STF Awards February 2017- Nomination Form

This is the form to submit your nominations for the Feb 2017 STF Awards. Each member of STF is allowed to submit one set of nominations, and only nominate one person except in categories that ask for more than one name. Nominations will continue until February 13th, 2017. Nominations cover the time period since the last awards in June 2016. The timing for voting will start February 14th 2017.

X-Fleet has specific awards! X-Fleet eligible awards are noted either in the title or description. No other awards are available for X-Fleet.

You have specify whether you would like to present an award at the IRC Ceremony. This is not a binding decision. It just helps us get an idea of who would like to participate. You can also tell us when you're available for the awards ceremony to help us plan the date and time for the ceremony. The Awards Ceremony date will be announced after nominations have closed.

READ THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE NOMINATIONS CAREFULLY areas carefully where applicable as there are restrictions and/or specific instructions on some. Incomplete invalid nominations will not be accepted. And please try to fill out the entire form, though it is not mandatory.

~Steven & Linds