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"Hello! Welcome all to the very first instalment of the STF Writers Series! The aim of these sessions is to generate ideas and spread knowledge, all the while helping all club members improve their writing skills! I'll posting this in sections to give us time to discuss the points made and allow people to ask questions, so please don't hesitate to jump on on (and do sign off to help us keep track of each other's comments). Without further ado, let's begin!"

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So you're creating a character... where do you begin?

First, you need inspiration. Without a spark of inspiration, the character becomes just a name, rank and position that you need to somehow throw into threads and make sense of.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe you were reading a book, or watching a show and you think to yourself, 'How cool would it be to write a character like that?' Maybe it's not the whole character, but a small facet of them, a quirk perhaps that makes you stop and think.

Sometimes inspiration can come from images too. Maybe you see the character in your head before you even know anything about them and that gets your brain going.

For me, a lot of my characters come into being by answering the question, 'What if...' Levar Burton did an amazing key note speech at a publishing industry convention where he talked about how books were amazing because they allowed us to ask the question, 'What if?'

'What if there was a massacre on a world outside the Federation and a young woman fled as a refugee and eventually joined Starfleet?' = Relann Fell on the Atantis.


'What if the child of two Maquis, raised in the DMZ was orphaned and somehow decided to join Starfleet?'

It doesn't have to be complicated, but you're looking for something to get you thinking, to get you excited.

We'll talk about methods of creating characters and the all important WHY, but let's pause for a moment to discuss inspiration. What gives YOU inspiration for a character?


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