Anniversary Fun- An Interrogation- Krys McLean on Ten Forward Lounge

Interview conducted by Adam W:

<AdamW> How do you feel trying to immediately follow such a great Vice President? Is it hard to live up to the expectations?

<WiseOwl> Kat is a difficult class act to follow and I would place her in the group of great STF presidents so yes, it was daunting to follow such a capable president. Unfortunately I don't think Rob and I were up to the task though we did our best.

<AdamW> That wasn't exactly my question. I was referring to my own one month stint as Vice President. But I'll roll with this. Did you find this term more challenging or different than when you had been Vice President before?

<WiseOwl> Definitely it has been very challenging. Rob hasn't been as experienced as the last President I VP'd for so it's been a large learning curve for him. With both our busy schedules we haven't been able to devote as much time we hoped to accomplish all we had planned to. So it's been disappointing in that aspect.

<AdamW> Did I remember to give you the Vice President's Book of Secrets?

<WiseOwl> I wish you had!

<AdamW> Have you ever tried to claim the presidency for yourself while the President wasn't paying attention?

<WiseOwl> Nah, I prefer to be the one behind the scenes, out of the limelight.

<AdamW> What's the best thing about being Canadian?

<WiseOwl> The thing I am most proud about being Canadian is how open and welcoming my people are. We are raised to be multi cultural and accepting of anyone, no matter their background.

<AdamW> Are all the stereotypes about Canadians true?

<WiseOwl> I am not sure which stereotypes you are referring too. If it is that Canadians are warm and friendly, we are for the most part. Polite as well. If its that we live in igloos, nope not true. I am an Owl, I couldn't live in an ice house.

<AdamW> Hmm, no igloos. Well, do you take the dog sled down the only road in Canada through the never-ending blizzard to head to Tim Horton's and have a cup of coffee with the mounties and then come back home and watch nothing but hockey while consuming large amounts of maple syrup and petting your pet beaver?

<WiseOwl> Lol never ridden a dog sled but I remember the winter of 77 when the snow was up to our second story windows and we had to tunnel out the front door. My dad made tunnels under the snow all through the front door.

<AdamW> How have you been influenced by your animal name over time? Do you find yourself more owl-like than you used to be?

<WiseOwl> LOL, I think my animal name suits me. An Owl is usually a creature that sits in the background, observing and watching the events that take place but always there if and when advise is needed. Probably because they spend so much time watching things. I have very much been like that during my STF career. I prefer to be in the background, working quietly.

<AdamW> You've got to be one of the people here who've been here the very longest. When did you join?

<WiseOwl> I joined STF November of 1998, 18 years ago. I found STF during a web search and immediately was interested in it as it was a text based group. I had tried post by emails and various other groups and was not satisfied with them so loved the bulletin board style of STF.

<AdamW> I'm sure STF was a lot different then. What was it like?

<WiseOwl> When I joined it was just after the move to effWebb which was very different then we have today. It wasn't quite as smooth of a posting board that we have now. What I remember most with our system now was the ability to see all the threads and the ease to answer each one. I remember things being a bit more involved in the system before.

<AdamW> You seem to get really into the Gamemaster roles you have. Where do you get inspiration for your sims? And what is your favorite part of being a Gamemaster?

<WiseOwl> I read a lot of fan based stories, Star Trek novels, and watching old episodes. I also read a lot of different genres such as Star Wars, and different fantasy books. When I find a plot I like I then take it and modify it for STF. Keeping the general plot outline but recreating the characters and environment to suit the ship I am posting on.

<WiseOwl> My favorite part of GMing is seeing the crew become interested and invested in the story I have created. That is the best reward and a sign of success for me.

<AdamW> What's the best aspect about being a captain of a ship?

<WiseOwl> The best aspect of being a CO is seeing the crew bond, become a unit and enjoy rping together. I think we have succeeded in that on the Bonaventure. Keeping an Alt rp ship strong over a long period of time is difficult but when you have a strong crew it is very rewarding.

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