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Welcome to STF, the best online Bulletin-board style Star Trek Role-Playing site on the internet. Founded in 1991, STF existed originally on the Prodigy "Classic" network, which provided a unique bulletin-board style format. While most RPG groups conduct their actions in live chat, which requires everyone to be online at the same time, or play-by-email, which requires sifting through many messages on your email account, the WeBB provides a central location for our RPG.

Latest news

Ship Designers And Technology Submissions Sought!

Do you have an idea for a possible new ship submission? Or perhaps a germ of new technology which is different then the norm? Or perhaps a new take on older technology?

If you are an active member of the club, and feel like stretching your wings in how you participate beyond simply roleplaying on our fine ships. STF's engineering department would love to hear from you on those ideas!


Change in Application Procedure

Hello everyone,

We will be implementing a change in our application system. Due to our current aging infrastructure, we cannot accurately filter out spam applications from our system. This results in us having over 55 spam applications within 24 hours. We will be replacing our Drupal based infrastructure very soon, but in the weeks between now and then, we will be outsourcing our applications to an external form.

What you will notice:

There will be a "Join STF" link in the left sidebar.

"Create New Account" will no longer be visible.


Gamemaster Course Exam

For those of you that are interested in taking the exam and becoming a GM, the most recent exam update is not currently in the Library. Due to the changeover to the new site, we have the exam held in a Google Doc which anyone with the link can access.

Please see this post for more details: https://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/875285

If you're going, "wait, I can become a GM?!" then please check out the GMD MOTD for more info. You can also email me at gmdir[@]star-fleet.com or catch any one of us GMD staff in Discord if you have questions!

~Linds, GMDir

Command Discussion: Changes to the Mentorship Program

A discussion has started regarding some changes to the club's mentorship programs, including moving the responsibility of the programs from the Personnel Department to the Academy. The discussion and proposed bylaw changes can be found here: https://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/875037.

The discussion is currently scheduled to close on May 14, 2018.

Daniel Lerner

Procedural Change : Ticketing System

TECH has implimented a ticketing system to enable all members to self-report issues/requests/suggestions.

The announcement with details can be found at https://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/874401

FCapt Matt Bernardin, TECH

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