Personnel Department

Personnel Director
Rear Admiral Matthew "Salmon" Kleinman
Assistant Personnel Director
Captain Adam "Chimpanzee" W.
Personnel Officer
Lieutenant Commander Janice B.
Personnel Officer
Lieutenant Commander Glenn S.

Welcome to the Personnel Department

Our role is to manage and assist members and new recruits with placements and mentors. We do this in two ways: internally, we provide information on current vacancies and manage the Mentors Program, which allows members to get the support that they need from within the structures of the club; externally, we aim to assess each applicant within 72 hours and provide a response: the majority of the time this response is in the form of placement on a ship within the club, though at times we may need to contact the applicants for further information.

How to advertise your vacancies

Vacancies Whenever you have a vacancy to post please write the topic as so: Ship name - position (ie, CO/XO/DH/JO) vacancy.

Filled Once the position is filled, please post with the topic as follows: Ship name - position (ie, CO/XO/DH/JO) filled.

Current Vacancies - Foremost Fleet
  • SS Bonaventure - 1 x Engineering JO, 1 x Science JO
  • USS Memorial - 2xScience JOs, 2xEngineering JOs,2x Medical JOs, CTO, and Intel Officer (Swing JOs)
  • USS Asimov - 2 x Engineering JOs
  • USS Ark Angel - CMO, CE, 1x Engineer JO, 2x Science JO, 1xMedical, 1xSecurity
  • USS Manhattan - 2x Engineer JOs, 2x Security JOs. 2x Science JOs, 3x Medical JOs and Swings
  • Current Vacancies - Meridian Fleet
  • USS Brian A. Olinski - Chief Engineer, JOs in all departments
  • USS Chernov - JO's in all departments
  • USS Odin - JO's in all departments
  • USS Saracen - XO, Chief Tactical Officer, 1 x Engineers JOs, 1 x Science JOs
  • Current Vacancies - Infinite Fleet
  • Starbase Magellan - 1 x Security JO, 2 x Medical JOs, 1 x Science JO, Star Fleet Marines, Multiple swing Positions
  • USS Constellation - Chief Medical Officer, JOs in all departments
  • USS Chimera - COS, MACO CO, Eng, Med, Sci and marines
  • USS Viking - 1x security, 2x engineer, and 2x medical JOs.
  • Current Vacancies - Pioneer Fleet
  • Outpost 42 - None
  • USS Athena - 1 Engineering JO, 1 Science JO, 1 Security JO, 2 Medical JOs
  • USS Atlantis - Engineering JOs, Security JOs
  • USS Dresden - CSO, CE, JOs in all departments
  • USS Ogawa - CSO, JOs all departments.
  • Current Vacancies - Black Fleet
  • Oed V - Head of Medical Staff and Social Services, Head of Construction, Chief of Police, JO's in All Departments, Civilians and Swings.
  • USS Europa - Counselor, Engineering JOs, Medical JOs
  • USS Genesis - Captain's aid swing, Science JOs, Security JOs
  • USS Merrimack - JOs in all departments and Swings
  • USS Olympic - Counselor, Chief Engineer, Chief Science Officer and All JOs
  • USS Wolverine - Chief Medical Officer, JOs in all departments
  • Current Vacancies - Academy
  • USS Challenger - Chief Science Officer
  • USS Endeavour - Counselor

  • STF Mentors Wanted

    If you like helping people, consider yourself an experience club member, and or are enthusiastic about the club and are looking for a unique challenge then please join the Mentors Program to today by contacting the Mentors Coordinator.

    The Mentors Program is designed to help new members settle into the club by assigning an enthusiastic, helpful, and experienced club member (STFer) to mentor the new club member and help them with any problems, answer any of their questions, provide them with role-playing tips and generally serve as their personal contact within the club.

    Commendations and Recommendations
  • If you would like to recommend a person for a position please let us know and we will add them to the recommendations list, which can be found here
  • You can now look at all promotions (To Fleet Captain and above), and presidential commendations in one place! Promotions and Commendations

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  • RankCharacterPositionSpeciesHeightWeightUser
    CommodoreMatthew KleinmanPersonnel DirectorMatthew Kleinman
    CaptainAdam W.Assistant Personnel DirectorAdam W.
    Lt. Cmdr.Glenn S.Personnel Officer MartianGlenn S
    Lt. Cmdr.Janice B.Personnel Officer Janice B