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So I'm in the process of putting the mentors list together on the main Academy MOTD. It will make it easy to maintain, as the lists will change more frequently than the rules. The essential rules and concepts are below here for now. I will be submitting shortly to TECH a coded static page for uploading and once that's done, I'll link it on the Academy MOTD, but the contents of that page are below. If there are any questions or concerns with the below, please get in contact with us, via the Academy forward (academy[at]star-fleet[dot]com), and we'll make the updates needed to our page before submission to TECH.

Over time another page will be developed, specifically the FAQ sheets, we have a few questions that have come up, but I highly doubt that's everything, so as time goes on we will be soliciting feedback from both mentors and those being mentored so that we can develop that. Eventually that will form another static page that will be linked.

Also, as this project isn't the only thing on my plate at the moment, it's entirely possible that I may miss people who volunteered for the list as I update the MOTD, if that's you, just get in contact with me and let me know, I'll make it right and I assure you it's entirely unintentional.

Finally, thank you to all who volunteered! Much appreciated. :)

-Kat, Academy Commandant


The Command Mentorship Program (CMP) is a voluntary mentor program designed to give aspiring or current COs, XOs and DHs the extra support to learn what is actually required of them before and during their tenure in those roles.

Some FComms are great at making sure COs are properly training their XOs, so that in turn those XOs knew what they were getting into when they got into the centre seat. And COs and XOs should be training new DHs how to effectively manage their team and keep them busy. This top down Mentorship is extremely important for constantly creating the next generation of leaders within the club. For many reasons, it just doesn't always happen. Or, someone is thinking about possibly applying for a role with more leadership but is uncertain. The CMP can give them a venue to find out more before being thrust into a role before they are ready.


The CMP comprises of three lists of volunteers (for DH, XO and CO). Volunteers can be on some or all of the lists, as they wish. A person wishing to connect with a Mentor would check the list and find a Mentor they think they'd like to work with. Then they would email that Mentor and ask if they have time to take them on. If the answer is yes, then they simply converse back and forth. The member can ask questions of their Mentor and get advice on next steps and how to deal with situations as they come up. This arrangement lasts as long as both parties feel it needs to. It makes sense that it would automatically end when that person achieved the next step up (in the case of DH and XO), but if that same Mentor is on the list for the next level, then they are more than welcome to keep mentoring that member. At the CO level, it makes sense that they mutually end it when the CO feels they are comfy with the role.

A JO on a ship is interested in learning to be a DH. But there is a well honed DH team and it doesn't seem like in the foreseeable future there will be an opening on that ship. So, they want to be prepared for an opening on another ship. They can absolutely still talk to their CO about learning about DH roles, and we should always be encouraging this sort of mentorship, but maybe that CO is less available, or the JO and them don't know each other all that well and the JO is intimidated (it does happen!). The JO can simply follow the process for getting a Mentor, and start working on the skills they may need to have for when that position does come up.

The program would never take the place of mentorship within a ship itself, but it provides another avenue to get help. The idea is to keep it relaxed, and while there is 'structure', there are no particular rules to it. Its usefulness is determined by the people who need and utilize it.

The Program will be hosted by the Academy, in conjunction with the other higher learning venues we already have (ie. Courses ).


The Academy will maintain a list of Mentors who have volunteered to mentor potential or current CO, XO, and DHs. There will be a separate list for each and a person can volunteer to be on any number of them at a time.

Player checks the Academy-maintained list and contacts the Mentor of their choice.
If the Mentor is available (which they self-determine), then the partnership is established.
The Mentor emails the Academy to inform them who they are mentoring and under which CMP category.
The Academy will touch base at least once a term to see which partnerships are still in effect and that the Mentors are still willing to mentor under the CMP.

Administration within the Academy of the CMP will be delegated to an Academy staff member of the Commandant's choice, as per the Academy bylaw.

The Academy will report on the effectiveness and issues of the CMP in their regular monthly reports and to the Office of the President as needed.

**Available Resources**

1. Commanding Officers

Essential Qualities:
-Able to log in and read posts every few days, post within the AWOL limits of their environment on a regular basis.
-Able to address AWOLs and other administrative tasks at bare minimum on a weekly basis.
-Able to network within the club and actively recruit for vacancies.
-Able to troubleshoot most problems and know which person to seek out when there is a problem they cannot resolve themselves.

Training Materials:
-Edicts: MOO , FCOMM

-Course: CO Course , Admin Course

-A troubleshooting document- Create a FAQ style document using common new CO questions and answers provided by experienced COs.

2. Executive Officers

Essential Qualities:
-Support for the CO, should be somewhat familiar with how AWOLs and recruitment work.
-Know the chain of command so they know who to contact if, say, their CO goes AWOL.
-A troubleshooting document- Create a FAQ style document using common new XO questions (eg. CO goes AWOL, what do you do?) and answers provided by experienced members.

Training Materials:
-Edicts: Same as CO
-Course: XO Course , Admin Course

3. Department Head

Essential Qualities:
-Assist the CO and XO in crew management.
-Understanding delegation of duties and management of staff.
-Ability to communicate well with Junior Officers

Training Materials:
-Edicts: None
-Course: DH

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