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Welcome to STF, the best online Bulletin-board style Star Trek Role-Playing site on the internet. Founded in 1991, STF existed originally on the Prodigy "Classic" network, which provided a unique bulletin-board style format. While most RPG groups conduct their actions in live chat, which requires everyone to be online at the same time, or play-by-email, which requires sifting through many messages on your email account, the WeBB provides a central location for our RPG.

Latest news

CO Vacancy - Dresden

With Luke deciding to step down I am currently in the position to advertise the CO spot on the Dresden in the pioneer fleet for application.

Experience is not necessary however would be preferable.

Applicants should email me via my contact form or at fcomm-3 @ star-fleet . com (without the spaces) I am looking for:

your credentials and past positions in the club that you feel make you a suitable candidate.

Your vision for the ship

A three point plan of what you would do in the short term, medium term and long term ideally if you were successful


Skills Base- Volunteers Needed

We're looking for potential volunteers within the club who are interested in contributing to various projects in different ways. If you've got interests and skills that might be useful, please sign up!

More info can be found here: http://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/785566


For Black Fleet Members ONLY

This term, the Black Fleet invites all its members to participate in an event that will write STF History: The Black Fleet SIM on Black Rock!

It is voluntary, it will happen only on Black Rock and it is there for YOU…

… to interact in a completely new way with your Black Fleet character and get inspired...

You can join now!

If you have any questions and if you want to be part of it, let us know.

Julia (Kangi) FComm & Ray (Turtle) AFCom

CO Needed - USS Viking - Infinite Fleet

Hi All,

Scarlet Olivia has chosen to take a break from the club for an indefinite period of time, so she has resigned as CO of the USS Viking.

As such, I am looking for a new CO for the ship. Anyone interested in the role should contact me via email (kdedul[at]gmail[dot]com) with the following:

1. Brief description of who you are, what positions you've held, etc.

2. Why you want to be CO of the Viking, let me know what you think the ship needs, what you would do, etc.


Academy Vice Commandant needed.

Would you like to be one of the people who shapes the future of STF ?

Would you like help shape new people and watch as they rise through the ranks of STF ?

You need to be in the Academy . We have an opening for Vice Commandant now open .

A Vice Commandant must have had three months Academy experience ,

(excluding time served as a cadet), preferably as a Commanding Officer or Executive Officer on an Academy Ship.

So if you're the sort of person that STF and myself needs, or just have some questions feel free to contact me.

Bob Spicer

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