Elections March 2017

Election Coordinator
Rear Admiral Daniel Lerner

Assistant Election Coordinator
Vice Admiral Kat Dedul
Election Status: Final round of voting open. Click here to vote.

Election Calendar
(All dates are 18:00 Eastern Time unless otherwise stated. )

March 4, 2017
Nominations Open
**Campaigns May Only Begin After Their Ticket is Verified**

March 11, 2017
Nominations Close

March 18, 2017
First Round of Voting Begins (only if there are more than two active tickets)
Endorsements Are Now Allowed

March 25, 2017
First Round of Voting Ends, Results Announced
Final Round of Voting Begins (for the remaining two active tickets)

April 1, 2017
Voting Ends Results announced

April 2, 2017, 2016 ** 00:01 Eastern Time **
Start of new presidential term

April 2, 2017 ** 14:00 Eastern Time **
New President Accepts the Keys to the Executive Washroom
(Ceremony To Be Held on Discord)


Ray Branch
T. Morgan
Jeremy DeSpain
VP Candidate
Steve Johnson
N. Evans
David Shotton
Kate O'Neill and Liam Schoepp
James Farley and Marthese Bugeja
Lindsay Bayes and Joe P.
Krys McLean
Liam Schoepp
Matthew Kleinman
Marthese Bugeja
Sidney Parker
Elizabeth Rahuba
James Farley
Louis Harvatt
Stephen MacDonald
Peter Hinton-Smith
Jerome Davis
Kate O'Neill
Matthew Wiseman
David Eads
Lindsay Bayes
Jim Watkin
AJ Paulson
T. Morgan
Adam W.
First-Round Votes
14 votes (27%)
13 votes (25%)
24 votes (47%)
Final Votes
Voter List
A copy of the Voter List can be found here: Voters List (last updated March 18, 2017). To remain on the Voter List, members must remain active until the nomination, endorsement, and/or vote. Only members on the Voter List may run as a candidate, nominate a candidate, second a nomination, endorse a candidate, or vote for a candidate. All members, regardless of whether they are on the Voter List, may ask questions of the candidates. If you believe your name is missing from the Voter List, contact the Election Coordinator.

Nomination Process

  1. A member on the voting list posts a message under the topic Nomination, indicating the member they are nominating as a candidate for President.
  2. Another member on the voting list replies to the nomination post, seconding the nomination.
  3. The nominated member replies to the seconder's post to either accept or turn down the nomination (the nomination may also be turned down before it is seconded). In the same post, the nominated member names the running mate who will be running as Vice-President.
  4. The Election Coordinator will reply to validate the ticket (or raise an issue if there is one). The ticket may begin campaigning once they have been validated. No one may campaign in support of any candidates until their ticket has been validated.

Only use the following Topics when posting a note on the Election Ship:

  • Bleacher Seats
  • Office of the Election Coordinator
  • Campaign HQ - Candidates X and Y (where X and Y are the candidate names) (candidates may add a neutral campaign topic modifier to differentiate HQ topics) **Campaign HQ's are for posting by candidates only. Questions for the candidates should be placed in the "Questions for the Candidates" topic.**
  • Questions for the Candidates - [Insert Subject Here]
    **Question threads are for direct questions to one or more tickets. Do not use a question post for endorsements, criticisms without a real question, rants, etc.**
  • Endorsement (You may include the tickets name with your endorsement)
    **Endorsements are only allowed once voting has started.**
  • Nomination

If you believe a location should be added to this list, please contact the Election Coordinator. If you have any questions about topics, and how to use them, please contact the Election Coordinator.
The following individuals have stated that they do not wish to receive e-mails or other messages concerning the election. Under no circumstances may campaign material be sent to the following people. Doing so will result in progressive disciplinary actions. Should you wish to be added to this list, please email the Election Coordinator and state so.

Thomas Bates
Emma Burruss
AJ Paulson
Russell Watt


  1. "Joke endorsements" of STF members will not be tolerated. Anyone who makes a "joke nomination" of an actual eligible member will face a minimum punishment of being denied the privilege of participating in the nominations process.
  2. In the event of a tie in either the preliminary or final vote, the Election Coordinator will cast a single vote to break the tie. In the event of a tie between three or more tickets in the preliminary vote, the EC will cast two tie-breaking votes for two different tickets. Whether or not the EC cast a tie-breaking vote will not be announced.
  3. Anonymous complaints will be not be acted on by the Election Coordinator.
  4. Only members who are eligible to vote may endorse a candidate. However, anyone with an account is permitted to pose questions to candidates unless restricted from doing so as a penalty for some election-related violation.
  5. All members not otherwise restricted from doing so may pose questions to candidates in the appropriate topic, and may engage candidates in on-topic discussion. As all candidates are members, candidates may ask each other questions the same as any other member.
  6. No candidate may send an unsolicited email about the election to more than one member at a time.
  7. Campaign promises that involve paying/donating/gifting money are not allowed without prior permission of the Election Coordinator.
  8. If a candidates makes reference to an unnamed person/event (either directly or implicitly), and indicates that the person/event cannot be named due to privacy concerns, the Election Coordinator may seek from the candidate the unnamed person/event's identity in confidence. Generally, candidates should try to refrain from making any statements that suggests they have been in contact with an unnamed person unless absolutely necessary. (Rule added on March 10, 2017)
  9. All candidates are expected to be familiar with the appropriate bylaw provisions about acceptable campaigning and prohibited conduct.
  10. The Dolphin accepts all fish bribes. He will not act on the bribe, but he will nonetheless appreciate the tasty treat.

Any further questions regarding the election process, please either consult Legislative Edict Governing Official Elections (LEGOE) or the Election Coordinator.

Rear AdmiralDaniel LernerElection CoordinatorDolphinDaniel Lerner
Vice AdmiralKat DedulAssistant Election CoordinatorBumblebeeKatherine Dedul