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First off, I would like to thank Nate Evans and Samantha Haynes for their time in the Personnel Department this last term (and also to James Harrison who was with us for a while). I have thought about it for a while and I've decided to go ahead and open positions for all the positions in the personnel department this term.

The Personnel Department is an important part of STF. We manage placements on ships for all members whether new, current or returning, assigning of mentors to new members from a list we maintain, handling of vacancies and the handling of the ship profiles page. We have available two Assistant Personnel Director positions and the Mentor's Coordinator position.

The Assistant Personnel Director (APdir) will be in charge of the following jobs:
- Processing of new member applications within a 72 hour period
- Placement requests put forth by members seeking a new ship
- Day to day management of the rest of the staff in Coordination with the Personnel Director.

The 2nd Assistant Personnel Director (2APdir) will be in charge of the following:
- Management of the Vacancies that get posted on the Personnel Department board
- Maintaning the Ships Profile page.
- If the need arises, assistance with processing member applications.

The Mentor's Coodinator will be in charge of maintaining the Mentor's Program which includes the following:
- maintaining an updated list of all current mentors and mentorees
- tracking the status of mentorees over a three month period
- Coordination of mentor placement with a new member outside the academy
- Monthly tracking of all mentors to keep list up to date.

Prior Personnel Department experience will be accepted but is not a requirement as I will train everyone in the roles that they have been asked to do. The only major requirement I ask of applicants to be aware of is that I would like to have the entire department maintain contact with me, either through E-mail or at least one other method such as the Discord chat room or whatever you would prefer.

Applications will be accepted until next Wednesday and should be sent to me at Pdir[@]

- Commodore Matthew Kleinman

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