads further.

Around the Space-port there are various facilities dedicated to the servicing, repair and storage for the incoming vessels. Cargo hangars and offices can be leased at competitive rates for commercial transfer.

The Space-port also houses the offices of the OEDV Customs division and each landing pad has an assigned sub office for processing customs checks. As part of our drive to creating a strong future for the OED, our commitment to providing a safe and legal living environment is paramount.

The Official Star-fleet HQ is currently sited at the Star-port. This facility houses the Star-fleet Security and Engineering division.

The Space-port has been the foundation of the colony, the hub of its current activities and undoubtedly will form the basis of a strong future.

For cargo and shipping schedules and details, as well as employment opportunities at the OED, please contact the Government Building.