The WeBBSpace Archive

What was WeBBSpace?

WeBBSpace was the name of the content management system that the club used for roleplaying between January of 2008 and June of 2018. It was preceeded by effWeBB, which was in operation when STF first came on the World Wide Web from Prodigy in 1997. It was superceeded by Exodus, the current version of

How do I actually find stuff?

It's really hard, because the WeBBSpace data isn't organized in a way that makes searching through it easy or quick. There are a number of ways to access the content in this archive:

  • Direct links
  • Character list
  • Board post lists

Direct Links

If you still have bookmarks to posts or characters on WeBBSpace, the links within should now go directly to that content. You can try guessing node numbers too, though we don't actually recommend that (though we know some of you will try, not counting the robots).

Character List

There were over 6000 characters on WeBBSpace, you can try to find yours on the giant master list of all of them. Unfortunately, it's really hard to find stuff.

Board Post Lists

Each board in the database has a list of posts. Unfortunately, those posts are not as usefully displayed in threaded format as are now or were when WeBBSpace was originally operating. It's something we're working on fixing in a future release. Sorry.

Technical Note: We've temporarily restricted access to board post lists to members with a current account, in order to limit excessive load from search indexing bots. We will make these available to the public after we've done some optimizations.

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