Foremost Fleet Vacancy: CO USS Asimov on Starfleet Command

: Posted by Russell Watt (FComm-1 / Public Nuisance For Life) in Foremost Fleet Vacancy: CO USS Asimov
: A banner drops from the ceiling proclaiming - “Foremost Fleet needs YOU!”
: Tribblets dressed in tribkinis in the green and gold of Australia bounce out and do a complicated routine … well they could be Tribblets, or maybe they are pom poms being held by the all singing, all dancing kiwis clad in wikinis in the black and white of New Zealand who are also doing a complicated routine. They form a line and the accompanying music builds to a crescendo. Then the Tribblets and Kiwis part, and a Tribble and a Kiwi walk to the stadium to a fanfare.
: The Tribble clears his throat and speaks, the universal translator is working, as not a nibble, bibble or dribble comes out from him
: “Are you a current XO in the mainstream fleets of STF?
: Have you never been a CO before?
: Are you ready to step up into the big chair and see how comfortable they really are?
: Do you long to give the order “Engage” and send your XO on away missions while you get to talk to annoying admirals?
: Do you want to put up with Tribbles in Tribkinis and Kiwis doing the haka?”
: The Tribblets and the Kiwis jump excitedly around as the Tribble pauses dramatically ...
: “If you answer yes to all of the above … Fleet Commander Tribble and Assistant Fleet Commander Kiwi of the Foremost Fleet are keen to hear from you!
: Ray Branch, current Captain of the USS Asimov, has decided to step down from the ship in order to focus on the Discovery and its Cadets in the Academy and so we need to find a suitable replacement for him, preferably a captain that is a lot less bitey than the box turtle. Thanks Ray for your work on the Asimov and Captaincy of the ship.
: Foremost Fleet policy is to give opportunities to people who are new to positions to enable them to learn and develop their rping and leadership abilities in STF and so in the first instance we want to hear from current mainstream XOs who have never been a CO in STF.”
: “I now hand you over to my trusty side-kiwi to tell you how to apply.”
: The Kiwi says,
: “In your application, we would like to know the following:
: - The mainstream ship of which you are currently XO and how long you have been in that position;
: - Why you want to be a CO;
: - Your level of ability with HTML, CSS and MOTD design;
: - Your willingness to be part of the CMP in the CO stream;
: - What you think your biggest challenge will be as a CO;
: - What changes, if any, you would bring to the Asimov under your command;
: and
: - The official colour and theme song of the Asimov under your command.
: Please note, HTML/CSS/MOTD design skill and willingness to be part of the CMP are asked just to see what support you’ll need with regards to the CO position, please still apply if HTML/CSS/MOTD design causes you headaches.
: Applications will be accepted until Friday 21st April 2017 and can be made to fcomm1 and afcomm1 email addresses, ie fcomm1 [@] and afcomm1 [@] without the spaces and brackets. Please send applications to both of us. If we get an ideal applicant earlier than that, we reserve the right to close applications at that point.”
: The Tribble then says “to those people who I’ve spoken with about the position, please apply for the role if you are interested. We look forward to reading applications.
: You may now return to your regularly scheduled Dolphin viewing schedule."
: The Tribble and Kiwi leave the stage, followed by their Tribblet and Kiwi underlings, as the stage opens up and a large dolphin tank appears with a dolphin dressed in the regalia of Chief Egotist in it.
: Fcomm Tribble
: on behalf of Tribble and Kiwi, Foremost Fleet

and my apologies all, bu due to a tribblet pushing a button that wasn't meant to be pushed, the email addresses above are slightly incorrect.

Applications should actually be sent to fcomm1 [@] and afcomm1 [@] and not what I had typed previously.

My apologies to anyone who has already applied, if that is you, please resend your application.

Thank You

Foremost Fleet Tribble

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