Gamemaster Director
 Rear Admiral Lindsay Bayes
Assistant Gamemaster Director
 Rear Admiral Tyra Schroll
 Commander Christopher Bennett

Want to GM?
To become a GM, you must:
  • Take and pass the GM exam
  • Attain the rank of, at least, Lieutenant and be a member of STF for at least six months
  • Obtain three recommendations from licensed GMs, whom you've served with for at least one month in the past three months. In the event that three licensed GMs aren't available, you may substitute a CO or an XO recommendation (with GMDir's okay.
  • Undertake and pass a GM Training Sim (GMT)
If you need any help or advice during the GM process, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help!
The Amanda Noon Archive is STF's ongoing, albeit incomplete, archive of sims in Star-Fleet. You can use the archive to:
  • Submit mandatory sim reports, as well as, GMT and GMM recommendations and GMT reviews.
  • See what ship(s) or starbase(s) a GM has previously worked on and what stories they have told
  • See what aliens were encountered by whom or what adventures different ships and starbases have, previously, been involved in.
N.B. All entries to the archive must comply with GMD Mandate #16.

22 Jan- Christopher Bennett is the new Archivist
19 Jan- Sim Excavation Project begins.
06 Jan- Ian Kerby begins GMT on USS Athena.
31 Dec- Christopher Bennett passes GM Exam.
14 Dec- Tyra Schroll appointed as Assistant Gamemaster Director.
11 Dec- Lindsay Bayes appointed as Gamemaster Director.
23 Oct- Kevin Sawyer promoted to Senior Gamemaster.
21 Oct - New Exam approved by Academy and sent for upload.
Ship Vacancies
  • None Currently

Reference Manual
The Reference Manual and Star Chart are Star-Fleet's repository of information on known planets, species and powers one might encounter while in Star-Fleet. To add an entry, please follow the Submission Guidelines.
Name Type Creator Draft Review Start Review End

GM Assist Links
Excellent sites to give a hand with any technical questions for your sims.
GM Education
Gamemaster Mentors
  • Kenson Koh
  • Lindsay Bayes
  • Matt Bernardin
  • Robert Archer
  • Tyra Schroll
  • Krys Bromilow

  • To become a GMM, please check out these Guidelines

    Gamemaster Training
    Gamemaster Trainees
    GMT GMM Ship Review Period Overall Status
    Liam Schoepp Matt B. USS Viking Passed 1st review. Finishing
    Ian Kerby Lindsay Bayes USS Athena In 1st Review Beginning

    Prospective Gamemasters
    Name GM Exam Recommendations Status
    Christopher Bennett Passed In progress Will need GMM as well.
    Stephen Macdonald Passed Previous ones valid Awaiting a new ship to do sim on and new GMM.

    Rear AdmiralLindsay BayesGamemaster Director/Senior GamemasterLindsay Bayes
    Rear AdmiralTyra SchrollAssistant Gamemaster Director/Advanced GamemasterTyra Schroll
    CommodoreGene GibbsSenior GamemasterWookieeGene Gibbs
    CaptainJason Y. LeeSenior GamemasterJason Y. Lee
    CommodoreJulia K.Senior GamemasterJulia Hager
    CommodoreKenson KohSenior GamemasterKenson Koh
    CommodoreKevin SawyerSenior GamemasterKevin Sawyer
    Fleet CaptainRobert ArcherSenior GamemasterCockRoachRobert Archer
    CaptainMatt BernardinAdvanced GamemasterMatt Bernardin
    CommodoreTyra SchrollAdvanced GamemasterTyra Schroll
    CaptainPhillip GrahamFull GamemasterPuffinPhilip Graham
    CaptainJames HarrisonJunior GamemasterJames Harrison
    CommodoreMatthew KleinmanJunior GamemasterMatthew Kleinman
    CaptainLuke HungJunior GamemasterDeus Ex MachinaLuke Hung
    CaptainIan KerbyGamemaster TraineeIan Kerby
    Lt. Cmdr.Liam SchoeppGamemaster TraineeLiam Schoepp
    LieutenantStephen MacDonaldGamemaster TraineeGallifreyan (Time Lord)Stephen MacDonald