Election Season

Election Seaon is about to begin! Get out your popcorn and take a seat on the Bleacher Seats to watch the spectacle! A full list of rules can be found on the Election Ship and the Election website (linked from the Election ship).

Election Calendar

All dates are 03:00:01 am US Eastern Time unless otherwise stated.

March 5, 2011
Nominations open. Candidates may campaign as soon as their ticket is verified but not before.
March 12, 2011
Nominations close. Campaigning continues.
March 19, 2011
Primary voting opens. Endorsements are now allowed.
March 26, 2011
Primary voting closes. Preliminary results announced. Remaining tickets may continue campaigning.
April 2, 2011
Voting closes. Results announced.
April 3, 2011, 2 pm US Eastern Time
New President accepts the keys to the Executive Washroom. Ceremony to be held in #Star-Fleet, administered by Jen the Sloth.