Coming Term Plans on Engineering Department

Greetings to all those how lurk in the dark dany and some might say smelly depths that is our beloved EDept. For the coming term I've developed the following plan to have discussed and more importantly be finished this term so we can get back to doing other things...

First up is revising/rebuilding the Modern Navy Plan and in extension from ideas generated so far in private the past weeks with me and others Milwaukie and possibly SSSF. The exact form this takes I have a general framework for but once discussions open fully I'll be giving some time to get suggestions on a broader base.

Second thing which is less focused solely on EDept but also the Academy is revising and whole scale updating the engineering department exam and course. I never did like the course and exams format to begin with and I swore I would one day fix that, seems a good as time as any. Again I got ideas on what form this will take but will be also taking feedback from all avenues.

Third and likely done at the same time as the engineering course/exam rewrite in Academy once the new plans are documents are in place revising/replacing MNP/Milwaukie/SSSF I want to formulate a plan to attempt regular 'workshops'. These would take two forms, 1) Live discussions in discord in a EDept setup channel, and then 2) on the boards here, with an archive for said live chat discussions.

Past these three major goals we'll then focus on any backlog of reviews and ideas from others. I tentatively want to have the whole MNP stuff done by at the latest the 4 month mark of the term though obviously if more is needed fine we'll do this right. If anyone has suggestions on any of this or feedback please either drop me a line in email at my contact form or post here.

For now any full scale discussions though is on hold while I touch base with Matt Wise, and decide if I'm going to open up Dockmaster for apps. Also the role of administrative engineering assistant is hereby for me retired for this term (whatever they ever had been!).

Any other questions or comments that anyone feels needs a bigger answer then what is appropriate for the boards please feel free to email me or contact me on Discord!


Robert Archer (Edir)

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